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Acura RL



  • jccsscjccssc Posts: 44
    Congrats - you really hit a good deal. this is a GREAT price!! Now, enjoy the car..... Keep us posted on what your driving impressions are.
  • And I thought I got a good deal last December on my 2000 RL Navi at $39,700, Congratulations!!
  • Thank you. Although i am lucky that Acura is offering the $3,000 incentive to dealers. otherwise my deal is as good as retiredagent's: $1,200 over invoice.

    Anyone have experience with these "new" 5 year paint sealant/waxes? Is there anything to their claims for a 5 year finish which is perfect?

    Acura has succeeded and survived with 6 cylinders. i bet that the next RL will have a 6 cylinder with plenty of torque and horsepower. They created the econo-luxury marquee in 1986 with a V-6 and there is no reason to leave.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    I take these claims like those for the 100K miles between tune-ups: definitely with just a grain. They may last that long, assuming that you keep it garaged and use a car cover whenever parked out in the open. Same with the "seven-year warranty" on car batteries. Anyone remember J.C. Penney's "lifetime" battery?

    The V-6 has served Acura well, but I'm surprised that a V-8 hasn't made an appearance after nearly 15 years. Particularly since Lexus and Infiniti had them coming out of the blocks in 1990.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    last that long, imo, not because of the sealant but because it takes that long for the clearcoat to wear through.

    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • jeff88jeff88 Posts: 94
    Not only do I think this may be a waste of money, I don't think it wil last even 2 years. A good wax, 2 times/year should protect the paint and keep it looking good.

    Hey JPOG!
  • Undercoating, lifetime interior "protection", 100,000 mile oil, lifetime batteries, etc. are all high profit scams, based on the projection that you will sell the car or lose the warranty skip before they need to make good on it!

    The BEST thing you can do for your new car is to order a set of Zaino polymer products to maintain it. It can look fantastic in normal use with twice a year polishing! Check out the Zaino forum here and go to for the details. I was a wax fanatic for the last 40 years, and was convinced to try it by the active forum here. I will never go back, and neither will anyone else that has tried it. Have Fun!
  • I was told recently by a writer for a major auto magazine that he would be test driving the 2002RL in a few weeks. He wouldn't reveal any more info. Anyone hear anything solid about the 2002??
  • There are two conflicting infos. Latest AutoWeek still says that a V8 RWD is coming for MY 2002.

    My local salesman said that the 2002 RL won't be a V8 nor RWD. This info somewhat confirmed the Automotive News article a couple months back about Honda making decision about whether the next RL will be FWD or RWD this year.

    I am really confused too. Temple of VTEC web site won't reply to my e-mail. So, I guess they don't know either.

    Another source mentioned that it will be based on a stretched TL.
  • Thanks to everyone for responding on sealants. I did not bite. I figured if it was so great, why wasn't Acura doing it originally? Thanks for the tip on Zaino. how long have you been using it?

    In post 86, I erred. The $1,200 in dealer profit is not over invoice but includes $900 of holdback.

    Is anyone taking the RL manual at its word and driving the automatic as a manual? Also, has anyone shut off the traction control for better performance?
  • Did the deal you get include all relevant charges other than taxes and title?

    Also, from which dealer did you buy the car?
  • The deal I received excluded taxes and title. It included the three options and destination charge. My wife has a hankering for gold packages and I decided to try the 3M protective sheets for the front end. The addition of those items raised the price an additional $725 to a total of 37,425 before taxes and title.

    Dealer is Connolly Acura in Framingham, MA on Route 9. I've had my Legend service there for many years. Keep in mind, i was also negotiating with another dealership as well, Clair Acura in Walpole. On Saturday, I basically told each dealer to come closest to my number ($36,200 with NAv but without other options).

    Hope that helps.
  • I just came back from a Acura dealer. He is selling a new 2000 RL w/o Nav for $35,745 and a demo with 6k miles on it for $34,245. Is this a good deal? I am really interested in the demo, but am not sure of the price. Dealer says, the warranty will still be 4yrs/50000 miles.

    Few Comments after the test driving a 3.5RL:
    1. The interior is really cool. Great value for the price. Its really roomy and luxurious.
    2. The engine is a little loud.
    3. Not too impressed with the sound system. Was playing FM radio though.
    4. I like the fact that all features are std. I really don't care for the Navigation system.
  • I just picked up a 1999 RL, black with Tan Interior, car had 39K miles on it, but looks and runs like new, I really like the car. I bought it from a used car dealer in San Diego, but took it to Acura to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with it that I could see. It checked out fine, so I bought it. Also had the Carfax ran to make sure it wasn't a salvage or anything. I was a little curious as to why it was so cheap, that's why I had to make sure Acura gave it the seal of approval before plunking down the money for it. I got it for $25,500. I added an extended warranty for another $1,100 for peace of mind, that covers another 40K miles on it. Does this sound like a pretty good deal? From what I've seen in papers that 99's are going for, it seemed like it at the time, even with a little high mileage?
  • I have been using Zaino products on my 1999 Black/Black RL/nav (15,000 miles) for about 6 months now and could not be happier! I always get complements about how sharp my car looks. There is a fair amount of
    labor required upfront but the results pay dividends for a long time. Look into it Sharkwalk.
  • Picked up a new RL yesterday with 12 miles on it. Paid 33,200 (includes floor mats, mud guards, wheel locks and 2 year oil changes). Love the car and hope to keep it for a long time and enjoy the rides!
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    How did you get that price? Please?

    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • The dealers here in houston have a lot of 2000 inventory and they pretty much out bid each other. Keep in mind that the above price does not include TTL.
  • It sounds like you eliminated dealer profit, including holdback, at $33,200. Of course, if you got a Nav, that would be the steal of the century. does it have Nav?

    Thanks for the tip on Zaino. I am off to the discussion group and website.
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