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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,977
    I bet you could exchange that survey for some free oil changes or a discount on some accessories :-)

    Steve, Host
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I am shopping for XLE LTD in DC area. I have heard from this forum that Fitzgerald and Darcars seem to give the best price (~500 over invoice or a bit more?). When I contacted Koons via internet, they flat out rejected 500 over invoice, but offered 1500 off MSRP within 5 minutes on the phone. Also, I am not getting any replies from the first 2 dealers, and one of the email address actaully bounced. Anyone has internet sales contact for those dealers? You can email it to me to the address in my profile. Thanks.
  • nicklesnickles Posts: 41
    Dealer I am talking with now, wants to charge a $741.00 advertising fee, and a $6.00 gas charge.
    Obviously I don't care about the gas charge, but what about this adv fee? Is it a set cost to the dealers, or does it vary state by state ?
    Does anyone have any insight on this.

    Also -- the Platinum 7yr/100K/$0ded warranty - he wants to charge me $1425.00
    does anyone have any invoice costs on the various toyota warranties ?
  • impact01impact01 Posts: 95
    TDA- Varies by state/city. Visit and click on the invoice price, they give you an estimate of TDA. I don't know about gas charge, but I think you're supposed to get a full tank of gas with this, so you will come out ahead.

    See post 3621. The invoice on 7/100K/0ded is $775. The two dealers davenow mentions do $20 and $40 above invoice respectively.

  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    steve_ HOST - How do you suggest that i bring the topic up without offending? or trying not to convey the message that i deserver this? i do think i was treated fairly in the purchasing process, and i know you don't get something for nothing, but i don't think it would be wrong to utilize this for a much needed item, like maybe a couple of free-beezies would not be in bad taste? right? How much weight do these surveys carry anyway?
  • nicklesnickles Posts: 41
    Your right.. The info was right in front of me on the warranty, from Davenow... I guess I have selective vision today!
    all the negotiations with the dealer are getting me dizzy. that may explain.

    Here's my package so far - tell me what you think.

    HO (DVD/Nav)
    ZI (mats/sills)

    Dealer wants 1000 over invoice + 741.00 adv fee and doc fee of 289.90.
    Whats my cutoff point where it becomes a deal that I MUST take? 500 over, 800 over ?
  • impact01impact01 Posts: 95
    Nickles, as host Steve often points out, focus on "out the door price"+tax+tags.

    The MSRP for LTD+HO+Z1 is:

    $38924 from carsdirect (invoice inculding TDA is $35196 in your area). So, an OTD of ~$35600+tax+tags would be a very good deal IMO. I paid $36350+tax+tags for mine in MD last Dec, but don't know much about Phoenix. People have also done very well in No. Cal. with $500 over invoice.

    If you're a costco member, it may be worthwhile to find out their program price as well.
  • Nickles, see my post #3604 regarding Platinum extended warranty. I don't believe you should have to pay the advertising fee, and the window sticker for the car lists "full tank of gas" under standard equipment.
         Hanlees Toyota in Davis, CA was very easy to work with. They called me up after I had gone to the Costco web site. I told them the CarsDirect price (which was the lowest I had found), and he quoted me $544 lower. I asked about my trade in (1995 Subaru) and he asked what the dealer trade-in blue book was. I told him and he said he would give me that. He called me three days later and told me he had found my car. When I went in, there was no hassle about anything. There was no question about the price I had been quoted for the new car or the trade-in. Being a lone female, I was very apprehensive about pressure to buy extras I didn't need. The only fees I paid were $281 DMV, $5.00 California tire fee (for recycling), $45 document prep, and $2378 (a killer, 7.25%) sales tax. No advertising, no gas. It was only when I hit finance and they tried to talk me into an overpriced extended warranty that I felt any pressure at all. I declined and have since found a better deal through this conservation (as outlined in my previous posts).
  • nicklesnickles Posts: 41
    Thanks for the info..
    I'll take your 7.25 % tax over my 7.7% Scottsdale AZ tax rate any day (and Scottsdale is the LOWEST in the Valley - Phoenix is 8.1% !!

