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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm going to look at this van in a few days, asking price is $14,700. Seems fair for SF prices. 67,400 miles, leather seats, power everything. Does this seem like a good price? Any advise?

  • You really got great deal. Just know this forum. I think this is a great message board. I bought my 2002 symphony July 25 in Philadelphia area for $24200. Added option including side airbag, pass side power sliding door, Towing package, cargo net and bumper protector. Hope this still helpful. Really love the car, quite ride and just the right size for my home garage.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    There are rebates in the southeast region until September 9th. It drops to $1000.00 cash back after the 9th.
  • Aw maaaaannnnn! Why do I have to live in the Northeast?????

    BTW We just got a call that our 2003 Lunar Mist Symphony just arrived. We are going to check it out early next week. Let you know what happens. MAybe I can try to work out a rebate! : )
  • Update: I just did a price check of the 2003 Sienna at (As I do every few days thanks to my obessive compulsive nature) and lo and behold a $500 cash back block comes up! According to my zip code it runs until 9/30/02!!! Surprise! Surprise! I would like to see if my sales rep would bring it up to me or not when we go to check it out this week.
    Moral: Don't stop trying to save money!!!
  • I just bought a silver 2003 Sienna CE with the HX package (all the power goodies plus 2nd row captain's chairs) and EF (rear bumber protector).

    I used a service here in MA (Mass Buying Power) which gives a fixed price for the Sienna: invoice + $200.

    dealer invoice: 23229
    profit: 200
    doc/prep fee: 200
    rebate: -500

    total: 23129

    The dealer invoice (which they showed me) differs from what you see on various web sites by $333, which according to the dealer is some sort of regional ad fee which you can't get out of paying.

    This model is almost exactly the same as as LE with the extra value package, but cost about $850 less. Biggest differences are power rear quarter windows, illuminated visor mirrors, illuminated entry system, and a tachometer. I can live without these for $850!

    Total time in the dealer: about 45 minutes. No hassles, no pressure. Maybe I could have shaved a few hundred more off by playing the dealers against each other, but I hate playing that game.

    Wellesley Toyota, Wellesley MA.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,409
    How do the quarter windows in your CE operate? I'm looking at a very similar '03 here in MI, and I'm happy they've got one without that silly center console thing, so I'm tempted to just buy it.
    The Toyota web site lists "rear privacy glass with power-operated rear quarter windows", so I'm wondering why it's missing on your car. I don't think "power operated" is that big a deal, but it's kinda hard to reach from the driver's seat...
    Not having a Tac is just fine with me, but the speedo in the CE is the ugliest thing possible. Big, clunky, overdone. Gheez guys, are you trying to punish us for only buying the options we really want?
    BTW, what's with the walk-through? Americans don't seem to want it for some reasons, are we really all too fat to squeeze between the seats? With a small kid on a long trip, the "discipline aisle" is the bee's knees.
  • I bought an advertised car. 2003 sienna xle with luxury package.

    32525 MSRP
    -5280 dealer discount
    - 750 rebate
    26495 total before tax,title,license,doc fee
  • The rear quarter windows pivot out from the front via a latch mechanism on the back. They only open about 2 inches max.

    My previous minivan (Windstar) had power ones, we hardly ever used them so it wasn't a big deal not to have them.

    I think on the Sienna they are not available at all on the CE no matter what options package you get, they are only available on LE and higher.

    I agree that the blue speedo is a little strange, but I don't really focus on small cosmetic issues like that. After I drive a new car for a little while, I stop noticing those things, it doesn't even register any more.

    My biggest gripe after having the car for a week is the quality on the floor mats and cargo mat. In the Windstar, the mats were very thick and rubber-backed and covered the *entire floor*, under the seats, by the doors, everything. The Sienna mats are thin, they cover only in between the seats and part of the cargo area (if you take out the rear seats, there is no mat protecting a large part of the floor), and the color doesn't exactly match the color of the interior carpeting.
  • Does anyone have insight into what incentives might be offered in November? In my region they are offering 1.5k on 2002's and 1k on 2003's until the end of October. I wonder if they will get better?
  • geh86geh86 Posts: 11
    OK Sienna owners/customers, tell me what you think of this offer I have received.

