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Pontiac Bonneville



  • funnybunnyfunnybunny Posts: 5
    What possible negative ramification or consequence could result from him telling us how much the car was discounted ? Are you worried they may not give him such a good deal next time? Do you think they may not give us such a good deal since " the secret is out, we're selling them too cheap".? I really didn't even understand the explanation. If you think you are getting a better deal than anyone else on a Pontiac, you really need to face the fact that you have an excellent salesman who specializes in making you fell like you did well. EVERYONE DOES WELL . I paid invoice for my 2000 SLE and got 0% interest for 60 months, and probably could have done better if I hadn't been thinking to myself, " Geez, I am so lucky that I got this great deal".
  • mitsurobmitsurob Posts: 38
    My local pontiac dealer (salesperson) told me that production has already stopped on the bonneville. I thought it was more like the July time frame....anyone know if this is true?
    Still like the looks of this car (GXP) but the price is just too up there. IMO that is what has killed this car (or contributed to it's demise).
  • freddy111freddy111 Posts: 5
    Hello. I have a 1996 Bonnevelle SSE. Since I've owned it, it runs hot. Is this common for this car. The Dealership said it is. Also the tranny shifts very poorly. I find it difficult to find any type of performance parts. There are alot of performance chips or modules on Ebay for $10 to $40. How good are these. I appreciate any information. Thanks
  • smitty6smitty6 Posts: 1
    I bought a 97 bonnie with the 3800 series II V6 with 92k for $3500. My sister has a 96 Olds 88 and she gave it high praise. My wife became pregnant so it was time to ditch her 2 door 91 grand am(147k) and add a family car next to our beloved 88 formula 350 firebird(77k mint cond a few upgrades). This bonneville has turned out to be a nightmare. After 1 month the transmission went ($1550). Then an altanator($230), 2 weeks later the starter($270). Two weeks later the intake manifold cracked. Three weeks later the raditor went($230). Two weeks later the AC system started blowing warm air, the whole system needs replacing at a cost of $980(held off on this one). Then the fuel pump went ($170). The motor mounts broke loose ($210). THe raditior fan stopped working so the engine overheated (another tow). The windshield wiper motor died, of course in a downpour, thank god for rain-x($115)The original strut on the drivers side came loose at 70mph and doing some damage to the front end($470) A few months later I"ve replaced the entire brake system and there was a problem with the abs system($480),the power seat on the driver side broke (being my wife was pregant and I'm not very tall I couldnt drive comfortly or safely)($185) not to mention the numourous tows and jumpstarts at $50 to $125 a pop, a full exaust including the cat conveter and a broken exaust manifold on the drivers side($625). A few minor things as well, the hood latch cable at the handle broke twice, (of course the first time is when the altanotor died and killed the battery so I couldn't get a jump and had to be towed)the glove box door latch broke, (I can't open the glove box so when I got pulled over for a headlight being out I couldn't retrieve my documents, that cost me $265 in fines with the tickets the nice and understanding officer gave me), two of the fan knobs keep falling off, the radio stopped working, the headliner is falling down, the cruise control stopped working, the foglights flicker on and off, the abs and airbag and check engine lights on the dash flicker on and off(sometimes all three on at all the same time), I've replace the third brake light bulb 4 times, 3 headlight bulbs, the power trunk release stopped working, the horn won't work and it could be any number of things none of which will probaly be cheap to fix with my luck I'm sure(my inspection is due soon so it has to be fixed not to mention the few times someone has almost backed into me in a parking lot and I've had to speed around them when I could), and the worst, I've had a nagging electrical problem for two months now. Something keeps draining my battery down. My mechanic (who my family has been using for over 40 years including now his three sons in a very modern shop with all the newest stuff) He replaced the battery cables, the battery the wires to the altanator and even a new free altanotor just in case. every time he scans the systym everything checks out fine. He has talked to some of his mechanic friends and his car club buddies and a few of them even spent a sunday of there time working on my bonnie and no one could find the problem.They told me they tested everything electrical and spent some of there own money on parts. They said with an intermedite electrical problem that can't be duplicated when everything scans fine it's very diffciult to fix unless others have had similiar problems. They tried a few common sense things but nothing has worked. When the lights are on or sometimes when not on, sometimes my volt meter drops between low and high and the lights fluxate. When I make turns, the meter drops. Sometimes it takes 4-5 turns for the car to start. I turn the key and nothing. I've been stranded three times when the car won't start and it won't take a jump because the battery is so low. The volt meter doesn't give any warning. I'm afraid to take the car anywhere.I've finally had it with this car, its a complete piece of crap. The car now has 132k on it. I'm sure not all bonnevilles are like mine, I've only owned GM cars since I've been driving for over 15 years now. But the general really let me down on this one. I can honestly say I haven't always had good luck with GM cars but thats what I've been raised on and thats just what I've been used to, but nothing ever like this, a few minor things I can live with. My mechanic sent me to a friend of his who owns a new car dealership(its a chevy, pontiac and gmc) (he's in his car club). He was real nice and honest with me and my wife.He knew we were on a tight budget (the bonneville killed us). We didn't really want a car payment but we figured it had to cheaper and more relaible in the long run.He and one of his salespeople showed us a 99 malibu V6, 00 grand prix gt 3800 II, 01 century, 01 impala LS(same 3800 series II), 00 olds intrigue and my wife liked the blue color of an 00 honda accord V6,her sister has a civic(a riceburner, never I thought, I do have friends who have [non-permissible content removed] cars and they sware by them but I always defended USA cars!!) All with less than 40k. Well let me say, after we drove the cars we liked (I thought we'd be taking home the impala or the grand prix GT) the honda (made in the USA he told us) blew the others away. It was whisper quiet, tight, comfy, controls easy to use and well placed without that GM plastic look everywhere(I quess I just got used to it). steering precise,engine and transmission smooth as butter, a moonroof(not a sunroof, he showed me the difference) brakes awsome, very good attention to detail I was hooked. I never thought I would buy a [non-permissible content removed] car but it was everything I wished GM would make. My friends still tease me.(But I still blow there doors off in my firebird). Hope you guys have better luck with your bonnevilles than I did mine.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,038
    Does this alleged car mechanic or friends also have so line feeds for paragraphs for this 'article'? So you drove the car 40K with all these problems?

