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Acura RL



  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    One of my favorites...
  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    There is no way of denying it. Acura could have gotten back alot of Legend buyers with this platform. The upgrades were there. All around they would have cost Acura very very little. Consider this the 3.5 engine used by the RL was very similar to the MDX 3.8. The MDX contained a larger head and more aggressive valve timing. That five speed auto is the same as on the TL, TSX... It is not an expensive one. The MDX engine still operated under 6000 rpm for its horsepower amount. Handling was already good, they could have added 17s but after that it would have been additions with no gain. Ride was superb and so were interior materials. The new interior looks very nice. The car was damn quiet. They had an excellent car and the tools to make it even better. Now think about this Acura has been giving 4000 dealer rebate for a while now. If they are able to sell the cars with 2-3k dealer rebate now they have made a gain in money and a good one in sales and credibility. Now for how much these two upgrades cost.

    To Acura to adapt it to the RL and produce per each car. $500

    How you say do I come up with these consider that Acura will actually be saving a little money with standardizing with other models. Then consider that they are ordering for every model a 5 speed auto except the NSX, which is incredibly low volume.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    In which country does the MDX come with a 3.8L engine?

    As for the rest... I agree that the RL has been neglected. But I'm not sure tweaks would have made a big difference.

    Redesigning the RL in 2001 or 2002 would have certainly helped sales. The vehicle would have been competitive with some of the others in it's class. However, it would not have leap ahead. With 260 horses and a 5 speed tranny, this revised RL would still be 30-70 horsepower short of the others. Why bother? That lukewarm design would have lasted through 2007 or 2008.

    By holding off a few years, Acura now has the technical potential to blow the doors off the market, not merely be competitive. If Acura comes back with a 400 hp hybrid AWD vehicle, will it have been worth the wait?
  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    My mistake about the MDX it is 3.5. I was thinking of the new RL's rumored V6 displacement.

    If sales had gotten a boost and Acura made a little more for the car that would actually mean the car would have lasted till the same year or 2006. That would mean that there would be more money and more of a name to build off of the next time around. Mercedes put this much interest into the CLK because it succeeded.

    Competitive against who? Think about it LS430 time 0-60 is what 6.5 or so by most tests. Acura RL is around flat 8. A 5 speed gives maybe .4 off on most cars and those figures should give maybe a 6.8-7.2 o-60 that is BMW 530i to Mercedes E320 time respectively. After that the RL's number of features and build take over at that price. Meatier rubber are not that expensive for the company. Maybe $50. With that 1000 less in incentives you can do that the engine, trans., and rubber easily. Curtains would have been nice but that would have gotten costly.

    I really do not believe Acura will introduce that hybrid yet. Atleast not until 2007. A hybrid name makes some shakey and especially in that price range. 400hp? AWD sorry, but now that is what pushes a car to 60k. Not 1 more gear in the transmission and 35 more horsepower.
  • l943973l943973 Posts: 197
    Acura did add meatier tires in 2002. It went from 215/60 to 225/55 series. Personally, I prefer the 60 series tires. As for performance, when I test drove the RL, it was plenty powerful. The torque is excellent in this car and it has no problems keeping up with traffic. There isn't even a need to rev it past 3000 rpm in daily driving.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Well... I've read two "reasonable" rumors. One is that the RL will get a hybrid drivetrain in '05 and the other reports a 3.5 AWD model. I figure this early in the game neither of them are particularly credible.

    On the hybrid front, we have an RL with a similar drivetrain to the DN-X concept vehicle shown a while back. That concept was supposed to produce 400 horsies with about 300 going from the V6 engine to the front wheels. The other 100 were from two electric motors rigged up to the rear wheels. A similar (less powerful) version has been shown in the RD-X concept. I doubt very much the RL will get the 400 horses from the DN-X, but 300-330 is certainly possible. A 3.5L V6 making 250-270 horses up front with another 50-60 in electric power is not at all unreasonable. The most recent rumor on this option was printed in MotorTrend as part of an article focused on the DN-X (2007).

