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Acura RL



  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    I guess it's already too late, but my advice would be to wait for the '06 rather than getting an '05 now. The '05 was the first year of the new RL production, and from the boards here, there have been plenty of problems, mainly (but not only) electronics glitches. Consumer Reports magazine has done an analysis of their reliability data and found that reliability of cars increases markedly after the first year of production, on into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., as problems are corrected.

    Also, I don't think you will have to pay $5,000 more for an '06. The RL has not been selling well, compared to the other luxury performance vehicles. And I imagine after a couple of months, the '06s will be selling at a tremendous discount (as were the '05s earlier in the year).

    About the extended warranty, remember that you can shop around for the best price, just as you shop for the car itself. You don't have to buy the warranty from the dealer you bought the car from. That said, extended warranties are usually not worth it, especially for Japanese cars. I've never heard of getting a refund if you don't use it; that's like getting your insurance premium returned if you don't put in a claim. How can they make any money that way?
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    "have been plenty of problems, mainly (but not only) electronics glitches."

    This is not consistent at all with my one complete year of RL experience nor reflective of the many posts by actual RL owners/drivers here and at other RL forums.

    Most of the electronic discussion focuses on a topics related to XM receivers which are not an Acura product and the issues have been minor in nature, i.e. XM radio reception is fully functional and of excellent quality sound. Navtraffic though is still going through a beta test IMO.
  • Bartalk,

    I bought my RL in April and like most RL owners, have had no serious issues. I took the car in for its first oil change and had the dealer update my XM radio. The only problem was that it took 15 seconds to show the name of the new song. If I didn't know it was an official service bulletin issue I probably would have let it go. Now the radio changes information on the first beat of the new song. In my last car the radio didn't display the name of any songs so this is a major improvement either way.

    Regarding price, the retail for 2006 will probably remain the same and will only be slightly discounted for the first few months. Compared to a 20% discount off retail for the 2005, it makes all the sense in the world to take the '05. Plus, who knows what kinks will be introduced in the first few months of the new model year. At this rate Acuralady will be having this same discussion next year at this time.

    Finally, it has been a standard policy to refund part or all of an unused extended warranty. You ask, "How can they may any money?" Let's try this. Give me $1,800 while your car is under the original four year warranty. If you sell the car in three years I'll refund 100% of your money. I'll have made an easy 18%+ in interest on your money.

    Dave :)
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Congratulations. You made the right decision...I would not buy the extended warranty. There are a few options to consider. The custom wood steering wheel and shift knob. also don't forget the truck tray, winter mats, and color coded mud guards. Good Luck. JJ
    (The winter mats may not seem necessary in sunny So.Cal but take 'em anyway...they match the interior and are great in wet weather as well.)
  • Well, I just bought the 05 Acura. It was manufactured in June 2005. I have not taken delivery. They will be putting on the wood steering wheel, shift knob, deck lid spoiler, and finishing touch tomorrow. I also have wheel locks, mud guard, and the trunk tray. I will think about the winter mats, may purchase them later.

    When I got to finance, he said that the fully refundable warrantee may be about $495.00 more. I think they are just trying to get more money out of me. He will let me know tomorrow. If he tries to charge more, I will not buy the warrantee. I have shopped around, but no one else sells 8 year 120k warrantee. I still think it is way to expensive.

    There is a small scratch in the back of the car. The salesman said that they will buff it out during detail and finishing touch. I hope it comes out. He said if I was not satisfied, then don't take delivery of the car. He said the contract is not good until you drive the car off the lot. I am nervous, because I did sign the contract. I wrote in full refund in the "No cooling off" section. I don't think it would be binding, since it is handwritten.
  • Bartalk3m

    You might be right about the price of the 2006. In a few months they may have specials. I am not going to look back. I have the 2005 now. I also read the same article in Consumer reports

    I have shopped around. My credit union offered 7 year/ 100K for $980 with a $100 deductible. Do you think I should take that one instead. I will probably hit 100K right about 7 years. I liked the extra 20K and 1 year the dealer offered as usually cars have major issues right after 100K. :confuse: I normally don't get extended warrantees, but since this is the first model out, and it has so many computers, etc. . I thought I would this time. It probably will be a waste of money, especially if they don't offer a refund. I agree, why would they offer a refund?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Acuras are very reliable, but, am I imagining this, I seem to recall that early on after the release of the RL, there were many people citing problems with the keyless entry, dead batteries, people inadvertently leaving the ignition on, not knowing how to turn it off, etc., etc. That's what I was referring to above when I suggested that the '06 may correct these glitches. Anyway, acuralady, congrats and good luck. They are beautiful automobiles.
  • diesel3diesel3 Posts: 18
    i love the RL and i want to get it. Dealer in NY, offered me for a 39month lease, 15k, 2500 out of pocket which includes taxes,1st month, etc for 540 a month. He says the msrp is 42,000 and he cant go any lower. The dealer needs to know by tuesday if i am going to get it. Can i do better or am i being greedy?
  • You made the right decision...I would not buy the extended warranty.

