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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    edited August 2013
    Now 2013 Odyssey is cheaper. Is there still a good reason to buy sienna?
  • I had a 2003 Odyssey, purchased new. It was my only vehicle that, despite being meticulously maintained, never made it to the 100K mile mark. The transmission started slipping, and with the added (expensive!) Honda timing belt replacement requirement, I had to trade it in for next to nothing. I purchased my Odyssey based on Honda's reputation, but my older Chrysler minivan gave me longer service. I am done with Honda! Now, with the 2013 Odyssey's 6-cylinder engine that shuts down one or two cylinders for fuel efficiency, I would definitely avoid this historically troublesome engine design! I purchased the more expensive Sienna hoping for better long-term service. Time will tell. If I didn't purchase the Sienna, I would purchase the even cheaper Dodge Grand Caravan before I would allow Honda's dirty little secret (under-engineered transmission design) to cost me thousands of lost dollars again.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    Thanks for sharing your story. I have heard similar stories. Seems like the older odyssey indeed has transmission problems. Maybe the new one will not have this problem? Nobody knows..

    I still feel the odyssey is more refined compared with sienna though...
  • 2013 sienna XLE and above has Smart key which is major convenience for parents with babies or young toddler. It also has 2 yr maintenance and 0% 60 month finance. I chose Sienna because of the Smart Key. 2014 Odyssey would be a better choice with a higher price, no finance, or discount.
  • oddie225oddie225 Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    Odyssey also has brake disc issue where the disc wears out unevenly and cause vibration when braking above highway speed. Sienna doesn't handle as well as Odyssey. Sienna also doesn't have complete flat floor when 2nd row seats are removed. The sliding mechanism stays on the car, while Odyssey floor is flat when 2nd row seats are removed.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    edited August 2013
    2013 XLE base with dealer installed floor mats, cross bars and door sill protection.

    $33,000 OTD (including 6% MD tax) with 0% financing.

    Very nice dealership and I feel it's a fair price too.
  • jombjomb Posts: 3
    Hi Oddie225,

    what was your APR? did you get cash back w/ that cost?

    was 35700OTD final cost you got? I am dealing w/ other dealers, but they didnt reduce the cost!!!
  • pooch2pooch2 Posts: 2
    I am looking to purchase or lease a toyota sienna xle so far my purchase price has been34,819 thats 3,766 below msrp thats in NJ does anyone know of a better deal? I am also considering leasing I appreciate the help.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    Is it base XLE? If it is the price could be lower. At this price why not get an odyssey?
  • I have a quote of got 31,100 (+ Tax and Fees) for Odyssey for 2013 base EX-L base and 32,500 (+Tax and fees) for 2013 XLE Sienna. Still looking. Does your price of 34,819 includes taxes, fee and registration? I am in NJ as well....maybe we can combine our efforts :)
  • Hi, Can you introduce me to your contact at the dealer. Their listed price on the website is a bit higher than what you mentioned. I am looking for a similar model. Thanks
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    Email me at I'll give you here contact.
  • logylogy Posts: 5
    Hello, Pooch2 and Rjhamnani - I am in the market for a sienna or odyssey and live in NJ, let me know if you want to pool in for better deals.
  • Sure, how can I contact you? By the way I am in touch with Fitzmall at this time working on the price.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    edited August 2013
    If you don't mind going little further. R&H Toyota at Reisterstown have XLE with navigation for 34,700 OTD with 0% financing. I believe it's comparable to Fitzmall's price. But they don't have the base model...

    They are a great dealership too! I would bought my car there if they have what I wanted..
  • logylogy Posts: 5
    Thanks, I live in NJ and you can reach me at goraug3atgmail
  • Hey, Thanks for the information. R&H are a bit closer for me. However, their internet listed price does not include 'delivery'. So, I chatted with the sales guy and he gave me a total price which was a few hundred (~350) more than what I got from Fitzmall. When I told him so, he agreed to match that price. But your price of 34,700 seems to be better than what I got for either of the dealers. Did you get that over the phone or went to the showroom? I am so far that I cannot go once to just look around and negotiate and again to actually buy. Is there anyway that I get that price? Appreciate your help!
  • timnashvilletimnashville Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    I just signed a contract for $36,100 on an XLE with Nav, Dual RES, Blind Spot Monitoring, Remote Starter, Paint Film, Cargo Mats, 2 extra headphones including all Toyota related fees, destination, document, advertising.

    I do ok?
  • logylogy Posts: 5

    Is that XLE 7 pass. AWD or XLE 8 pass.FWD ?
  • timnashvilletimnashville Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    Just the 8 Passenger FWD. I didn't see any AWD vehicles available in the TN. It did have captain chairs in the second row. Not sure if this is standard but I really liked it.

    And the dual screen is mounted as a single screen to the ceiling like the new odysseys in a double wide format, not like seen on Toyota's website as two screens directly behind each front seat headrest.

    Price included $1500 rebate.
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