    The other rumor is based on a sighting of the next RL being tested on a track. The claim is for an AWD RL making 300 horses with the same 3.5L of displacement. I don't recall the rumor stating how AWD was accomplished (VTM-4?). Nor did it explain how they were able to determine displacement and power from a sighting. I assume they have contacts in engineering.

    I figure either of these is possible. The RL doesn't need to take on the V8 competition head to head. The bulk of sales are for the 6 cylinder models. The V8s are just there to act as halo cars and make companies look good when the magazines ask for a test car. Either of the two rumored drivetrains could do well against the other sixes.

    Personally, I favor the hybrid option. Honda/Acura has been touting these configuration for quite a while. They rarely design concepts that are not intended for production in some shape or form. Also, a hybrid would cause the biggest splash. Acura needs a big splash for this car.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Use of a hybrid drivetrain would also explain why the RL is so stinkin' late for redesign. The cost would bring the vehicle into the $50K range, not $60K. The competition is already there. The extended warranty on hybrid parts also gives Acura a way to extend the warranty for their luxury customers without increasing the warranty on all Acura cars. Lexus has been making noise about using a hybrid in their luxury sedans. This could be a reaction to something they know about Honda, or vice versa.
  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    maybe that is only in cali. but there is one for buying a hybrid(tax reduction).
  • damos516damos516 Posts: 13
    I've heard the same two rumors about the RL... Hybrid producing 400HP is the word on the street. Not sure how true these claims are but it would be a nice vehicle. Consequently, silence may be GOLDEN... with regard to Acura neglecting this vehicle over the years. This may have been done on purpose so they can come out with a TRUE BANG that would blow all of our minds. A Hybrid producing 400HP with a fuel efficiency of 40MPG (RUMOR) has tweaked my curiosity. I'm not sure if I'd buy one in it's first year though I am very anxious to see and drive it. I trust Honda/Acura but they may need to work out some quirks that owners may have in its initial production stage. That doesn't mean that I won't by one though. I'm just a little leery. However, HONDA/ACURA truly stand behind their vehicles which would urge me to be one of the first on the block to get one. $50K sounds about right with regard to the price.

    My understanding from speaking with an Internet Sales Manager at the Acura Dealership is that the front end will resemble the Caddy STS. Not too thrilled about that. I love curves the current body style has. The Boxy look would not do it too much justice.

    My understanding is that there were some concept photos floating around on the net 'bout 4 or 5 months ago but have since then, disappeared. Has anyone seen, from a credible source, what this vehicle might look like?
    I will say this, I am aggressively in the market for a new vehicle but don't want to regret buying the current RL and then find myself liking the new even more therefore extending payments if I trade one in for the other.
    I have a '93 10th Anniversary Honda Accord that has 238,700 miles and I'm not trading it in as it's been wonderful to me... I'm trying to stick with Honda/Acura quality but there's not too much to choose from. Any ideas?
  • damos516damos516 Posts: 13

    Does anyone have any pictures of the 2005 RL Concept?
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Like you, I daydream about the idea of a 400 hp hybrid, but I doubt very much we'll see that much power. I think 300-330 is a more reasonable expectation.

    At this time, Acura probably has not decided on the sheetmetal. If they decided on the design this early in the game, it would look old before hitting the showroom floor. Given that the TL seems to have advanced the styling of the TSX, I think we can expect to see the same design themes played out in the new RL.
  • jcinscjcinsc Posts: 1
    I think I need some help...

    First of all, I have a 99' RL Pearl White and it's been with me since day one over 4 years now. I purchased the extended warranty when I got the car new and now I found out the passager side headlight is not as bright/blue bright as the other. I am not sure if this means I need to get a pair of new bulbs like Philips D2R 6000K or I can go in and let dealer take care of that.