    I know Steve and others say to focus on out-the-door.. thats what I am going to do !
    I am definatley going to make this move -- the fully loaded Quest SE I had on order, at 200 over invoice, is only a few less than what I am going to negotiate this XLE LTD for.
    now THATS an eye-opener!
  • charichari Posts: 2
    Is 38,600 a fair price for XLE LTD AWD with HO package and side steps?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,977
    Heh, good question Davenow. Maybe you could call your salesperson and tell him/her that it's not worth your time to do surveys, but would be willing to drop it off in exchange for a freebie.

    Come to think of it, I rarely respond to telephone or mail surveys. I do fill out the ones from JD Power, but they stick a US dollar in the envelope :-)

    It's hard to focus on the out the door price when the Toyota dealer wants to add on $741 for an ad fee. Sorry, but I think that's just totally nuts.

    Steve, Host
  • nicklesnickles Posts: 41
    the $741.00 this dealer is charging me, actually it's 20 or so bucks less than what lists it for..

    are you saying that they actually don't have to pass that charge on to me ?
    The response I got back from my dealer said his hands are tied - and it's not an option NOT to charge for it.
    he recounts a story where a dealer was caught not selling this TDA fee, and then a class-action lawsuit ensued which cost the dealer quite a sum of money - because they had to refund everyone's TDA who they previously DID charge.

    I should have my final price worked out shortly!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,977
    I think the ad fee is legit. I just think it's nuts. I'm not real wild about the gas tank charge either!

    It's been 22 years since I bought a new Toyota, but I think the sticker price should include all this stuff. I think the only extra should be the TTL (tax, registration, etc.).

    If I made a deal on a new Tercel to replace my beloved '82 that's no longer in my stable, and then got told I was going to have to cough up another $700 for an ad fee to finish the deal, I'd walk. If I know about it up front, then I'm going to adjust my offer accordingly.

    The fact that the ad fee is regional and varies depending on where you live is irritating too. At least make it uniform like the destination charge generally is.

    Steve, Host
  • kksdadkksdad Posts: 28
    We got our XLE on March 6th, since then, I've gotten a call/message from our salesman and the customer service manager, sucking up to us, even offering "any accessory we want, AT COST", and reminding us what an "excellent" rating on this survey means to them. These "at cost accessories" BEFORE we signed on the dotted line might make the excellent ratings easier to give, rather than now, know what I mean. I'm going to take my sweet time to think each question over carefully before I answer and I KNOW, they will NOT be getting all "excellents".

    Let's put it this way, "the van IS, the experience, could have been better, but definitely WASN'T"!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,977
    hmmm, something tells me that the dealer who deserves the good survey results is the one who doesn't offer favors for you to bring your blank survey to them.

    Good for you, Kksdad.

    Steve, Host
  • spongenspongen Posts: 19
    It's been sitting on my table for a week now. ha!ha!
  • Steve:

    I'm new to this board, and not really sure how 'hosting' works, but I cannot help but wonder:

    How did someone who hasn't bought a new Toyota in 22 years get to be the host of a board about buying a new Toyota?

    Just wondering.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    he is always in here reading all of our posts and doesn't have time to leave the computer. HAHAHA.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,977
    I get to read all the Vans posts (and I co-host in SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories so I read in those boards too). Tough duty but someone has to do it :-)

    Mostly the hosts try to keep folks on topic, plug content on the main Edmunds site, and remind people about our Rules of the Road linked up top.

    I did shop Siennas hard in '98 when we replaced our Voyager. That's when I found Edmunds, trying to figure out how to get a decent deal on a new car.

    Welcome to Town Hall and congrats on the XLE!

    Steve, Host
  • charichari Posts: 2
    Folks, I am planning to buy the Sienna XLE LTD AWD drive with HO package and side steps in the next couple of days. Is US$38600 + tax + license a good price?

    Thanks in advance.
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