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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 33,700 without Tax and registration - is this is agood price for XLE with Entertainment package.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    Looks to be $1,000 over invoice. Doesn't seem to be hard to get one for around invoice.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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  • First I would like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to share.

    It would be nice if everyone can please posts all the information associated with their deal :-)
    This would be of great benefit to everyone else who is in the market for a similar vehicle.

    For example
    List of Accessories:
    Price including all fees before taxes:
    City and State
    The Dealers name

    Please do not post names of salesperson, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.
    This way we do not have to send numerous private messages and ask all the repetitive questions over and over.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for understanding it's greatly appreciated
  • Here are some prices I recently got.

    Sienna XLE with Roof Rack / Cross Bars and carpeted floor mats:
    MSRP: $33794
    Selling Price: $32009
    Sienna XLE with Roof Rack / Cross Bars , Dual View Rear Entertainment Center and carpeted floor mats:
    MSRP: $36356
    Selling Price: $34139

    Those were their first prices, they would move more.

    Another price.

    Sienna LTD with Roof Rack / Cross Bars , Dual View Rear Entertainment Center/Navigation Pkg, Remote Engine Start and carpeted floor mats:
    MSRP: $44740
    Selling Price: $41065

    Is this a good price on this Limited? Is there any more room on the price? Is the AWD a good idea, thats the only thing missing in this car?

    Dealer was in Southern NJ
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,225
    I'm more familiar with the Ltd pricing and without the accessories you should be around $40k for that model. Not sure what the remote start and cross bars run...I've heard $600 installed for the remote start alone so you may not be far off on that deal. I'm wondering if there won't be some incentives coming shortly as it's getting late in the model year for the Sienna. They had an extra $500 incentive for one week last month.

    The AWD has some drawbacks. IMHO it's not a very sophisticated system so while it will be an improvement over won't be a Subaru or a real 4x4 by any stretch. It also comes with runflats which seem to be a controversy in themselves as they tend to wear-out very quickly and are expensive. You can switch them out to normal tires...but then you don't have a spare tire. The AWD parts take up the space where the spare normally resides. From a cost standpoint, the AWD really isn't much more expensive because it also deletes the power 3rd row which is a big plus in my book. I have no desire to stand there and wait for the seat to fold up on it's own and there's no manual override. We're stuck as to whether we really want the Sienna or not. Too many compromises at $40k in my book.
  • naughtycanaughtyca Posts: 18

    roofrack, blue tooth

    26, 957

    2yr oil change
  • Hi, may I ask where you got the deal? The best local price I got here is 28k. I am in NY. Thanks.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    Is that the 4-cyl model or V6?
  • Yeh i'm very certain that guy got the inline 4 version. I hope it's OTD price. Zag shows 24,424 as a baseline price for this model. We just got a 8 Pass V6 LE with backup cam, bluetooth, privacy glass, roof rack, carpets, power sliding doors. (Zag is 27,454)
    $27,950 Plus tax and license, so roughly $30k OTD. LONGO Toyota, #1 in Cali, Internet Manager Young Ji.
    Last advice to all those looking at the 7 passenger siennas, get the 8 seater! The middle row is no longer a bench, it's two captains plus 1 removable that stows in the back!!
  • ldkronosldkronos Posts: 35
    It's not necessarily the 4 cyl model. Actually, it seems most likely it's the 6 cyl. I bought my Sienna back in December and got it 17268. If I subtract off my options (towing, alarm, remote start, cargo organizers) and add on his accessories (roof rack), then my comparable price would have been 26544. I had a $1000 rebate which is no longer available, but recently I saw there was a $500 rebate on the Sienna, so that would have made it 27044. That's less than $100 from his price, so it seems definitely possible.
  • Finally purchased our first minivan. 2011 Sienna XLE W/Premium Package -FWD on friday.
    $34,753 (Price on the van), tax+ transfer of plates+ doc fees = $37,500 OTD.
    Libertyville Toyota in Chicago. Good service.
  • Another shopping piece of advice that worked very well for us is an after-market DVD player in conjunction with the dealership. As we're aware the premium package and/or entertainment is pretty expensive. Alternatively, I wasn't crazy about handing over my $32K minivan to some stranger so he could cut it up and install a DVD player.
    If you ask the dealership, chances are they have a partnership with a top-notch professional company that can install a player for around $1000, which can be rolled in to your financing. Although $1,000 is a bit over-priced for an after-market DVD player, it was worth the extra expense to me to have the support of the dealership on this. It's not something they like to advertise, because they prefer you buy the $2500 Toyota system, but if you ask about it it may work out well for you.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    some stranger so he could cut it up and install a DVD player