    I rarely disagree with you, but I do here. My 99 RL was very reliable, but, I got my money's worth from my extended warranty. The following were replaced under my extended warranty - radio, $500; auto dim mirror, $500, very squeaky console, $450, navi, $500, and a couple of other more minor items that I don't recall at the moment - all not counting labor. The 05 RL has enough more gadgets, many of which will be expensive to repair or replace, that I would definitely recommend the extended warranty.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    after reading your post...I might be persuaded to consider a coin flip. :)
    (the purchase price helps in the bottom line consideration.)
  • (the purchase price helps in the bottom line consideration.)

    As does the length of time you plan to keep it, of course. I tend to keep my cars for six or seven years so an extended warranty makes more sense for me.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Nebraska Guy
    At this point in time I haven't decided how long I will keep the RL but I'd be inclined to say if I do decide to keep the car and did flip that coin it would be heads YOU win, tails I lose. :P Do you know the cutoff date to purchase an RL extended warranty? I understand AAA offers extended warranties also...maybe I should check with them as well.
    ( PS. The Wisconsin Badgers pulled off an incredible last minute win today in Minnesota!! at this time the Cornhuskers are beating Baylor 10 to 7 (2nd quarter)
  • boikoboiko Posts: 82
    Does anyone have an info on just when the 2006 RL's will be available..?

    Since you can already see used 2005 RL's showing up on for under $'s a good bet they will drop slightly once the 06's are out.

    My thinking - If you live in a state like New Hampshire (or any snow/winter state) why buy a TL when you might soon start to see $32-35K - used 05 AWD RL's with not too many miles on them..
  • I really want the RL now, but my lease on my Audi does not expire until the end of 2006. I actually like the way the RL looks. The exterior is clean and elegant. The interior is beautiful and very modern looking. I'm at an age where I like a quiet, smooth, and comfortable car. Besides, if I wanted a sporty ride, I'd drive my wife's 2005 G35 coupe w/ 19" wheels. It's very fast and rides kind of hard but fun. The sound system in it is only ok, not as sweet as the RL.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    The 2006 RL will be at the dealers toward the END of the month, I was told by the dealer again today.

    I picked up the RL today after the 3 updates and the first thing I had to do was reset my XM preset buttons. :) Then as I left the dealer the first thing I noticed was the smoothness in the movement of the transmission through the gears. My car heretofore would also feel drag under say 25 to 30 mph...that's gone. I thought it might have had something to do with the SH AWD...but apparently the PCM update eliminated whatever was creating it. It's a good feeling. LMBRL to my friend Acuraphile....and "Hope to hear from you soon buddy"
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938 can already see used 2005 RL's showing up on for under $36-37K. ...

    Wow, that's a pretty steep depreciation hit in one year for a $50K car!! :surprise: So much for that "Honda value" thing. Then again, a large margin of consumers felt it was overpriced to begin with. If what the lady mentioned a few days ago about finding a brand new '05 for $40K is true, I might have to look into it again. I've recently come to not need as much rear seat room as before. I just have to try to get used to the overly subdued exterior styling.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    TayIOrd...where have you been? Sorry to hear you don't need as much room as before and hope that was not a negative event in your life. I think your opinion on the design of this superior automobile will change. . It will grow on you particularly when you get a chance to be spoiled by all the positives that lay in store for you. Yes, It's a Honda all grown up in it's elitetest state! :)
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    There hasn't been anything "unfortunate" happen in my life. My friends are just too afraid to ride with me. :blush: I like to enjoy my driving experience rather than just tool along from points A to B. Whereas they just like to poke along. Or it could be one of those control things where they like to drive fast, but only if they're driving. :confuse: I like going fast whether I'm driving or not. The one thing I don't like is darting in and out of traffic.

    Anyway, the RL has a fabulous roster of goodies, albeit some of them are a bit buggy, and the interior is top notch. However, the other half and I both still feel the exterior is a bit laid back. It just doesn't have that road presence like cars of its class should have. We're finally starting to see more of them on the road (after a year!) and we haven't much changed our opinions. But I'm willing to give anything the benefit of a doubt, from Kia to Bentley.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Wow, that's a pretty steep depreciation hit in one year for a $50K car!! So much for that "Honda value" thing. Then again, a large margin of consumers felt it was overpriced to begin with.

    I am one of those who felt the '05 RL was way overpriced. Unlike the MDX and the TL (I have owned both, and still have an MDX), I could never bring myself to consider the RL a "best-bang-for-the-buck" car that I associate with being an Acura.

    BTW: There are apparantly no significant changes to the '06 (apart from optional Tech Package); thus I do not see how the '06 will be able to go for much more than low-mid $40s. If I can get an '05 today for under $40 (and I can) then why pay more than $43-44 for an '06 :confuse:

    IF '06s are going for ~$44 in a few months THEN '05s will be worth no more than mid-$30s :blush:
  • stevef4stevef4 Posts: 11
    whos is selling new 05 for under 40?? Would make for a killer lease
    with thier captive lease special
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