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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • the 1000 rebate is gone for NY/NJ dealers. I read a article in the Wall Street Journal last week that Toyota is ramping up their marketing budget in the 4th Q by 30-40% over the previous year. I wonder how this will impact the incentives for next month.
  • EVP#4 QN
    50 State Emissions FE
    17" alloy wheels AW
    Fog Lamp Pkg LF
    Special Paint PC (Blizzard Pearl)
    Towing Prep Option TO
    Carpet Floor Mats CF
    Satellite Radio P7

    Location - Southern California

    OTD - $36,299.00

    I'm really tempted, but then again, I don't want to get the van and then be bummed to have missed out on new rebates etc... that may come in October or November. Oh, by the wy, I need the van in mid November... any help is appreciated!
  • I was wondering if anyone had a response from member 'bambo222' as to where the dealership was they bought their van from? If so would someone mind emailing me at ''

  • Just picked up our new 2010 Sienna LE. Paid $24,500 + TTL = $26,500 OTD. MSRP was $28,118, Invoice $25,422.
  • Finally purchased my van last week.
    Sienna XLE 2010 with EJ QH WO TO LF FE options
    MSRP $33025
    Price: $29847
    Doc $249
    NJ Tax 7%
    Tire $7.50
    DMV $399

    Hassle free experience. Got 1.9% APR finance for 5 years. Smooth,easy and fast transaction.
    I already drove 250 miles. I am enjoying it.
  • Congrats for getting it almost $1k below invoice! May I know what options and which dealer please. :D
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Definitely a great price, especially with such short supply. Congrats.
  • Did you find out where he got that price?
  • It should be Sienna XLE FWD #5346, right? I am on market for that model too, so far I did n't get good deal, here is one.
    Sienna XLE FWD with QH,WO,CF,LF,AW,

    $29,500 plus tags, tax and admin $400

    any comments? Thanks.
  • I got quotes from all around, and the lowest for 2010 Sienna LE option 2 (with FE QF RL option) is $25018, no carpet mat. out of door $27777

    Not a bad price at this time, could be cheaper if there's rebates later. What do you think? :confuse: Might go in and get it this afternoon.

    I am in northern Cal.
  • I sort of use his deal (~$31,050 for XLE EVP#4) as the benchmark for my negotiation... he got it back in July when the 2010 just came out, so in theory, we should be able to get equal if no better deal come Thanksgiving or Xmas.. ;)

    Patience is all we need.
  • Just got qouted for XLE with DVD package #3 Leather seats floor mats and spoiler in Blizzard Pearl for OTD price of 30,075 in Tampa, Florida. I know Cali is an F'd up state so I dont know if this helps.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Sounds like a pretty good buy. Love the Blizzard Pearl.
  • Can you tell me where in SoCal you made your Sienna XLE Package 4 purchase for the $31,050 price you mentioned? Or does anyone know where that great deal was made? Please email me at Thanks much!
  • Definitely a great price, best price in this current market.

    But I do not agree on short supply. At least in NJ & NY area all Toyota dealers have plenty of stocks (5 to 10 each dealer) for LE model. So there are some room to negotiate on LE.

    But XLE or even XLE Limited are really short supply, again at least in my region. And most of them are going before dealers are getting the delivery from the factory (on an average 1 to 2 per 30 days per dealer in Aug to Oct).
  • Yes, that's the one. But model # itself is not sufficient to compare apple to apple with so many optinal packages. So while considering the price,
    compare packages with MSRP.

    I think you have room to negitiate further. I personally got offer $500 below my actual purchase price from another dealer. But I found that dealer as not trust worthy. So end up paying more from a more reliable dealer and I am a satisfied customer.
  • I am seeing the same thing, appears there is plenty of stock and better prices in the NE, I can get a pretty good deal from Darcars or Fitzmall right now but can't find any dealers out west that can get to within $1000 of their prices (I am out west). If I could get a dealer to match the pricing I am getting from the NE dealers I would have purchased a car yesterday.
  • I've heard that some Idaho dealers can offer good price .. I am willing to give a drive/fly if that can save me good amount of money..
    anyone has experiece with Idaho (or Oregon) dealerships? especially if you are from Seattle area and have gone overthere to get the car?

    Thanks :)
  • Hi qtaro, may I ask which dealer you got your quote from? I'm also located in Northern California (Bay Area, specifically). After an unsuccessful search for a good deal with the Odyssey, I am now looking at Sienna as a good alternative.

    My best quote so far is $25,662 with CF, QF, RL (will prob. get rid of CF) and EVP #2 (8-passenger seat model). Thank you.
  • So I thought I found a dealer willing to negotiate down to $306 over invoice due to end of month ( invoice not including the TDA) and it looks like the TDA fee is going to kill the deal, I am willing to pay $37,345+doc+TTL and they are at $38,179. The $306 over invoice is what I got on an offer from one of the NE dealerships, trying to get a local dealer to match.

    It is amazing to me the variance in "invoice" numbers these dealers use. They basically try to tell you that edmunds and numbers are wrong. I do understand about the TDA fee and respect that it is an actual fee they pay but they probably need to get that car off their lot in 48 hours more than I need the van that quick.

    They are also insisting that a "Gasoline Fee" of $10.60 is a real cost that the dealer pays Toyota. I know it is not much but is anyone out there familiar with this fee? First time I have seen it and it seems ridiculous.

    He is also trying to add the window etch fee (calls it a "factory etching" although pretty sure it is not done at factory), fee is $296, told him I wouldn't pay that either.

    The doc fee is also $296 which I know is high but am willing to give in on that one if they meet me on the others
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