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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • toyota2011toyota2011 Posts: 5
    edited July 2010
    Midwest Ford-Lincoln-Mercury
    1100 East 30th
    Hutchinson, KS 67502

    Is this the Midwest Superstore that everyone is writing about? Please let me know. Thank you !!!! I want to make sure I get the right place.. and what is extended maintenance? Someone wrote about having the extended warranty and getting money back for the unused portion but had had oil change that deducted from it.. Is that not what extended maintenance is? What does extended maintenace cover? thanks.....a bit confused
  • It is the same place I used to get the best price I could find on the extended warranty I bought for our Sienna. Midwest Superstore actually has the Ford Lincoln Mercury division and the Toyota division. I looked at my paperwork and it states Toyota Midwest Superstore with this same address. Contact J**** J****** the special finance manager for assistance. Our deal was sealed signed and delivered a few weeks ago and we got the legitimate paperwork with our extended warranty certificate straight from Toyota just a few days after that. Good luck!
  • Thank you Thank you Thank you! :blush:
  • OTD 27,200. tax rate 3.0, dealer in MD, thanks a lot to people on this forum.

    Good work.
  • What was the MSRP and what if any additional options did it have?
  • rightpricerightprice Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    Sticker is a little over 30k, msrp is 28K+, no other option(matt, door sill protector counted?)
  • gwrace1gwrace1 Posts: 24
    edited July 2010
    I used to search dealer prices all over the country when I could not get the option packages that I wanted in the Gulf States region. I ended up purchasing our Sienna SE in Georgia even though we live in Texas. It should be delivered in a week or so. We optioned it out in Predawn mica with SE, MR, TO, CF, IPOD adapter, Window Tint, for about $578 below dealer cost. (not invoice) Even with the $500 to ship the van to Texas it turned out to be what I feel is a great deal and saved us about $2000 over Texas prices. MSRP was $35357 final selling price was $31338 +TTLShipping. With the 2 years free maintenance as a bonus I think I did alright. Van was manufactured on 6/22/2010 and has 3 miles on the odometer. It took a lot of searching and I hope all the work paid off. We will only know for sure once the van is delivered to our home.
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 19
    can someone pls tell me why is the xls premium package more that a nav and res package add together for an XLE?

    PREMIUM PKG (PM) $6,225

    you would think PM should be cheaper than EY+NV ?
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    PM includes EY + NV + extra goodies.
  • aprajithaaprajitha Posts: 19
    think the only difference between "PM" and "EY+NV" is the safety connect.... I do not see any other difference based on the package description....
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 19
    I did compare and don't see much difff. If thats that case, why is the price so diff.
    The strange thing is the dealer around only has PM in stock.
    none with EY+NV....

    Just want to justify the extra $500.
  • jeb3779jeb3779 Posts: 16
    2011 xle 8 passenger 2wd with carpet mats and 1499 DVD (not the dual screen) for 31,893 plus tax Is this a good deal? We r leasing at 384 per month plus tax no money down
  • pjt4pjt4 Posts: 7
    anyone bought 2011 LE in bay area?
  • key4871key4871 Posts: 13
    Anyone that got the Nav regret getting that option??? I've ready a lot about how to make an override disk, but seems a lot easier to just buy a garmin.
  • aprajithaaprajitha Posts: 19
    If the nav package was just the GPS, sure would have gone for the GARMIN... Garmin touch is way above the sienna.... bu the nav package not only comes with the gps but also with a set of other options...not sure if there is a way to get them without the package... (Panorama camera including integrated backup camera with regular and wide angle views and on-screen backup guides; JBL AM/FM/MP3 4-disc CD changer with 10 speakers; XM Radio with XM NavTraffic and 90-day trial subscription; Auxiliary audio jack; USB port with iPod connectivity; Hands-free phone capability and music streaming via Bluetooth wireless technology; Smart key system on all doors with push button start and remote illuminated entry; Chrome accented outside door handles; Rear parking sonar NOT AVAILABLE with PM.)
  • I do not regret getting it but I only had a Tom-Tom before. I also think it's worth it because of all the features that came with the Nav package.
  • We initially had a tough time deciding on the Nav package as well. It actually wasn't the Nav itself but it was all the other options bundled with the package. We did decide to get the Nav on our XLE and have so far been happy with it.

    At invoice price, the whole Nav package on the XLE is about $2,700. We figured the built-in Nav with voice control and integrated backup camera is worth around $1,200. So the question is whether the 3 other major bundled options were worth $1,500 (JBL, SMART Key, backup sonar). The JBL system sounds much better than the Bose system in my Acura. I had my doubts about the SMART key system but it has started to grow on me. My wife loves it as she no longer has to dig the key out of her purse. The backup sonar on the other hand is just redundant, as the backup camera on the Nav can guide me to within an inch of the rear bumper. I really wish they had moved the rear sonar to the front.

    By override disk, I assume you mean the inability to program the Nav while the car is moving. Well, you can actually program the Nav using voice control, it just takes practice. If you use your Nav ALL the time, you will probably be happier with a Garmin. The Toyota interface is clunky and is probably akin with a previous generation GPS, but the positives are you have a 7-inch screen, you have voice control, you have a full-size backup camera screen, and you don't need to take down your GPS every time you park.
  • Just wanted to thank you all who posted before me! I came home last night with my new LE for an amazing price. It took going to 4 other dealers but Ourisman Toyota in Fairfax, VA blew everyone else in NoVA away. They had an internet price I saw yesterday morning of $25,667 (MSRP $29,920). I called an asked if they would give me that price, but also include floor mats and roof cross bars. They agreed :)) When we got there he already had the paperwork drawn up with the correct numbers; no games were played. We drove off having paid $25,667 + $800 freight + TTL = just under $27,500. They also beat our credit union rate with 2.99% and that also made us eligible for the $500 military rebate. Score! Also paid for the 7 yr/100k ext. warranty for $1200. All in all I am thrilled. Thanks again everyone!!
  • cro372cro372 Posts: 10
    We received a price (not including TTL) of $31,649 for an XLE with rear entertainment. This is $1450 below invoice and think it's a decent deal.

    We want a black exterior, and think we want the light grey leather interior, but have not been able to see it in person, as the dealer only has beige leather in stock. Can anyone comment on the looks of the grey leather?

  • 12bdriving12bdriving Posts: 24
    We are buying a XLE in silver with the light grey interior. Having driven both, the big differences are that the overall color scheme matches the top panel of the dashboard better. The drawback is that versus a charcoal carpet, the light grey actually has a lighter grey carpet. That surprised me the most.

    The steering wheel is also very light colored on the light grey, not sure how that is going to hold up over time? Sweaty palms?
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