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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yuan107yuan107 Posts: 5
    Hi, I am in the same area as you. I am in the market for a 8-passenger sienna and going to buy it by this monthend too. Can you forward the quotes to me? Thanks
    email id:
  • dsugandhidsugandhi Posts: 2
    Can you please send a detail quote. It looks to be really good price.
  • karenkjkarenkj Posts: 7
    I am looking to buy either a sienna or odyssey. I want an 8 passenger with dvd, etc and am having a hard time getting the salespeople to lwr prices. Is anyone willing to email me actual quotes they are getting? As they are more willing to deal when they can 'beat' a previous quote. . I am getting about $3-4k below MSRP for 2009's, we are in south florida, but I have no problem going elsewhere to get one!
  • Hello,
    To get the best price and avoid wasting your time,gas and meeting people....
    Follow my Buying Suggestions.

    1) Do your online home work for the car, that you want ( re ability, spec, can find a lot of info here in Edmunds or to check how much people they are paying for it .

    2) go to the nearest dealer to meet the car in person and go for test drive .( make sure that you really want it )
    don t let the sales person push to buy .....just say i am checking the car.

    3) contact the internet sales department through their website .
    Do not provide a phone number to avoid receiving 100 call a day
    you will be receiving offers through your email.

    Lets say you are buying sienna, email them back Ask this questions.
    Its CE . LE XLE ???
    Its 2009 or 2010 ???
    its 7 or 8 passengers ???
    which packages included in the price and what its included in this package ????
    If there is any accessories there not included in the price ???
    for how long this offer is valid.

    only real deals will show up in your email box .
    they will know you did your home work .

    99% of the sales people, they just want you to come by to their dealership to push you to buy.they have different tactics .

    just print the deal that you like make an appointment with the sales person.

    before you leave your house/office make sure that the car still in stock for sale.
    some of them when you get there they just say my coworker just sold it but i have other one.( other color ,or higher price )

    4) in the dealership
    don t make an offer just ask him what its your best offer.

    good luck
  • yuan107yuan107 Posts: 5
    alan6499, could you please forward your quote to me so I can use that to negotiate with the dealers in my area. Thanks!
    My email id:
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    MSRP $35087
    BEST OFFER $31,282 will get extra pair of earphones.
    Should I jump on this deal? ;) this weekend or wait til end of month?
  • george129george129 Posts: 6
    I bought an 2010 Ltd, msrp $40,520 - package discout $2000 which comes out to $38520 for $33,466+tax&tag, invoice 35,590. This unit comes with leather seat, carpeted floor, moon roof, front heated seat, backup camera, DVD navigation and rear entertainment system. If you think this is a good price use it as a reference.
    Good luck
    George, Philadelphia, PA
  • bamboo222bamboo222 Posts: 20
    I'm confuse about how much you paid.
  • misslisa1misslisa1 Posts: 2
    Bamboo, will you please post the name of the dealership or email me your offer? I am ready to buy 2010 Sienna XLE EVP 4 this week and that would really help me out! I am in nor. cal, but could easily fly down to pick it up or use price to negotiate up here. The best price I have so far is through costco at folsom lake toyota for $32,461. Thanks in advance! Good job negotiating!
  • karenkjkarenkj Posts: 7
    I'd be grateful to have the info emailed to me as well. I need an 8 passenger, so my only option is the LE package #3. I am at $1250 below invoice, looks like your deal is better!
  • george129george129 Posts: 6
    I paid $33466+tax& tag
  • apu2apu2 Posts: 5
    Hello all, I am looking into a 2010 or 2009 Sienna LE 8-passenger, package #2. Got a quote for $25,253. Is this a good deal? Also any advices on good dealership in So. Cal would be helpful.

    Thanks. :)
  • washbujewashbuje Posts: 2
    Ok, I now have three AWD LE that I am currently looking at in the Portland, Oregon area. All of them are pkg. 2. Color is a little different, but otherwise the same package. I think the best price I can get on any of them is $28,200, which equates to about a mark up by the dealer of $1,500 or 5.5%. This seems high to me. What should a dealer be looking for in regards to profit per car.
  • if its 2010 yes good deal ( you can get it @ 24,500 too )
  • its good deal, make sure that you are buying 2010 not 2009
  • abumgabumg Posts: 3
    Hi! Can you please tell me which dealer gave you this quote?

  • abumgabumg Posts: 3
    I am in Central Jersey and interested in 2010 CE Model. Can you please post some of the quotes that you have recvd in Central Jersey? I want to buy it before Friday. Also, are the quotes below invoice or closer to MSRP?

  • abumgabumg Posts: 3

    If anyone bought 2010 Sienna CE with PKG#1 in Central NJ recently, can they please share the price on the forum. I want to know whether it is going under invoice or above invoice. Right now I got couple of quotes and both were about about $1600 above invoice. Please help I need to buy it before Friday.

  • vjklvjkl Posts: 10
    Do you know if your offers includes destination fee? Did you ask for OTD price?
  • apu2apu2 Posts: 5
    Whoa...$24,500 is a great deal. Where can I get this in So Cal? :) Thanks
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