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Acura RL



  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    I'm a little late (CONGRATS ON THE PURCHASE!), but I'd still like to share my opinion of the extended warranty issue.

    When I purchased my 2002 RL in July I sold my 1999 TL to my best friend. A condition of his purchase was that he had to buy the Acura extended warranty for used cars (I insisted but I also gave him almost $5K off the actual cash value). For about $1,100 he got 3 more years on the transferable 4 year warranty or 75K miles (you can go to 100K but the TL only had 25K miles on it when I sold it). The warranty pretty much mimics the original factory warranty with one little, small print caveat....there will be a $50 deductible on each warranty repair after the original four year warranty expires. But still, it's from Acura and I strongly recommend it over the other warranties one can buy off the internet or other used car dealers. Stop by an Acura dealer and get the info booklet on it for those who might be interested.

    I agree that Honda products probably don't need the extended warranty. But face it, $1,200 (plus $50K per visit) ain't a bad deal if only one major item went bad. Plus in my case, I don't want my best friend PO'd at me if something goes wrong with the car I sold him. If there's a big problem, Honda will fix it and to keep peace with him, I'd pay the $50. Don't know about him, but it's making me sleep easier at night.

    chilly palmer-
    I've no personal experience with Lexus (never much cared for Toyotas in general so don't get ME started on the ES300 vs. RL debate), I can't help but think that a $20K price difference is like comparing apples to oranges. If you can afford it, then no problem. Otherwise, is the Lexus worth the cost of a new Accord LX over that of the RL? Not IMHO.

    And speaking of which, please allow me a short rant. Honda needs to get their house in order. The 2003 Accord pretty much mimics to current Acura TL. Yes, we could spend days listing the differences, but the same length of time would give us a long list of similar features. And a top of the line EX V-6 is within a few dollars of the TL. With TL sales dropping fast, Honda needs to do something dramatic to the TL to once again separate it from the herd of Accords (and no fair bringing up the's nice but it's nothing more than a bucket full of horses in an aging car platform). Please Honda, get your butts in gear. Did the MDX & Pilot draw your attention away from all else??????

    Stepping down off my soapbox, I'm off to bed now. Good night.


    PS : Update, the more I drive my RL, the more I love it. Still hate that sunroof switch, but this car grows on you.

    PSS : Once read that the TL was 48% Accord. FYI.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Honda's butt is in gear. The TL is scheduled for a redesign next year. If you think the Accord's interior is top notch, you can only imagine what Honda has in store for the upcoming RL and TL.
  • namroknamrok Posts: 18
    Looking for some input on whether to buy a 99 RL with 16K miles, one owner, Acura certified for $27K, or a new RL for 35K. For an extra $650, the 99 will be warranted bumper to bumper 7yr/100K.

    Are the changes significant to the 2002 vs the 99? The 99 feels and looks new.

    Thanks in advance, D
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    The 02 has OnStar, color molding beneath the door to match the car paint, 15 additional hp with the same engine and slightly more aggresive tire specifications (225/55 16 vs 215/60 16 I believe).

    Also the center armrest now houses a horizontal AC outlet versus a vertical outlet which prevented most cell phone adapters from fitting in the arm rest. This isn't a major problem anymore now that Belkin offers an adapter than bends an L shape which fits in the 99 RL.

    The 99 is the last year of the Naples Gold metallic color which was replaced with a Sandstone color (darker gold).

    Rear seat tethors (sp?) were added after 99 for child seats. Thats all I can remember for now.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Thanks for the info. As I said, a big percentage of car buying is personal. Nobody can be faulted for liking a certain car over another.

    I for one am excited to see what Acura does with the next generation RL.
  • I have not visited this board for a very long time, but my subject was much discussed two years ago. Then, it seemed insane for the RL to continue year after year without offering (at minimum) the engines/transmissions available elsewhere in their lines (e.g. 3.5/240hp, 5sp auto, etc). Now we are entering the 03 model year with still no significant changes (I gave up two years ago and bought a BMW 5 series which I love). What is taking Honda so long to improve the RL? Not that it is a bad car, but it is inadequate vs. nearly all of its competition. Even if they left the body the same and simply raided the parts bin, they could make the car more appealing. Car mags two years ago said that the 03 RL (Legend) would be "all new" with V8, etc. Didn't happen...too bad....
  • maydmayd Posts: 2
    Just a minor correction to the statement, "The 99 is the last year of the Naples Gold metallic color which was replaced with a Sandstone color (darker gold)."
    I have an 00 RL that is Naples Gold that color was offered at least thru 00.
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    If the additional $8K isn't going to put you in the poor house, go for new. The 2002/3 does handle better and kicks up a little more dirt when you push the pedal (hell, I noticed a ride difference just between 2001 and 2002). And please check carefully who backs that warranty. If it ain't Honda, what guarantee do you have that the warranty company will be around another three years? But the deciding factor is to take a new one for a test drive. Good luck.

    Thanks. I know Honda has plans but IMHO they are simply taking too long to implement them. It's beyond logic that the new Accord is so damn much like the TL. I mean, yes congrats to the new Accord buyers but it almost seems foolish to even look at a new TL unless you really want the Type-S.

    Valid points all but "it is inadequate vs. nearly all of its competition" isn't quite right. The RL is selling for well under $40K. What did that 5 Series cost you? Don't get me wrong, I'm not slamming the 5. It's a great car. But for those of us less demanding, we can save a truck load of money by going with the RL. And we won't get to know our mechanic on a first name basis. But perhaps all the stories I hear are about the new 7 series (am told by several that it spends a lot of time in the shop).