    2003 Sienna LE with:
    Symphony Package (SP)
    Power Passenger Sliding Door (AJ)
    Side Air Bags (BE)
    Tow Package (TO)
    Vehicle Skid Control (VD)
    Rear Bumper Protector (EF)
    Cargo Net (GN)

    $26048 (base price)
    + $1628 (6.25% tax rate)
    + $148 (title and license)
    = $27824 (total before rebate)
    - $1000 (rebate)
    = $26824 (bottom line)

    Invoice is $25900. Keep in mind that Edmunds does not account for the $325 advertising fee and $6 fuel/admin charge included in my invoice. I have a copy of the Sienna LE SP invoice. It sounds unbelievable....
  • ceo1ceo1 Posts: 23
    In the Denver area, the dealers want $554 to advertising. Anybody knows where I can get that fee waived?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    Maybe someone here will recommend you go out of town. One thing you can do is focus on an "out the door" price and tell the dealer he can allocate the proceeds anyway he wants to.

    Steve, Host
  • $140 over invoice seems pretty good to me. I got my CE for $400 over invoice, so you did better than me.

    You even got them to get rid of the dealer prep and doc fees and what-not.
  • mojakomojako Posts: 7
    Unbelievable! As if you won on a pricing game on Bob Barkers "The Price is Right." I wonder how many hours/days did you stayed in the dealer?
  • geh86geh86 Posts: 11
    I am positive. The rest of the story is that we test drove an '03 Sienna at a competing dealer on Saturday (they had one on their lot) and found, in our opinion, that the van is too small for large road trips with luggage, kids and all the junk that goes with them. Hence, we are backing out of the deal and waiting to compare the new '04. Yes, we may be nuts, but I don't want to regret the purchase down the road.

    BTW, we negotiated everything through email until I made the five-minute phone call to put a $100 deposit down on it. I hope my credit card gets reimbursed.... If anyone is looking for a good deal in central IL, Mattoon's dealer can work with you if you live outside their sales area and do it through email. It was easy, but I did my research first. Also, ask a dealer to fax the invoice on a vehicle. Then, you can see hidden advertising costs, etc. and make an offer that is border-line acceptable. I have neighboring dealers fuming over the offer. But what did they expect me to do with such a good offer? Add $800 and buy through them? Its ironic that I am backing out, but size is a huge factor (see my post and responses on the main 'Toyota Sienna' group).
  • I am going tomorrow to negotiate with a dealer on a 2002 Sienna LE with Symphony pkg. I have driven the vehicle and checked it out inside and out. It is very clean, one owner, 5400 miles, beige with tan cloth inside. It is priced at $21,900 because it has been in an accident involving front fender. Hood and fender has been repainted. The dealer told me this info. You can't tell by looking. It drives OK. My question is how much does a fender bender decrease the price of a repaired vehicle?? Thus, how low can I go on my offer??? It is still under the 36,000 mi warranty. Any advice??
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    Low-ball them - the WSJ reports that Toyota is sitting on 74 days of inventory of Siennas, and is offering 0% financing in some markets to get rid of them before the new models come in.

    Steve, Host
  • We just purchased a loaded 2003 XLE from Oakbrook Toyota at invoice. The Edmunds invoice was really close to the dealers. All it was missing was a regional marketing fee, about $350.

    Last week I was at another dealer in the Chicago area and they offered me a 2002 LE demo at invoice. I called Oakbrook and within a few moments they made me an offer over the phone for any 2003 near invoice plus the $1500 rebate or low financing. They had over 30 Siennas on their lot to choose from. The whole experience with the dealer was great. We test drove it last saturday and brought it home yesterday. If you in the neighborhood and you're looking for a great deal, stop by Oakbrook Toyota and say hi to Neal for us.
  • Sienna is done in 2003 , here is Previa:
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