    Did you think that, if all this is true, you might have been better to have a good dealer who was knowledgeable about electrical quirks to fix the car. It sounds like the 'mechanic friend' wasn't really doing you any favors with his lack of knowledge.

    As a real mechanic on talk radio suggests, start looking for grounding problems.
  • batistabatista Posts: 159
    It was a mistake buying a vehicle with that many miles on it. I wouldn't recommend purchasing a used car that is older than 2 years and make sure it has less than 30K miles. The original owner was sure lucky to get rid of his/her car when they did with the amount of money you spent.
  • genmtrfangenmtrfan Posts: 78
    It's hard to believe you had that many problems. I bought a 97 bonneville 2 1/2 years ago with 70,000 miles for $6,800. When I bought the car it had something wrong with the transmission, but I didn't realize it until my first long trip. I spent about $1,400 on a transmission re-build. I also bought the car with a leaky intake manifold and had that repaired for $600. Those two problems (common to many Bonnevilles) are the only ones I've had. I've driven the car 80,000 miles and my cruise, alternator, starter, battery cables, power seats, fuel pump and brake system are all original. I invested $8,800 (including initial repairs) in a car that has given me 80,000 trouble-free miles. No one can predict the future, but I just put a new set of 50,000 mile tires that I'm hoping to wear out.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,038
    If you've changed oil and filters at 3000 to 4000 miles, you're set for 200K plus. The intake leaks and at worst a trans are what you'd look for. You've done a transmission. Have you changed your DexCool every two years? Corrosion or crudded up radiator that you have to change out might be another possibility to happen which I believe comes as a maintenance item more than a failure. Might change power steering fluid.
  • genmtrfangenmtrfan Posts: 78
    I have changed the Dex-Cool recently, as well as the plugs and wires. I hope you're right about 200K. I just invested in a new Chevy Uplander, so I really need to get 2 more years out of this one.

