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Acura RL



  • scott31scott31 Posts: 280
    I think Onstar is wonderful (I have it in my '03 TL-S), but only at the Safety and Security Plan level ($16.99 a month). I fine the other plans to be too expensive. To me the $17 is a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing that if I have an accident someone will summon help for me, unlock my doors if I need to, sound my alarm if I can't remember where the #$%@# I parked, summon roadside assistance if I need it, etc.

    I do not like their calling minutes plans, I agree with you, they are WAY too expensive. But I do plan on buying 30 minutes that expire after 12 months for emergencies.

    Also, check with your insurance company. You might get a discount since Onstar is like LOJACK, but better. With lojack the cops have to have the lojack receiver, with Onstar, they will direct the cops to the car.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    I have a 2000 RL and paid $925 for 0 deductible 7/100 Acura warranty in the summer. The car has been great as expected and even if I don't need it mechanically, it keeps me in the loaner program for service and roadside assistance if ever needed. I have had no problems thus far but am about to replace the original Michelins with 27,500 on them as they seemed to have lost much traction as we head into winter.
  • To jmw4:

    Sounds like you got a good deal, but I'm curious as to how you got a $0 deductible. I thought all Acura warranties came with a $50 deductible.

    To scott 31:

    As you probably already know, you have to determine how long you plan to keep the car, and look at how much mileage you have now. My own Acura warranty experience was with my '95 Legend. I got a 7/100 plan with a $50 ded. and was glad I did. At the end of the 7 years, the car already had 95,000 miles on it, and I had repairs done totally just over $100,000. Keep in mind that between 75,000 & 100,000 miles, a lot more will tend to go wrong with a car. Plus it was a piece of mind guarantee that justified my holding on to the car that long.

    I found it didn't matter which dealer I called, and no one was interested in seeing the car. But I want to stress that you should hurry up, because I seem to recall being told that you have to sign up for the extended warranty by a certain time prior to the expiration of the factory warranty. I think it was something like 30-60 days, but I'm not sure. Good luck.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    They offered me a choice of either a $50 deductible or a 0. The difference was not much between them. They said most people opt for the 0 deductible.
  • If you got $100,000 worth of repairs through your warranty, I would say you got the deal of the century.
  • To jmw4:

    You indeed got a good price on your 2000 RL extended warranty. My dealer is quoting me $1545.00 for my 2000 RL with < 8500 miles. Which Acura dealership offered you this warranty? Assuming you purchased it from a Acura dealership...

    Can anyone confirm whether I can buy this warranty from any dealer around the country?
  • Yes, you can buy an "Acura" extended warranty from any Acura dealer from around the country and it will be honored by any other Acura dealer anywhere else in the country.

  • Well, recently traded my 70k 97 Premium RL for a 45k Lexus LS400. Did it without the ok of my wife. Costly mistake. First I took a bath on the trade. Second my wife wont speak to me and has been crying and p-ssed ever since (3 weeks). She never said so but she was in love with the RL. She hasn't driven the LS yet.

    I was going to buy a 2003 RL but the dealer said they didn't know when they would be in. Strike on the west coast or something.

    Had good service at the RL dealer. Transmission had a clunk from 1st to second. They put a rebuilt one under warenty. Screwed up my alignment doing so and erased the inside of my front tires in no time. They wouldn't do anything about that. Claim they didn't but I know they did.

    Things I didn't like about the RL. CD in the trunk, that albeit slight torque feel from the front wheel drive (has a better road feel than the LS though), front wheel drive and V-6 engine. Well that's about it.

    I hope my wife forgive me soon, I's tired of eating cold meals and sleeping outside.

    The RL was all we needed. It is a darn good car.

    Anyone hesitating about buying one - well don't. Dollar for dollar they are the best buy - bar none. I'm 68 now and I've had a few (cars) in my life. You won't be dissapointed in an RL. And, you wife will probably get attached to it. That's the best you can hope for anyway. Charlie
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    Actually the quotes from two dealerships in Chicago's western suburbs were very similar. You can shop the warranty for price at any dealership.
  • I purchased a 1996 3.5 RL Premium on September 28, 2002. It's in great condition both inside and out. I also purchased AcuraCare which gives me 2 years or 24K miles. The car had 65,065 at purchase and now has 66,300. Only 1300 miles in 2 months.

    It has a $50.00 deductible. I have two small problems and I am wondering if these should be covreed under the original warranty and not cost me anything or if I would have to pay a $50.00 deductible for both problems.

    Yesterday the right rear window would not come back up after putting it down half way. I had used it before and there were no problems. I probably need a regulator or something like that. Should this be fixed for free or will they want me to pay a $50.00 deductible?

    The other problem is the molding on the left bottom side of the driver's seat where the seat controls are. The molding is not flush against the seat because a little white plastic piece that connects the plastic molding to the underside of the seat is broken off. I don't know if there is a replacement part for that white piece of plastic or the whole piece of molding has to be replaced. I noticed this a few days after purchase of the car. It's not that big a deal but since the car is perfect in almost every cosmetic way I want to get it fixed. Will they cover this because I've just purchased the car or will I have to pay another $50.00 deductible for this?

    Your info would be appreciated.

  • To rubicon52:

    Ooops. Darn those misplaced decimal points. No, it wasn't quite THAT good of a deal. As you probably guessed by now, that should have read that I had just over $1,000 in repairs, and also that the warranty cost $1,000.

