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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oarsoars Posts: 11
    I am noticing a price increase in the invoice price quoted by websites such as today. There is an increase in the base price ($29,460 to $29,875 for the FWD XLE) as well as some post-production options such as the Nav Package. Anybody heard anything about a price increase?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    OK, so a replacement bracket, and I'm sure the new ones will come from the factory that way.

    Should be fine either way. It should not be overly complicated to fix.
  • I have noticed the same thing. The XLE went up in price and the Entertainment system went up too. About $500 or $600 in total. MSRP seems to work out about the same. Also the zag quote was about $1k more than a 3 weeks ago.
  • nbodynbody Posts: 5
    -- SE Package
    -- Moonroof
    -- Crossbars
    -- Carpet
    -- Towing package
    - Crossbars
    -- Carpet

    I can get both for ~$31,300 (includes invoice, but not tax, title, etc)

    Thoughts on SE vs XLE?
  • ldkronosldkronos Posts: 35
    edited January 2011
    At that point with those options, they are virtually identical except for features that are going to be personal preference. Looks (smoked trim, wheels, woodgrain interior, etc), handling (steering/suspension/wheel size....nobody can tell you what will feel better to you), leather vs the SE combo leather/fabric. Other than that type of stuff, the only differences I see are:
    1) no anti-theft on the SE (so you'd have to add the VIP alarm or an aftermarket)
    2) no power 3rd row windows on SE
    3) mirror is different (looks like SE is just a plain mirror?)

    other than that, I think it's really just a matter of what you prefer.
  • nbodynbody Posts: 5

    Thanks! Any thoughts on the pricing? I see some have gotten this set up for around $30,500 but didn't know how hard they worked to get it.

  • I don't think the XLE has power 3rd Row. Is that not only on the Ltd?
  • With that options, it is better to go with the XLE which has full leather seats.
  • Darn it. I saw that price increase also today. Currently, I have an agreed upon price of 30600 for an XLE with cargo organizer, floor mats and roof rack cross bars. I was going to buy it on Dec 31 2010 but the dealer did not have the gray mica in stock. So, I told them I will wait for the next new one to come in. My XLE is supposedly being manufactured on the 24th of this month and I should have it Feb 1st week. I hope the price does not affect mine since I had an agreed price plus I paid the down payment of 500$. If they jack up the price, I will cancel out and go with the Odyssey by paying little more. The pricing was the big reason I went with the Sienna XLE. The comparable odyssey was close to 1500$ more.
  • cukhiemcukhiem Posts: 4
    edited January 2011
    took me 15 minutes on the price. I told the sell manager up front that I want to buy the car for $30,500 and that's it. He said no, he wanted $30,600. Then I walked out to my car and about the leave the parking. The sell man ran out to stop my car and we had a deal.

    I just added Viper 5901 alarm and starter for $550 and LED dome lights. It's awsome, much better than the factory starter. I also bought HD conversion kit for $175 and waiting on the delivery.
  • My dealer confirmed by email the price of 30594 for the XLE with cargo organizer, floor mats and roof rack cross bars. Waiting for the Sienna to get here during the first week of feb.
  • Finally bought mine today at Savannah Toyota :) , great customer service and straight forward.. unlike I-95 Toyota :mad:

    2011Toyota Sienna 5dr 8-Pass Van V6 SE FWD
    Exterior: Silver Sky Metallic
    Interior: Dark Charcoal

    MSRP as configured: $34,989 (Include $699.00 destination fee)
    Invoice as configured: $32,000
    USAA Price: $31,450
    neg equity on trade-in: $ 2,000
    Doc fee/title/…. :$ 519.00
    OTD: $33,719.01
  • oarsoars Posts: 11
    Hi! Am considering an XLE which comes with a "Preferred Accessory Package Plus" option with code Z3. I believe it includes the following - First Aid Kit, Door Sill Appliques, Floor Mats and Cargo Nets. The cost is listed as $560 MSRP and $343 invoice. The confusion I have is that there is another "Preferred Premium Accessory Package" with code Z1 which is listed on sites like which seems to have the same contents but with the following pricing: $404 MSRP and $254 invoice.
    Whats the difference between the two?
    BTW, the sum of the contents individually seems to be match the zag pricing ie., if you add up the prices for the first aid kit, floor mats + sill appliques and cargo nets it matches the zag pricing.
  • You misread my post. I said power 3rd row WINDOWS.
  • ekordaekorda Posts: 2
    I am a USAA member and I am also getting internet quotes from local area dealers. I have been quoted $35,678 for the XLE w/premium package. It seems in line with what the USAA car buying service quotes. Please give me your feedback as to whether you think this is a fair deal...Thanks!
  • I just die a couple of really quick zag searches and the best I found was a tad over 36k, so that seems good.
  • dgc110dgc110 Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    Bought a white 2011 Sienna XLE (8-pass, FWD) w/ mats and roof-rail cross bars for $30,785 + tax&tags, about $3000 under MSRP. Used best local price (Ardmore Toyota). Not sure if I could have done much better but I'm happy with the deal.
  • oarsoars Posts: 11
    Beyond adding up the invoice prices what else needs to be added to figure out the cost to the dealer ? Specifically which of the following need to be included:
    + TDA ($570)
    + Destination Charge ($810)
    + Gasoline (10.08)
    + Dealer Holdback ($647)
    + Wholesale Financial Reserve ($323)
    (The amounts mentioned are for a Sienna XLE I'm considering)

    Thanks in advance for your responses!
  • For starters, it isn't a plus for the holdback and reserve, those are a minus. The dealer pays whatever it is they pay, then after selling they get the holdback refunded to them, and if they sell it quickly enough they get the reserve refunded too.

    Aside from that, It's one of those mystery questions that I don't know how many people even know the answer to. I tried to figure it out for my purcahse. I got my LE for $1700 under invoice (and all options/accessories price at invoice). $1000 of that was a rebate, so the dealer had to cover $700 under invoice. That eats up most of the holdback and reserve. They got $150 doc fee, and they also got to keep $30 of the sales tax when they filed the sales tax form with the state. Then they have to pay the salesman his commission, pay for the guy who cleaned up the vehicle, the F&I guys time and all the other people that spent time on the deal. They had to pay the guy who installed the remote start. They had to pay to overnight fedex me some paperwork a few weeks later. They were originally going to pay to fedex me the cargo organizers, but they managed to get those in time.

    Just based on what I know, I'm not sure how they did any better than break even on my deal. There has got to be a lot more money coming from somewhere than we typically know. Or maybe the did just break even. Perhaps they count on you to buy extra warranties and service contracts to make their profit, and if you don't bite they don't actually make anything. But my gut tells me there's got to be more money in it somewhere.

    They probably get their accessories below invoice pricing too. I've seen a number of accessories being sold online by toyota dealers at prices below what zag lists as the invoice (ex: first aid kit was $21 invoice but it sells on ebay from a dealer for $14 shipped. wheel locks are $40 invoice but I saw them for $33+shipping). I'm assuming these dealers aren't selling these items at a loss (plus eating ebay/credit card fees) so there's got to be something there. But who knows.
  • oarsoars Posts: 11
    Thanks for your informative reply. One additional question. You mention a $1000 rebate you got. Just curious as to when and where was that available? Also, did you purchase the van in California?
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