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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Lombard Toyota and great salesman [oops, sorry, no names].
  • Any thoughts on the following quote (good until 1/4/10); 2010 XLE Limited AWD with Package #2, HID, Daytime and Towpack prep...MSRP $41,220, TMV $37,344; with $0 down with $700 due at signing, $655 for 36 months, 12k. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • XLE silver pearl with Fog lamp, 17" wheels, EVP#3, parking assist, and carpet. MSRP is $32,835 and I paid $28,6xx.xx or $29,800 OTD. I think I had a nice deal, how do you guys think?
  • solid deal especially now that supply is low. What city/dealer?
  • Hey,

    Happy new year!

    I'm glad to hear of that. I picked it up from Jim Coleman at Bethesda, MD.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I live about 2 miles from there. :shades:
  • Sorry,
    for late post but just got back from Holidays. Anyway brought vehicle in Hickory, NC. at Mike Johnson's Hickory Toyota. MSRP was $34,710.00, our purchase price was $30,500+ $832.00 sales tax+ license fee $69.00+dealer fee $599.00= $32,000 otd and using 0.9 for 36 months or $31,000 out the door using $1,000 incentive in lieu of 0.9 financing. It is my understanding is that you get the $1000 or 0.9 for 36 months. At least that is what we got. The low sales tax in NC is because they will pop you the rest of the time on personal property tax based on their "guessed" value. One thing I did find was that all the dealer's in NC that I had gotten a $200 lower quote
  • intereset rate of is 0% not 0.9, sorry about that.
  • Really! It's 20+ miles to my place. But my family loves this van :D
  • krishkrish Posts: 18
    $32k OTD in NC w/low APR is an excellent price. Friend of mine bought the same config van (XLE, EVP #4) on Dec 29th at Lake Norman Toyota (Charlotte) for $33,100 OTD w/low APR. He got ripped off :(
  • dukevadukeva Posts: 6
    I got a quote for the 2010 Sienna XLE Ltd AWD EVP#4 for $36,200 (MSRP is $39,900). Is this a good deal?
  • stoyotastoyota Posts: 28
    Wow it is a good price and I am looking for same one. Could you please PM me FL sales rep details?

    What do you think about 2011 model? Is it worth to wait?
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Choice of 4 or 6 cyl and will have 6 speed transmission. Updated styling. Will cost more, as discounts hard to comeby when first introduced.
  • stoyotastoyota Posts: 28
    I am planning to buy “2010 Sienna LE EVP#2” at the earliest possible. I am getting quotes 25K OTD OR 26K with 0% APR. Anyone else seen better OTD quotes OR bought on better price? If so, could you guys please reply with OTD cost?
  • nj2003nj2003 Posts: 7
    Can I know where u getting 25K OTD? I am in MN and I got the best quote as 25K+TTL, which is coming to 27K OTD.

  • zoemnzoemn Posts: 6
    nj2003, I am in MN too and shopping for a sienna LE too. Could you please share the info where you got the 25K quote? Which dealership and which salesman? Is your LE include EVP#2? Is the destination charge included? How much documentation fee?

    Thanks a lot
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is it worth to wait?

    What model are you buying? Price range?

    The 2011 LE will get a standard backup cam plus a power liftgate. To me that makes it worth waiting for. You'll get XLE features at an LE price.

    Of course let's see about pricing, you may end up paying XLE money. That makes it a tough call.
  • stoyotastoyota Posts: 28
    Thanks for the reply and I am planning to buy LE with EVP#2. Those are good to have features, but not sure about the price and promotions. Also resale value may drop because of 2010 stamp (relatively 2011 stamp).

    If 3rd gen features are very good, then the chances of dropping onn 2nd gen prices may be more.........I would wait until next month and decide.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    See, I'd wait.

    That's a mid $25k van now. Not sure but the new LE may cost $27k (*guesstimate*), but if you're getting the backup cam and the power hatch, it is arguably worth it.

    You may even recover most of that $2000 when you sell it.

    I think I'd wait.

    I waited back in 2007 to get the 3.5l engine. 2006 models had the 3.3l engine and $2000 cash back. I waited until the 2007 got a $750 rebate.

    So I paid $1250 more, but I got the engine I wanted, with a lot more HP, plus down the road the resale should be better, so I'll get some of it back.

    To me the engine was worth it.
  • I was told that the 2011 would be coming out at the end of the month (Jan. 2010); so I am interested in waiting until I see Toyota or Honda drop some of their prices for the Sienna or Odyssey and then decide to visit the dealer with an offer. If they don't drop their prices too much, am looking to make an offer for the 2011 - would like any others interested in this to 'pool' our buying power and get the best price possible on the 2011. Will most likely head to Star Toyota on Northern Blvd - in NYC. Anyone interested? email a reply when you are ready. thanks!
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