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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What was the sticker price on this mini van and what other options does it have?
    I'm looking for one and they only want to give me $2,300 of the sticker price.
    Any advice how to get a better deal?
  • dhabuddhabud Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    Hello All

    I purchased 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE 8 seats + carpets + Door Sill Protectors for $30950 + tax + title + Doc fee(139).

    Note that $30950 includes the destination fee of what ever. I got financincing for 0% for 48 months .

    This deal was done June 26, 2012 in milwaukee, WI.
  • loves2readloves2read Posts: 47
    We tried three times to purchase a Sienna Limited--7 passenger of course--in the Tarrant county area/FTW TX and suburbs...
    were trading a 2009 Camry Hybrid with leather seats. heated seats/mirrors, sunroof--upgraded sound package--nicer options than most Camry Hybrids...

    First dealer we went to was one I bought the Camry from using Internet decent price on car considering that was the summer when gas prices went to $4+ a gallon a few years ago...
    This time didn't do that--
    went to showroom to shop--met salesman--liked him--drove car--liked it better than I thought I would...
    went back to make deal on Saturday with trade in
    they lowballed us on that--only offered 14K when Edmunds shows 18--
    they finally came up to 17K for the car which had been in accident several years before and repaired and no problems with driving it problems of any kind really with this car...

    We dickered--the Sienna we wanted was not on their floor--said it had to be trailered in from outside Metroplex...had lot of extras even for Limited--the 3Mfilm protection, remote start OEM which is much better than dealer installed...
    anyway best price we could come to was 24K plus TTL which would have added another 1800-2200
    they offered no extended warrenty to sweeten the deal...
    First dealership was the best--
    had the best car to offer and really the best price on trade and final price
    the second and third had similar cars but lacked remote start and 3M film protection which I really like
    They never came up to 17K for my car and one of them tried to get us to take a drive out 31K...
    one of them added in $3200 for extended warrenty that was terrible deal...
    The sales managers for both of those dealerships called within 48 hours to ask what it would take to make a husband had already bought a Buick Enclave...he decided to trade his Tahoe and use the new car for his driving vs mine...
    We could have paid cash and apparently that means you are so rich you don't have to get a good price in some people's minds...
    We should have taken the deal with Freeman but at the time we hadn't done any shopping and didn't know how difficult it was going to get...
  • abjcabjc Posts: 1
    Hi there, I believe the Sienna is manufactured in Princeton, Indiana. Does anybody know if you can purchase it cheaper there?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,906
    You can't..... destination charge is the same for all of the lower 48.. and, you have to use a dealer.

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • victeovicteo Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a Sienna SE right now, but I realize that the 2013s will be out soon. Anyone know when the dealers will be getting their 2013 inventory?
  • kiwipikekiwipike Posts: 2
    2012 SE
    Navigation Package ($1045)
    Sunroof ($850)
    Carpet Mats/Sill Protectors ($325)
    Crossbars ($185)
    Wheel Locks ($67)
    Cargo Net ($49)
    Sales price $33263.24 (MSRP $36771)
    Tax $1995.79
    Doc $239.50
    Tags $93.50

    Total $35592.03 OTD
  • rc2rc2 Posts: 6
    Do your research in to see what others paid for that model in your area!
  • grrljockgrrljock Posts: 1
    Just want to add another entry. Price below does NOT include taxes and fees. Bought in Hayward, CA.

    2012 SE (predawn gray mica)
    Navigation w Entune
    Carpet, mats, sill protector
    Roof racks crossbars
    Wheel locks
    Destination charge

  • advan13advan13 Posts: 6
    Heads up. There is a rebate from autotrader.
  • advan13advan13 Posts: 6
    I'm curious to know if the Edmunds rebate is still available and they can be combined.
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 10
    Interesting, I far as I know the Edmunds $750 rebate hasn't been available since late June, but since you had 45 days to redeem it its possible these two rebates could overlap if you timed it right.
  • isodyokisodyok Posts: 17
    advan13, thank you for the link. I am sure many prospective buyers would appreciate this.
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 10
    humm, wording on the autotrader rebate they email you only mention Rav4, tundra or gas highlander even though the picture includes a sienna
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 10
    just called, the rebate form is only good for the vehicles listed in the email so apparently the sienna does not get the $750 despite being advertised and mentioned in the FAQ as such (unless someone is getting an different rebate form emailed to them then the one I got)
  • sunghasungha Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Just bought a brand new 2012 Sienna XLE with RES & NY + Remote Starter + All Weather Mat at OTD $37000. Given our tax rate is 8.25, I think we got pretty good deal. Oh yeah, of course 0% for 60 months!

    I got alot of information from this forum and thought I would like to share my experience as well.

    Without Tax & Fees, my purchase price was around $33900. I declined Warranty from my dealer cuz they were asking 8yrs/100K miles for $1990... !!!

    Now looking for the best deal on Warranty!

    Thanks Edmunds!
  • I feel like i have a great sense of what i should pay for an XLE with premium package. What is the best people have been able to do on XLE with Nav, but no Ent/DVD. Specifically XLE, AWD, 7 pass, Nav/Entune, no other add ons. Thanks in advance!
  • luckyboyluckyboy Posts: 10
    edited August 2012
    V6 LE (model 5338) + Alarm, Floor mats, roof rails and destination= $31,240 MSRP - $3,740 discount -$1K northern California rebate down payment match (in lieu of promotional APR) =$26,500. I also have the $750 rebate Edmunds was offering a month back and the current $250 debit card promotion.
    This was kind of an ad car special but was pretty much what I wanted (well all LEs in this area seem to come with at least the alarm/floor mats which I could have done without).
  • xetownxetown Posts: 10

    did you already purchase? i'm in Northern Cali too and looking to buy soon. i split my time between Sacramento and Vallejo. If you're interested in a group by, let me know when and where. thx xetown 'at' hotmail DOT com
  • rc2rc2 Posts: 6
    I am trying to buy all weather floor mats for my new 2012 Sienna - to protect the carpets.
    Any experience or suggestions as to where to buy the OEM (genuine Toyota) floor mats? Thanks appreciate all responses.
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