    To kidbebop:

    Since the original Acura warranty is only for the first 4 years/50,000 miles, it no longer applies. Any covered repairs would now fall under the Acura Care extended warranty, so it looks like you would be subject to the $50 deductible. I'd also be concerned whether the molding problem would be covered, since it sounds like they might try to classify it as cosmetic, similar to torn leather on a seat, etc. I hope you're successful in getting your repairs done.
  • namroknamrok Posts: 18
    I recently purchased a certified 99 RL from a local dealer. Great car except the windshield is pitted and has scratches (won't go in to how they got there). Anyway, I could have the windshield replaced, but I am concerned that it will never be the same (possible leaks, wind noise, rust, etc). The dealer offer me a 2000 with slightly less miles for $4500 plus trade of the 99. I know the 2000 has VSA and not sure what else different than the 99.

    Is there added value with the VSA? I intend on keeping the car for a long time and putting high miles on it.

    Any advice/input appreciated

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Can you RL owners give me an idea of the miles-per-gallon that you get on your RLs? This would be for approximately 25/75 (city/highway). I would also like to know the RPM for exactly 70 mph. RLs are all 4-speed automatics, right? Thanks
  • namroknamrok Posts: 18
    I recently purchased a certified 99 RL from a local dealer. Great car except the windshield is pitted and has scratches (won't go in to how they got there). Anyway, I could have the windshield replaced, but I am concerned that it will never be the same (possible leaks, wind noise, rust, etc). The dealer offer me a 2000 with slightly less miles for $4500 plus trade of the 99. I know the 2000 has VSA and not sure what else different than the 99.

    Is there added value with the VSA? I intend on keeping the car for a long time and putting high miles on it.

    Any advice/input appreciated

  • mike734mike734 Posts: 128
    I get 19-21 MPG for 25/75 driving. I will check out the RPM at 70 but I also want to ask: Does anyone else notice a increase in engine/exhaust noise at about 79 MPH? This noise/harshness is not noticeable at slower or faster speeds but is kind of annoying at 79 mph.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    VSA is, without a doubt, of real value. But so is $4500. And VSA may retail for about $200 more. Have you done a comparison of the two in the used section here at Edmund's? You can compare the two using exact mileage, zip codes, etc. Without that information it's hard to know; also, how long have you driven the 99? If you just drove around the block and brought it back, I'd be inclined to say the dealer is sticking it to you -- again, assuming the cars were priced the same to start with. All else being equal, there should be about $1500-$2000 difference and about 10,000--12,000 miles. I'd just change out the windshield; glass companies do a fine job these days.

    fredvh, I spend a lot of time at 80, or 3000 rpm. I'll look at 70 on the way home. In winter, @30lbs. in the tires, I get 20 or 21. In summer, @34 lbs. in the tires, I get 24 at 25city/75 highway. At 70, I would of course do better. If you get the MXV4 tires you'll find mileage is very sensitive to air pressure.

    If you want lots more discussion of the mileage issue, do a search on this board. There was quite a long discussion of it at several points about a year ago.

  • namroknamrok Posts: 18

    Many thanks. The mileage difference is 3,000 miles. The KBB and galves difference in wholesale price is about $3000. I have put about 1K miles on the 99 since purchase. VSA is only worth about 200 more? Edmunds shows a $2000 difference at the retail side ($3000 more than I paid)

    Many thanks, D
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    I was wrong, fredvh, by a hundred rpm. (However, this is the first mistake I've ever made :-)

    65 = 2400 rpm
    70 = 2600 rpm
    80 = 2900 rpm

    So $4500 sounds about right, huh namrock? He's giving you wholesale, or about $1500 taken off for the thousand miles, and charging retail. The $200 figure for VSA was strictly a guess -- to be more accurate, you'd have to find a car where it is an option ... even then, it'd be a different car, so I guess it comes down to what it's worth to you.

    Take care.
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    Howdy all.

    Valid points all (sounds like you read the brochure). But nothing there is worth $17 a month to me. I have a cell phone. It goes where I go. Plus the biggest problem is 30% of my driving is done where cell phones don't work/reach. Oh well, I have until next July to change my mind.

    FWIW, I had the windshield replaced in my 1985 Honda Accord (and people wonder how I worked my way up to an RL). Never had a problem. Just make sure you find a good windshield installer. Get recommendations. As for VSA, I've yet to try to get it to work. Not sure I even want to.

    My gas mileage okay. Combo city/highway (30% city/70% highway) and the best I can do is 20-21. Yep, all RLs are 4 speeds. A fifth auto gear would be very nice and go a long way to improve that highway mileage.

    Nope, I've noted no such noise. But when next I dare break the law, I'll be sure to listen.

    Add on CD Changer-
    Anyone ever do this to the original factory radio? I'm thinking of having one added to my friend's 1999 TL (I'm playing Santa this year). I know the sound goes thru the FM radio so there will be a decrease in quality (but he has bad hearing anyway....just needs it to be loud enough). What I'm concerned about is the ease of install (even though I won't be doing it) and whether there will be any sort of permanent changes made to the car or its existing radio. I just want to make sure it can be returned to original condition should the changer not be to his liking.

    Finally, has anyone noticed Edmunds has given a quick view into the future of the RL? They don't say much but once again it seems certain that Honda isn't going to have a V8. Pity.

    Many thanks.
  • cwhytecwhyte Posts: 14
    I just purchased a White 97 RL Premium. It is in very good shape inside and out. The only real cosmetic issue is very noticable paint scratches behind all four door handles where people put their hands to open the doors. My guess is this may be a typical design issue for the car since people's fingernails will hit that area of the door to pull the handle. Has anybody else seen this problem on older RL's? It may be more of a problem with light colors....I'm not sure. The area behind the driver's door handle is almost grey from all of the fingernail scratches over the years. Can this be buffed out, or will I have to either live with it or have the area repainted?
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