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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • aprajithaaprajitha Posts: 19
    Looks like its $140 for every year.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Your call, then.

    I'd rather have a system that linked to a SmartPhone and used an existing service that's already paid for (or even a work-provided phone that's FREE).
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    Guys - just got this ordered. 36300 OTD in NJ - how did I do? I might have to wait for 4-6 weeks but we are getting the color we wanted.
    Any suggestions - is this a good deal?
    What are the recommendations for all season floormats?
  • aprajithaaprajitha Posts: 19
    Congratulations. Did you have to put some sort of deposit when you ordered it? What kind of documentation you got that indicates the price you agreed to buy? We are trying to place an order today and your experience/response would be of great help.
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    36300 OTD means the 7% NJ is included in this price? So if my math is correct the selling price was around 34,000 ? This is a XLE AWD with no other options like NAV or DVD entertainment?
  • cjtoyota10cjtoyota10 Posts: 2
    I ordered a similar vehicle in central NJ: XLE w/ AWD and no other options other than regular floormats - and paid the invoice price ($32,916). After TT&L, I was OTD at $35,950. But here is the important info: I ordered my car on 3/25/10 and still don't have it! I have the vin #, but my dealer says it is "at the port" and there is some type of delay now. I was also originally told it would be in my hands in 4-6 weeks. Is anyone else who "special ordered" a car having a similar delay in receiving their vehicle?
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    Thanks mate...I have heard stories like these. The problem is what some dealers don't tell you is that there usually is a vehicle within your area - its just that they don't do business with that particular dealer or don't want to swap out a vehicle. This is something I have learned as I just spoke with someone today who had the color and vehicle that I wanted for 200 $ cheaper than what I was quoted.

    As a side note - anyone curious why the Sienna was never tested by IHSS for roof integrity test? Makes me feel good about not going with limited but why would they specifically leave out one test and then perform every other test?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't think they've tested any minivan yet.

    Here are their crash test results for the class:
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    I just read this little footnote -
    "This rating is assigned by the Institute based on a test conducted by the manufacturer as part of frontal crash test verification."

    So Toyota conducted the test and passed on the results to the IIHS?
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    I have never owned a black color but I keep hearing from people that it is very difficult to clean and that it will fade sooner than metallic colors? Any insight?
  • hutieuhutieu Posts: 2
    it seems to be good price if you got 2011 LE 8-Pass 2WD under $27,856. I live in Huntington Beach CA, I just purchased LE-8Pass-2WD for $30.5 OTD(including tax, DMV, doc. fees..) If anyone here wants to purchase Sienna, just have to wait for a while (during Xmas time) the price will drop like crazy.... I can't wait, I need it for my vacation trips during this summer.
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    No documentation. I got the invoice price and was about the pay while we noticed the automatic door was an issue. Turns out it was because of a sticker blocking the sensor - but my wife thinks otherwise and therefore we are waiting for another van. Almost went with black - but with black and predawn side by side - predawn wins hands down.
  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    Correct. Is that a bad price?
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    I paid 30,200 for my plain XLE FWD. I was never in the market for a AWD so I don't know their prices. I thought AWDs generally go for 2-3000 more than a FWD - maybe I am mistaken ?
  • hokiehighhokiehigh Posts: 14
    I got the same deal another poster reported earlier:

    2011 Sienna XLE with carpet floormats, roof crossbar and door sill protector for $30,197; $99 processing fee plus TTL
    color: white/beige

    I wanted all season floormats but dealer said they were recalled by toyota, I don't know where else to get them. I also want to buy splash guards, anyone know where I can buy them?

    The insurance premium is higher on Sienna comparing with Odyssey, this is the third car on my policy, the premium increase is $544 (Sienna) vs. $407 (similar equipped Odyssey). I suspect this is due to IIHS hasn't officially tested Sienna yet, the insurance rate will go down once tested, hopefully.

    Hope this helps.
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Help me understand here. A sticker was blocking a sensor for the automatic door, and your wife wants a different van????
  • jsan202jsan202 Posts: 1
    Where did you buy your Sienna at(Dealership/State/City)? I need to get a good deal on an XLE with Navigation and DVD entertainment package, can you help?

  • inspectoringinspectoring Posts: 102
    well - let me tell you the whole story.
    She was at home and we went to pick up the van - and when we took delivery - and papers were being signed by my father inside, me and my brother were out checking out the van - and we noticed the door was not functioning when we tried to open it using the button on the head console and the keys.

    Then I remembered that this was the same van we test drove couple of days ago and the van had the same problem at the time but we did not care as we were just exploring our options.
    So the dealer told us to come back after the weekend and promised us to fix the door. On the way back I spoke with the wify and she said it was just a bad sign so I called the dealer and cancelled that van and asked them to look into getting us another with the same color.
    Meanwhile I read the post here on the forum that details the exact same problem - which strengthened my suspicion. The dealer called us yesterday and told us that it was the sticker blocking the sensor but I can't really see how that can be the case as we all looked at the van very carefully at the time we were about take delivery and could not find anything at all. Also - when the door was fully open, we could not close it using anything other than the manual push. The door would just stutter but not move. So door not opening and closing - one with very little knowledge about mechanics but who is spending his hard earned cash would be nothing less than hesitant to take delivery. And someone like me, would just outright deny the delivery.
  • dann80dann80 Posts: 18
    what was your price before tax, title and fees?
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Ah, now I understand. I would have done the same.

    I have made the mistake in the past of taking a new vehicle and getting a "will fix" in writing for later. Fixes did not suit, but then stuck with the vehicle.
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