    Recently reported that Honda is likely to bring their European Accord to North America and sell it as an Acura. It was implied there were some significant differences between our Accord and theirs (Europe's being a little smaller). If anyone has details, I'd love to hear 'em. I don't see where a smaller TL/larger RSX would fit in the lineup. But what do I know?

  • Does anyone have any experience with getting the code for the stereo from Acura? I bought a 97 RL used back in April and the code is not in the owners manual that was with the car. Can Acura tell me what it is or am I stuck?
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Lee - it's inevitable for the Accord and TL to overlap at this point. Just wait a few more months until the TL redesign (I hear it's going to be based on a shortened RL platform and no longer on the Accord) comes out and the new TL owners should feel no regret on their purchase when they compare it to an Accord.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Just wanted to correct something you said earlier. The ES 300 is classified as a midsize car, just like the RL. When you referred to the ES 300 as a compact you must have been thinking of the old ES 300 (the new one is bigger).

    96.2 cu ft - Passenger volume RL
    96.4 cu ft - Passenger volume ES 300

    14.8 cu ft - Cargo volume RL
    14.5 cu ft - Cargo volume ES 300
  • lenscap, your numbers are wrong.

    Passenger volume for RL is 111 cu ft. not 96.

    You must have confused it with TL.

    Check the source

    111 compared with ES's 96 is a good difference. And I can tell you it feels this way. I hope you erred in good faith and not to put ES in better light. It is compact and feels like one.

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Actually, your figures are wrong.

    I took the volume numbers directly from the 2003 RL brochure. Look it up yourself, it's in there on the specs page. You can't get a more accurate source than Acura itself. If you still don't believe me go to (where the numbers listed are slightly different than the brochure, 96.5 passenger/14.0 cargo). Or take a look at, where the figures are broken out.

    It is obvious the mistake carsdirect made - they added the passenger volume and cargo volume together to get their total figure and mistakenly said it was just passenger volume when in fact it is total volume (96.2 + 14.8 = 111).

    And the 2002-03 ES 300 is classified as a midsize whether you think it feels that way or not.

    I am in no way saying one is better than the other. Just pointing out a previous error (and now your unintended error as well).
  • Yes, the ES300, the 3.5RL and the 3.2TL/TL-s are sized pretty much the same. The specs are almost mirrors of each other. But the devil is in the details.

    The RL is a true luxury car, while the TL/TL-s are more sporty and dynamic, even though both of them share the same high-tech double-wishbone suspension on all 4 ends. Among the Lexus cars, all Lexuses including the GS300/GS430/LS430/SC430 and the IS300 have the exact same high-tech and expensive Double-wishbone suspension setup on all four corners.

    The ES300 on the other hand is basically a cushy ride with absolutely no pretensions about any sporting intentions. Unlike the Acuras and the other Lexus products, it employs MacPherson Struts (the cheapest form of an Independent suspension) on all 4 corners (lifted directly out of the Toyota Camry). It compensates for its lack of suspension/mechanical dynamism, by employing lots of sound-proofing and leather/wood in the interior, which imparts a feel of Luxury. I think it has achieved the purpose that Toyota intended of it.

    Of course, the size of the Acuras are comparable to the ES300. The Acuras have spent their engineering dollars on making highly dynamic and sophisticated mechanical components and the ES300 has spent its amount in spiffing up its interior and adding "features". What one buys is entirely dependent on what one's priorities are .

  • Acura can get you the code. Just contact the service department - they will need certain specific information about your car - and it could take a few days.

    When an independent body shop worked on my RL, they had to remove the stereo After they replaced it, they got the code directly from Acura (& wrote it on a slip of paper for me . . .) to "activate" the stereo
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I think it's worth noting that the new ES300 is a new car...built of a new Camry, which is substantially larger than Camries of the past.

    The RL, meanwhile, was a large (wouldn't call it full size, but it was larger than the other midsizers) sedan back when it first came out and has not been redesigned since, hence it has not grown with the new sizing scheme.
  • The dealer where the car was originally purchased was able to give it to me. Thanks.
  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    I bought a used 98 Navi. The previous owner had set a pin number for user 1 in the navi data base. I can access user 2 but does anyone know how to reset the pin for user 1?
  • orkinporkinp Posts: 15
    My TL I leased in 1998 experience was the reverse of that of my new 2002 RL! Not a thing wrong with TL. RL Nav is not fixable. Screen goes black for days at a time. It has been in the shop 3X for 3 weeks, Acura cannot fix it. I brought the car back to verify with my dealer. Customer Service in California does not return our calls! BEWARE of this company. I have called every day for a week with no return. The rep is always busy! Next I will be going to the BBB and the Lemon Law. My car was leased in April 2002, has 3600 miles.
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197

    Sorry to hear about the crappy service. If the nav system is bad, they should just replace it.

    I remember when I had a flat in my RL, I thought it might be a good time to try out the Customer Service. Initially they sounded nice until they heard that I was past my 4 year/50k mile warranty. After that, customer service pretty much went down the drain. I hung up, replaced my tire and drove off. I'll never contacted Customer service again after that.

    I've never had problems at the dealership. I would try a different dealership since it doesn't matter which dealership you get the car serviced. All dealerships use a centralized database to update your service records.

    good luck,
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