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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,350

    The current Ody is at the end of its run, so the deals there are as good as they are going to get. Same thing happened when I bought my 08 Pilot; end of year before a new generation/body style is introduced. Honda put out aggressive lease deals to clear inventory and when the 09 Pilot released, incentives were cut to nil. Same will happen when the 2011 Ody debuts...especially if they hit their MPG claims.

    If you like the 10 Ody, buy/lease it and get a great deal, but don't expect Toyota to match when they have the new-gen '11 Sienna out now.
  • robooroboo Posts: 8
    Did homework from amex got 2600 off msrp 36900 without tax Im in northern NJ so need add 7% for tax ..Car coming in next week
  • robooroboo Posts: 8
    mrsp was 39500
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I bought an AWD XLE with everything in it today (nav, DVD, etc).
    MSRP $41,900
    OTD for $38,500
    I ended up buying the platinum warranty package for $1750 which they say is $1000 off. I thought a 7 year 100K warranty bumper to bumper with no deductable was a good call on a car that just came out.

    When the guy was showing the car to my wife he got the rear seat stuck, the floor mat wasn't seated properly and one of the armrests in the back was broken so there are definately some fit and finish issues. In fact they have to order a new one and it will take 3 weeks to come in.

    They said they don't move on price when I walked in and I saved a few thousand. They key is to find one and execute. I would bet they will be giving them away by summer but my wife's lease is expiring and I needed the van.
    Bought it north of Boston.
  • robooroboo Posts: 8
    You all ready getting 5yrs 100k when u buy the car..after 5 yrs you really dont need warranty think waste of money. for 2 extra years....
  • nitcnitc Posts: 13
    This will be my first car in the States. As I've been reading, negotiation skills are extremely important in buying a car. I really like the Sienna LE FWD. Dealers have been quoting around 28,800 for the LE here in Minneapolis. Would that be a fair price? Should I be negotiating The invoice price is around 27,200 as per edmunds. I am going to lose out in financing any way as I dont have credit history in the states, so want to keep the car price as low as possible.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated
  • t_mt_m Posts: 9
    Isn't $1750 a bit too expensive for 7-yr/100k? This forum lists prices that are about half that:

    Check with the dealer that a lot of people dealer name in the forum (Midwest Toyota). I recall someone getting a quote for <$900 for the same extended manufacturer warranty. You won't lose much by checking and you may save a lot if it works.

    Report back if you do indeed find a cheaper warranty.
  • when we were looking we could get the 2011 Sienna with same options $800 lower than what the honda would do on a 2010.
  • I had two dealerships offer me 28000 even and that included destination charges.
  • nitcnitc Posts: 13
    Wow... this helps!
    Was 28000 their first quote or was this after negotiation. I am just thinking how far I can negotiate. The Ody is being offered at 26900. I am wondering if I should try and get as close as possible to the Ody's price
  • Are you aware of any good financing available on the Sienna, or are you talking in general terms ?
  • We negotiated between two dealerships. the first quote i was given was 29something. The MSRP on the car was 30,469 and then they dealer traded that and were going to give me one that MSRP for 30,650. We just bought the KIA last night, with the acceleration problems, no matter how slight, my husband wouldn't risk it. They couldn't actually demonstrate the brake overide system working to us or show us a video of it in action.
  • I imagine it should be easy to test a brake over-ride. Car in neutral. push the accelerator to half. Keep foot on gas, and press brake with other foot; engine should go to idle, right?
  • clubberclubber Posts: 8
    we are also looking at the three vehicles you mentioned,could you share some more details. I am from WI-northern illinois my prices so far are Sienna LE #2 package- 28,300 ODY--EX-25,800 waiting for price on Kia,anxious to hear more on the KIA. hope to hear from you soon,thanx
  • robooroboo Posts: 8
    Was this good Deal 36900 includes everything except tax .... XLE With premiun package dvd and nav.....2600 off msrp......
  • Just got my 2011 Sienna Limited in Predawn Mica with Premium package for $40200
    Dealt with Derrick Bates at Puente Hills Toyota, good guy pretty straight forward.
    Took forever installing the floor mats cause no one knew how to do it. They actually slides under the seat and then needs to be tucked in. We had 3 guys around the van trying to figure it out.
    He said he's willing to do $500 over invoice for all 2011 siennas if anyone else is interested.

    On a side note don't get the extended warranty from puente hills, i think they are aftermarket.
    I got mine extended warranty from Jerry at Midwest 8 year 75k for $709.
  • t_mt_m Posts: 9
    Does anyone know if the announced free 2-year autocare service plan for returning Toyota customers (part of the March incentives) is applicable for the 2011 Sienna?
  • I am checking a price. I have a dealer at 27900 for an LE FWD 6 cyl. with floor mats included in the 27900. Is this a good price? MSRP is 29999.

    Help! I need to get the best price. I am in Central NJ. The price does not include tax, tags, documentation, etc..

  • grippogrippo Posts: 4
    Got an '11 XLE in the Philly burbs today for $30,500 (no Nav/DVD & doesn't include tax/title/reg/etc.) and 3.39% for 60 months. After two solid weeks of negotiations with a number of dealers, it seemed pretty clear that we weren't gonna do much better than that.
  • sri1sri1 Posts: 23
    Congrats. Pl share the dealer info. I am in Philly burbs and looking for the same vehicle. Is the APR is from dealer/bank or Toyota. I appreciate if you could post the break down of the prices. Thanks.
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