    The second question is that I got a 2003 CLK430 Convertible, black/black with AMG wood trims and AMG chrome wheels. It was so hard to get one I had no choice but took one without the K4 package, which means there is no heated front seats and no HID. I can live without the heated seats, but I really want to have the HID headlights on it. So my question is what type of the bulbs I should get and how can I learn to install them myself...Are they just as easy as changing a bulb at home? simply take the old ones off and swap with new ones?

    I am a dummy when talking about working on cars... So I really need help.. Please advise...

    PS. I got a ticket on my way back from San Diego for my front window tinted. I went to the local glass tinting store and had it removed this morning. (front only) It actually did not look too bad with the rear windows and back windshield of 15% tinted. I thought pre-paid to put the front back with 20% after I get the ticket corrected. but now I wonder if I should put it back on...

    Acura 3.5 RL - 1999
    Pearl White
    Sherman Oaks - Los Angeles, CA
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Whoever created that image had the sense to use design elements from the new TL. The rear quarter window, headlights, and headrests all appear to be similar.

    Which could also mean they just photo-chopped a pic of the TL concept.

    I doubt very much that the designers even know what the final sheetmetal will look like. So I expect photo-chop is the correct explanation.

    Thanks for sharing! I don't mean to be ungrateful, or anything.
  • swsmsswsms Posts: 62
    The '05 RL will go on sale in April '04 and the concept will debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in October. As a result, the design is most likely done and the vehicle is going through extensive testing at this point. Based on how the concept TL compares to the actual '04 TL that will debut in October '03, I'm willing to bet this sketch of the '05 RL/Legend very closely resembles what will be in production. Minor tweaks may be done to the front and ends, but this sketch is consistent the 'family' theme Acura is trying to create going forward. Just look at the TSX and the '04 TL.

    In addition, the '05 RL has already been seen running tests in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I have not seen any pics yet.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    April? Wow, I was expecting later in 2004 (like August). If April is correct, then you are probably right. The basic design should be near completion.

    I've also read the the RL has been seen in testing, but it was my impression that it was just driveline testing. That can be accomplished using a hand-built test mule with no relation to the finished product, or with some other car.
  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    I wouldn't tint the affects the visibility more than you realize. More than that, it can really irritate the PD if they pull you over at night and because of your tinting they can't see who or what is inside the car.

    Getting the CLK HID lights at this stage of the game may be impossible. It may require much more than just a bulb change. There are different electronics required for the high intensity lamps, and you still wouldn't have the auto level mechanism.
  • None of these rumors are consistent with what I heard at dealers (though this was last September). Then, I was told the 04 model would be just like the 02/03 (pretty much the same car) expect it would have AWD, a maybe a slighly more powerful V-6. The 05 model would be a completely new vehicle with a V8 in the $60,000+ range, desinged to compete with the upscale cars from Lexus, BMW, etc. This car would carry an entirely new name, with the TL basically moving in to fill the RL void (The TL is already very comparable to the RL).

    That said, I just today got in the mail a brochure.."be one of the first to own and 04 RL". Seems like the only real change is that it now has satellite radio. I'm not getting close to another Acura product until they get serious and drop a V8 in something.
  • swsmsswsms Posts: 62
    Alot has changed since last September....

    Most of discussion has been on the '05 RL. The '04 RL was released earlier this year(April, I think) with only interior enhancements. It has already been confirmed that the '05 RL will be AWD drive and will have 300hp. We'll get our first 'un-masked' look at the '05 RL at the Tokyo Auto Show in mid October.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I'm not too happy with that of late. Nissan is doing it now. Mazda is starting to do it now. Honda did it with the new Accord. BMw and Audi started it all and Chrysler followed suit soon after. I don't like cars looking like streched versions of other cars. Your whole line of cars comes across as weird looking if you do it like that. The refreshed Sentra looks awkward now. For Example, The 01-03 Sentra is bland but the SE-R with the tinted headlights at least gave the car a respectable appearence before the 04 Sentra came out with the Maxima grille.
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