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Torn between the Taurus SHO and the Acura TL AWD/Tech



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The reason the SHO is only available with F/awd is because the engine will (too easily) produce to much torque for just the front tires' traction even on a highly tractive surface. Not much fun driving a car wherein TC activates so often under moderate acceleration, pre-emptively dethrottling the engine while braking the drive wheels, to prevent loss of directional control.

    What that means to you insofar as wintertime moderate traction conditions is that you will have a lot of trouble keeping the TC from continuously activating.

    That is unless the car has a TC "off" function is which case you will need to learn how to feather the throttle "just so" starting off initially on a bit of slippery stuff.

    Some earlier FWD and F/awd vehicles would automatically "derate" the throttle responsiveness to the gas pedal position in lower gear ranges for a short period of time once an initial level of wheelspin/slip was detected.
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