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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi Everyone.

    I am planning to buy sienna LE 2011 by mid of march or before. I need to do some research on the price paid for the sienna LE 2011 .

    I got a quote for $28K including all the tax . I would like to know if anyone bought less than that price

    I would like to know if any one is planning to buy with me so that we will get a discount

    Thanks in advance for your help ">
  • Just saying $28K with tax doesn't tell us much. You need to break it down (vehicle, doc fee, title/reg fees, and tax), and also tell us which options you are adding on.
  • YOUR PRICE: $26,165*
    Processing Fee - 389
    New Vehicles are plus Delivery Processing and Handling Fee, : $810 for Vans
    Tax : $800

    This is what the last deal i got . Can you please tell me if anyone can beat / Match this ?

  • Hello ,

    I would like to know the best price paid for 2011 Toyota Sienna LE with Leather Seats in north virginia
  • Hello,

    Need your help... I got a quote for the 2011 Sienna with options carpet mats/tint window MSRP $33,998. Dealer offer $32K OTD which including $300 state tax and close to $500 doc fees. My offer $31K OTD. They simply smile and say NO. Please let me know what is consider reasonable offer to them.. Thanks

    Also was offer $29K OTD for a LE model MSRP $30,496. My offer $28K OTD and they reject
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Toyota has always operated this way. They say something is optional but never build it that way. We waited three months for our GX470 without 3rd row and rear spoiler and they pretty much told us tough luck. We're also interested in a Ltd AWD without DVD and it just doesn't appear to exist. I'm not sure which is worse...Honda with their take-it or leave-it models or Toyota with make-believe "options". I can get the Enclave or Acadia exactly how I want it...too bad they don't have a little more cargo room it would be a no-brainer.
  • I suspect $32K OTD is pretty good for an XLE. You didn't mention if you have a trade in or not. That sounds pretty close to what I paid with similar options. The $500 processing fee is pretty standard with the VA dealerships. Shouldn't you be paying quite a bit more in state sales tax however?
  • kenleslie76kenleslie76 Posts: 22
    edited February 2011
    That's a good question.. This is for state of South Carolina. I was told from severals dealer that they charge you $300 cap for a new car plus dmv, etc..
    I came from Cal and we pay sales tax anyway from 7% - 10% so they make a big difference. My next question is...will the state require me to pay some form of payment I might not even now in the future? How nice is that you only have to pay $300 in new car fees. Anyway from SC or another similar state that doesn't require you to pay sales tax?
    $32K OTD with no trade in or whatsoever. They charge me the XLE for $31.2K before the TTL.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Maybe a new Quest? They give up some room to the Sienna/Ody as well, though.
  • naughtycanaughtyca Posts: 18
    edited February 2011
    for LE v6 your price should be under 27k
  • can you please check on zag for zip code 33543 and sienna 2011 le v6 8 passenger fwd thank you
  • Hi I got a OTD price for 2011 Toyota Sienna LE with floor mat for the zip 22192


    Can you please let me know if this is a good price ?
  • ericsoonericsoon Posts: 1
    I'd love to hear if you've found what you're looking for. I'm looking for the same thing. In Utah (Denver Region) the AWD Limited is only available with BOTH navigation and dual entertainment system. This adds more than $4000 in "options" that, frankly, I don't want in the vehicle.

    If I go a few hundred miles north, Idaho (Portland Region) has the same vehicle supposedly available on the "build your Toyota" site, but I can't find a dealer who actually has it.

    Any success stories out there? Has anyone ever found one of these vehicles? Apparently Toyota's market research says that EVERYONE who buys a Limited AWD Sienna demands these options.
  • ldkronosldkronos Posts: 35
    You can check your own zag prices. Goto, click the "Buy A Car" button, and choose the American Express option. There you can do pricing for yourself even if you don't have an amex card (it doesn't require you to login).
  • what do i get a brand new 2011 LE V6 under 27k?
  • dansue1dansue1 Posts: 2
    I got quote of $32,496 as OTD price on LE AWD w/
    -roof rack cross bar
    -towing package
    -lifetime warranty

    Should I take the deal? It's Maryland.
  • naughtycanaughtyca Posts: 18
    standard LE
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Not enough information.
  • Dealer is quoting 36K OTD as his best. Is this a good price? :confuse:
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    OTD means nothing here as tax/registration is not consistent from one consumer to another. Need to know the price before tax/registration.
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