    I'm not sure I'm buying the Dex-Cool argument. The radiator on the Bonneville is original at 152K. If Dex Cool is so bad, why does GM advertise that you can leave it in up to 5 years or 150K? I admit, I haven't read the lawsuit pages, but I have had two vehicles with it. Could the Dex-Cool be contributing to the intake gasket issues? I've read that the intake issues were caused by other issues that have been resolved in GM's 3.8 and 3.4 engines.
  • genmtrfangenmtrfan Posts: 78
    Thanks for the information. My Bonneville had Dexcool from the beginning, so I never had the green stuff. I changed the fluid myself as well. I had my intake manifold changed in '03 and the problem has not recurred. However, I had a leak near the freeze plug and used a 5 dollar can of stop leak to cure that issue. It still seeps out every now and then, but not enough for concern.

    I have been checking this forum and haven't seen any complaints about the intake after 2002. It's probably safe to buy one after '02, but I'm resigned to getting a supercharged next time with the metal intake.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    I believe that Bonneville production has now ended. RIP.
  • It's quite sad that a successful model in continuous production for 48 years dissappers without any fanfare whatsoever. What a sad ending to an enduring American Icon. :(

    I hope the last few produced were GXP models.
  • mgm1mgm1 Posts: 1
    Purchased 1150 miles ago and after 5 trips to dealer they still have not solved "loud radio static type" noise emanating from either serpentine belt or power steering pump. Noise most prominent when cold, dissipates upon warming but still present intermittently. Runs smoothly otherwise. Local dealer has elevated to "GM Technical" and has asked me to be patient and await fix. Seems odd and disconcerting that the well-tested and time-used "Northstar V8" would have such a problem. Does anybody have information on this issue? Thanks.
  • tagtatagta Posts: 4
    Hey Bryan..... I have an 05 GXP Great car. I am having a problem with a rattle in the head liner. The dealer is still trying to get it right.... However they did change my front brake pads to ceramic. That cut the dust issue in half... It is a great car.... total sleeper.. took out Mustang GT last week If you can, let me know how your dealer fixed that rattle..


  • bryanbryan Posts: 217
    Hey Mike. Congrats on your GXP--yep, awesome car. What color did you get?

    As to the rattle, here is the language on my paperwork:

    Problem: There is a tapping type of noise coming from the roof area behind drivers head, seems to be worse after driving a while like tempearature affects it, Bryan can duplicate the noise by pushing on the headliner

    Cause: Misaligned
    B2720 Checked for tapping and found headliner around sunroof loose, correctly installed and test drove, is OK at this time
    507 WB40
    FC: 3A Part #: Count: 0 (N/C)
    Claim Type:
    Auth Code:

    Don't know exactly what the codes above mean, but perhaps your servicing dealer will? Anyway, hope you can get it resolved, and enjoy your ride--the care simply brings a smile to my face every time I drive it. Enjoy!
  • bunky36bunky36 Posts: 94
    I thought this board was dead for awhile there. Bonneville production may have ended, but there are still a lot on the road. Sorry to hear that some folks are having GXP issues. My 'black 04 GXP has 25k miles on it now, and the only problem I have had with it was the need to have the internediate steering shaft replaced at about 8k miles. I get 18 mpg around town and 23 on the highway. Not as good as my former V6 SSEi, but more or less acceptable given the fun the car is to drive. I agree with Bryan--I smile every time I drive it. One feature I have really grown to like is the suede seat inserts. It was 107 degrees yesterday, 120 in the car when I got in, and while warm, the suede doesn't burn you like the leather does. Same for the winter--the suede stays flexible and doesn't get as cold as the leather. My initial concern with the suede was that it would show wear and get soiled. Neither has happened. :)

    Say more about the ceramic brake pads. The brake dust on the front wheels gets kind of annoying.

  • tagta,

    I have the same problem with excessive brake dust on the front wheels of my '05 GXP. What did you do to get the dealer to replace the pads with ceramic. I need to address this issue with my dealer.

  • bryanbryan Posts: 217
    I plan to discuss this issue with my dealer in the next few weeks when the car is due for its 12,000 mile service. The dealership GM is aware of the issue--he is the one who mentioned putting on ceramic pads, so I'll let you know if I am able to get any resolution. Wonder who will be paying for the ceramic pads??? :P
  • coderedcodered Posts: 43

    i have a 01 se with a trans at goes in gear hard......... any help would be great
  • jamicjamic Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue.. how much did it cost for them to put a new passkey system in?
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