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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Has Toyota announced any consumer or dealer incentives on 2001 Sienna? Around here (Boston area), the advertised price of Sienna has dropped by about $700

    Are there any recent value package savings announced?
  • ntbntb Posts: 1
    I just talked with a sales guy that said the 2001
    Sienna's can't be ordered anymore ( I want side
    air bags and don't mind waiting.)
    He said the factory has started changing over
    for the 2002 and aren't still making 2001.
    Also he said he just happens to have almost
    what I want on his lot for a deal.
    Has anyone else been told this.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    That's not unusual at this time of year.
  • thewolverinethewolverine Posts: 111
    Check out the posts late last summer and early fall on the Torque Converter problem and you'll see most of the Sienna's with that problem were made last summer. Yes, there is some changeover but 2001 to 2002 is not a major change - that's coming for 2003.

    See the posts and the dates made and decide for youself if your being sold a bill of goods. If you're still unsure check with Cliffy - he's a straight arrow.

    Of course just because they're making them doesn't mean they're still taking orders. Good Luck!
  • yufengtsuiyufengtsui Posts: 9
    I am just curious how the sales tax is handled when you buy from dealers outside your home state.
    For example, I live in CT. If I buy a car from NJ,
    do I have to pay NJ tax (6%) or CT tax(6.5%)? Do I write a check for the difference (.5%) to CT? Payable to whom?


  • You pay tax in the state where the vehicle is being registered.
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    You cannot order a 'custom' Sienna through your dealership, but they are still building the 2001 model. Your salesman/dealer should be able to check with other dealerships in their area for a model equipped pretty close to the way you want it.
  • melmoxmelmox Posts: 1
    2001 xle with tow package, bumper guard, and pwr sliding door for 26900 + tax. and 0% financing.
  • spiral1spiral1 Posts: 1
    XLE (hard to find silver with gray cloth) options XE, UF, toyo protection, rear bumber guard, sunroof deflector, cargo net, gold emblems, & 4 michelins for $28,554. + tax and tag. I get the car in 1 or 2 days!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    Connecticut sales tax is 6%.
  • Richard and Ray,

    Thanks for the reply. Does that mean if I buy from NJ the dealer won't charge me tax and I just need to pay CT tax when I register the car in CT DMV? I will definately get a LE within a week unfortunately I don't have much time to do the shopping (can only do on weekends so that leave me tommorrow). Any good deals in tri-state?

  • The selling dealer should be able to handle the paperwork to register the car in your state...
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    If you have to do it yourself ask him to waive his doc fee.
  • It is my understanding that the time is fast approaching to get the best deals on the year-end models. Does anybody know what incentives Toyota is offering in the North East(Southern New Hampshire/Massachusetts)? I've been following everyone's words of wisdom (thank you, all) for a while and hope that someone might have good information.
  • sbpceapsbpceap Posts: 67
    So far as I've read, Toyota is offering rebates on Corolla & Camry but not yet on Sienna. DC vans have sweetened the pot with, if I remember correctly, a $2000 rebate on top of whatever you can negotiate.
  • Here is what is being offered:

    2001 LE with the following:

    Saifin Blue Metalic

    total 26036 + 175 for plates and 190 for doc fee + 6% CT tax.

    The dealer is hudson toyota in NJ. I hope to pick it up this Friday. I am leaving the country
    on Saturday so I hope they can really deliver me the van as promised.

  • buckyomnbuckyomn Posts: 2
    I have used the internet to get 4 bids on an LE with option package 1(keyless remote,roof rack, etc) My best price was $23,800. Given that 2002 is just around the corner and there are some dealer incentives, any opinions about whether I should expect to do better on a price? Would you wait for 2002? thanks, dp
  • jinsongliujinsongliu Posts: 18
    Is there any consumer or dealer incentives on 2001 Sienna running in Philly. I got a quote, 400 over invoice and 1.9 APR for 60 month. Is it a good price? I have to buy a car this month.


  • robigailrobigail Posts: 2
    Where did you get a 1.9% APR on a Sienna; I can only get 7.5% for 60 months. I'm being offered an XLE with dual power sliding doors, leather, side air bags and traction control (and other less necessary goodies) for $31,300 plus tax & tags. with the 7.5 APR, this is out of my league! Any better deals out there?
  • I'm new to the board, and I'm sure this has been asked already, but what is in store for 2002 model, and does it include a hidden third seat. I'm buying if it is. Thanks
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