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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kksmom001kksmom001 Posts: 17
    Oh, BTW had a trade in, not what I had hoped for and below Kelley Blue book value for trade in. Kelley Blue book quoted $15,500, carmax $14,000 for the national wholesale price (they said convertibles and sports are in this summer not Mercedes SUV in mint condition with very low miles) and Toyota dealership offered $12,000. I was able to get them to come to match Carmax by bringing in the carmax estimate.
  • evilbitevilbit Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    Just purchased:

    2012 Sienna Limited FWD

    - Blizzard Pearl Paint
    - Limited Premium Package
    - Limited Convenience Package
    - Preferred Accessory Package
    - Lower Door Molding
    - Mudguard

    $42,000 with 0% financing for 60 months.

    Had them add the Sienna remote start for $625 which was probably too much but was worth it to have done at the dealer before taking delivery, and rolling it in at 0%.

    I would have been fine without the mudguard and accessory package but they're not awful.
    This is with the bisque interior ... preferred the light gray but couldn't find one for less than $1k more.
  • Hi -- I am looking at a 2012 Sienna XLE with Nav, and really would love the current lease rates that are being offered in Southern California. I feel blind can't find any of the mf or residual numbers! Thanks in advance!
  • kksmom001kksmom001 Posts: 17
    I thought the 0% for 60 month financing ended June 4th? Since June 5th it's been 0.9% for 60 month and the 0% is now only for the 48 months at most.
  • kksmom001kksmom001 Posts: 17
    When I questioned the dealership about the $235 plates fee, they agreed to refund $225 as $10 for temp tags.

    Anotehr dealership in Owings Mills said they only charge $199 for processing fee.

    Seems important to check around for those other fees.

    Extended warranty seemed high and Edmunds says you can always get it before your warranty expires so decided to wait. Did not get the prepaid maintenance plan after reading Edmunds advise on it.
  • kksmom001kksmom001 Posts: 17
    Ended being able to lower to $29.9. There is another $810 for the delivery destination fee. See my follow up.
  • kksmom001kksmom001 Posts: 17
    I think Arlington Koons would give you that deal. I just bought my Sienna XLE base with floor mats, roof rack, alarm, leatehr seat, heated seat, back up camera without premium package for $29.9K and about $32.5 OTD (see break down in my previously post . Typically the package is another 5-6K. Ask for Kelly or Haitham.
  • kksmom001kksmom001 Posts: 17
    I was not charged a TDA $665 fee. Is that with that dealership or do others in your area charge it? I looked over my invoice and what I posted was all I paid. You're sound higher.

    A friend of mine got an even better deal as there was a Honda dealership across the street and she went back and forth between the two and got antoher $500 off.
  • samizsamiz Posts: 3
    edited June 2012
    I looking to buy Sienna SE Model With SE Premium Package with Entune, Premium carpet & Door Stills and Vehicle Package. MSRP listed at $39534 dealer offered me at $38534 I was going to give a try at $36000 What you people think? in Little Rock, AR area
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Dealer price is way high. I would get an email quote from a different dealer then ask them to beat it. You don't want to start that high.
  • kksmom001kksmom001 Posts: 17
    I agree, dealer price is way high, should be at least 3,000 below MSRP. I woild also complete the request from Edmunds to have dealers give you internet price, lower than in store price. Then email the dealerships to see if they can beat that price. My XLE MSRP was $34.5 and I got a equote for $30.3K then a dealer beat it to $29.9. Good luck.
  • champ13champ13 Posts: 1
    Is this a good price in Southern California
    Dealer Quote is 33,000 + Gove Fees & Taxes 370+ 2892.31
    Total OTD is coming to 36262.31
  • vicjjvicjj Posts: 1
    Any information on best price for a 2012 Sienna XLE - AWD, with entertainment package (2 small kids) and navigation package options is welcome. Looking to buy in the Boston area. Can also look in Virginia/Maryland. Thanks.
  • hankykimhankykim Posts: 3
    Paid $30,380 including destination fee for 2012 Sienna FWD XLE with mats at local dealer in Delaware after comparing multiple internet quotes from dealers in neighboring states (MRSP $34,340). OTD total came to $31,142 including taxes and tags. Got $19,500 for trade in on 2008 Sienna XLE with premium package. Total out of pocket for the transaction came to $11,642. Reasonable deal? Oh yeah, just submitted the rebate for an additional $750 back from Toyota.
  • Your XLE is without NAVI or Dual Screen Seat Mount Rear Entertainment System correct? I personally think this is a good price. How do you submit the rebate? I'm also in the market for a XLE Sienna in northern VA.
  • rk090rk090 Posts: 3
    edited June 2012
    Hi All

    I have a deposit on hold for a white XLE with Nav with Entune package and the Rear Entertainment package for 36000 flat out of the door. Still not completed the process since they do not have a white and they are getting it. The MSRP is 38535 for this configuration. The dealer basically price matched from another dealer who is a bit farther to me. Not sure if this is a decent price. I am happy since OTD is just a 500$ more than invoice (35455). But I am not getting the Edmunds rebate to pop up. Any ideas how to get it to pop up? Will help me save another 750. Please do comment on the price

    Also I think the old Nav package without entune would have been better in my case since it includes JBL sound system. I prefer that to the other things with Entune. What do you think ?

  • novanewbienovanewbie Posts: 4
    edited June 2012
    That's a great price. Where are you getting this deal from? Is this AWD or FWD? Last year, a close friend of my got a XLE FWD with NAVI (not sure if w/or without Entune) and Rear Entertainment Package for $35,800 OTD in VA. Btw, what is the difference between regular NAVI package vs. NAVI w/Entune package?
  • rk090rk090 Posts: 3
    Its FWD from Leesburg Toyota. The Entune system has a few apps. But is smaller screen. I also think the new Entune package has Smart Key added to it. But it does not have 10 speaker JBL which I believe the old Nav system included.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cool thing about Entune is it uses your smart phone's plan, so no extra monthly bill.
  • I've been browsing their inventory and remember they have a white XLE with the above options. Why do you have to order it? Who is your sale man if you dont mind I'm asking? I need to get in touch with them to see if I can get a similar deal. I'm still debating whether I should buy SE or XLE.
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