    It's not as bad as it sounds. Most places let you watch as they install, and they use templates to cut out the headliner, which is basically cardboard anyway.

    The installed told me Toyota pre-wires the headliner for power there, so he didn't even have to splice the wiring.

    I paid around $900 installed, but got a 12" screen that dwarfed the factory 7" (at the time) screen which cost double.
  • Yes, you are correct in that the work shouldn't be that difficult and 90% of the installers will do a great job. I found that working it through the dealership, however, was a very positive experience. It also guarantees that there can be no negative impact on the factory warranty (very unlikely, I know, but I'm a worrier).
    No matter who installs it, however, I love having the DVD player there. Yes, there are Nintendo DS's and portable DVD players in this world but nothing beats the convenience of the built-in entertainment.
  • When I search on, I was given the best local price, however it's still much higher than the price shown in the "recent sales". Can somebody tell me how much room I can go from the best local price given by Thanks in advance.
  • loucapriloucapri Posts: 214
    I noticed the same thing as well. It seems to me a few buyers from this forum got their van for $500-$1500 less then the price (depends on trim/option)

    wonder how did they do that. Dealer in my area even asked more then what shows, way too much :(
  • Where do I start? Beaman Toyota is the epitome of the stereotypical "bait and switch" car dealer! We spent hours working a deal on a 2009 Prius. They let us wait in the little cubicle while they just sat on the situation to wear us down. We took the car home since it was late the first evening. The next evening, we spent hours again haggling over the interest rate. We were given 2.9% from the beginning. Then, in the last hour, we were told we had to go to 6.9%. We slid the keys across the desk and began to walk out. We made it half-way across the showroom when the finance manager, Scott, stopped us, brought us back to his office under the assumption that he could do something. He told us that he'd give us the 2.9% (that I had said was a deal-breaker from the beginning) if we just took the car another day. We conceded, signed the papers and left. We had the car for nearly a week when Beaman called and said that they couldn't do the deal as written. A week!!!! If a dealerships FINANCE MANAGER says something, he needs to be absolutely sure that he has the backing for what he commits to. Furthermore, you don't wait a week to tell the customer about the issue. I let a great deal on a 2007 Prius go because of all of this run-around, carrot dangling BS. They are directly connected to their creditors, they can review the credit reports in detail, on the spot. Scott simply rolled the dice assuming that if it got kicked back (and probably knew it would anyway), I would accept the change since we had grown accustomed to the car. That's why he pushed us to take the car overnight the second night and let the news go for a week, hoping we'd fall in love with it and just accept the deal. Needless to say, they got the car back and will never see me on their lot again. Furthermore, I will advise NO ONE to take their car business to them! Unless you are bringing cash to the table, go somewhere else!
  • raerae123raerae123 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    What was the MSRP on your van? Was there any rebates you used or did you negotiate down to that number. I am also shopping for a 2011 Sienna XLE with premium package and carpet mats with a MSRP of $39834. The best price I found was $35762, which they said was $500 below invoice. I checked the invoice price $36971 that one dealership that's closest to me gave me to Edmunds TMV invoice price, $36132, and it was about $839 difference. Needless to say I will be calling the salesman to ask why the difference.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's crazy. So you returned the car?

    How did they even quote a rate without your credit report in the first place?
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