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Pontiac Bonneville



  • Hello all. A friend of mine has a 2002 bonneville that has been to about 5 dealers and 2 outside mechanics for a vibration problem that is still Undiagnosed. GM even got involved with little help - of course.
    new tires with all kinds of new balancing techniques were installed. The tire and wheel set have been removed from other bonnevilles and installed on this problem car to see if that cured the problem.... nope.
    One dealership rebuilt the transmission because of some valve and this did not cure the vibration.
    One dealership installed new half shafts. nope.
    They say the torque converter is fine.
    They also say that even though the car is under warranty still, they can't fix it because they can't find it.

    So, here's exactly how the vibration happens....
    Once in a while (not all the time) when driving on a smooth road, you can feel the steering wheel start to shake and then go away. Also, sometime, you can feel a shake start to happen when taking off from a stop light and then it goes away. Once in a while a very faint clunk along with the vibration near slow speeds at stop lights. But, nobody can diagnose this! I'm STUMPED and NEED YOUR EXPERTISE!!!

    Any ideas???

  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    See this post for an explanation of my saga similar to yours.

  • I was thinking about buying a 1976 bonneville from a family friend. He is the orginal owner and it has 61,000 original miles on it. It looks like it just came off the show room floor. He siad to just make him a fair offer on it. I have no idea what a fair price for it would be. I have been searching all over the internet looking for some sort of idea on what to give him for it. Even on here the used car search thing only goes back to 1980. So if anyone out there could give me and Idea on how much to offer him for his bonneville I would be one happy lady. Oh and its a four door, but i can't remeber if its a hardtop or the other model. Didn't know if that would change the price or not.
  • My temperature gauge seems to have twisted in the dash. It will not go back to zero and it goes to the far right when the car is running. As it is not overheating, is it possible that there may be a loose connection somewhere? I just had the front end alignment done and this started on the way home from the dealer. Thanks.
  • Yes, Its the sender. It is located just above the oil filter. I used some channel locks and unscrewed it. Pipe thread tape for install. $25 at Autozone.
    Good luck
  • sse1sse1 Posts: 1
    This car had been setting for over a year. Fuel filter was almost completely restricted.New one installed but very little fuel going to the engine. Car has 3/4 of fuel in the tank.Could the fuel have varnished the pump so bad that it might be ruined? it was sitting on a downward incline with the car facing forward.You can hear the pump relay clicking but not much noise from the pump.You can hear a slight whine in the trunk area.{trunk open} Car will fire with ether but no fuel delivery.How loud should the fuel pump be when working properly? :sick:
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Has anyone ever replaced the heater element in the front seats by oneself?

  • kinder420kinder420 Posts: 1
    My 94 bonneville's break light is on and will not stop chimming even when i drive. i took it into the shop and they said there was a tail light out and other than that my breaks seemed to be fine. the technician told me it may be an electrical problem and i was just wondering what i could do about it or can do anything myself
  • gyromite7gyromite7 Posts: 1
    My 2000 Bonneville had a spring fail on the E-brake, so you have to actually pull up on the emergency brake pedal (after disengaging the brake first) to get the brake light to go out.
  • My 2000 SSEi has the same thing, I think the steering gear has play in it, My car also makes a moan turning the wheel right in parking. Also clunking in the steering shaft, That has been replaced 2 times.
  • coblurcoblur Posts: 4
    Hey Guys, I just found an awesome 97 SSEI. 76,000 miles, nicely loaded , leather. I got the car after it sat abandoned for 5 years. A battery, tires and condenser and it's a sweet ride!
    The problems I have are minor, I can't figure out how to switch the heads up to MPH instead on KPH. When I open the sun roof, I have to give it a shove or it makes a "rat a tat noise" and stays shut, the shove gets it moving and it opens and closes fine. I also can't get the lights to go off any sooner than 3 minutes. I have turned the "twilight sentinel" to min, but it makes no difference.
    I'm also trying find ways to get the correct fobs for the factory car starter and doors, all I got with the car was a single ignition key. I've seen the programmable fobs on e-bay for the door. Any help would be GREAT!
  • Hi - you probably had this fixed long ago and have an answer but just in case; there are two main reasons why the emergency brake light comes on and does not go out. If the brake is not released all the way naturally is one issue. If the pedal is all the way out then there is potentially an issue with the emergency brake indicator switch. However, this switch identifies when the emergency brake pedal is depressed - if this switch is broken, it will not show the emergency brake is on so a defective switch most likely is not the answer. The other reason is from a leak in the master cylinder which may not be as noticeable. If the system detects a leak, the emergency brake light will stay on and chime. Sorry I could not respond earlier as I just now joined this site. Hope all is running well now.
  • We have one of each, a 2002 Bonneville SSEI and a 2003 Buick LeSabre LTD
    and like the Bonneville best. It gets 30 highway mpg instead of the 27 I get in the LeSabre. BUT the chrome wheels on the Bonnevilles sometimes are a problem. Our old Bonn. (98) had some leaky wheels even though we had the rims redone and rebalanced... the alum and chrome sometimes get eaten up by salt, etc. and you get tires that have a slow leak.
    The engines on both these cars are the same, I'm not sure why the superchgd
    Bonne gets better mileage. The LeS. does have more gauging, I can see instantly
    what my mileage is under various conditions. But as for comfort, the Bonneville is unsurpassed, roomy cushy seats. Make sure you get a sunroof, though, because it adds so much light to the interior, makes the car a joy winter and summer.
    I have 85000 miles on the LeSabre, we just bought the 02 Bonne with 94000 miles on it but mint condition knock on wood (a kid car purchase for us) and our old Bonne was totalled, still ran beautifully winter and summer with 167000 miles on it. We would have fixed it but all the airbags went off, so not possible or feasible. I almost cried. I loved that car better than some dogs I have had.
  • arehmarehm Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 SSEi after changing the oil the dash still tells me it needs a change. I push the reset button but it still says needs change after restarting the car. Any one know how to reset the dash?
  • pkgguypkgguy Posts: 2
    Press and hold reset for about 10 seconds. Same for any other reset.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    After 7 years of service, I bid goodbye to my 02 Bonneville SLE.

    Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, the repair bills have been increasing steadily. At first, I thought that although big-ticket items had broken down, having new ones meant that the car could be in service for a few good years. I was slow to recognize that it was just the beginning of a series of increasingly more expensive break-downs, and eventually I had to draw the line. After the last major repair - involving yet again the intake manifold, though fixed "for free" if I did a tune-up (I smell a shadow recall by GM, since it's been replaced as part of a recall some 3 or 4 years ago) - I traded it in before something else would break on me.

    I now drive an used 06 Acura TL. It's not as roomy wide-wise, but comparably roomy length-wise. It's much more powerful and poised and quite more richly finished and trimmed. As a matter of fact, it's the first non-American car I've ever had. Ever since GM and Chrysler don't have to make products anymore, just give the White House a ring, I refuse to support this automotive Kabuki theater.

    And I have to say that as far as first impressions go, the TL is in another league. Truly, the Bonneville seems antediluvian in comparison. It had a good chassis, but its contents were cheapened as much as possible, from the wheezing V6 to the lackadaisical assembly. In hindsight I think that I should've checked the competition sooner.

    Yet, it was a good drive while it lasted. May its next owner enjoy it for many years.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,048
    >Ever since GM and Chrysler don't have to make products anymore, just give the White House a ring, I refuse to support this automotive Kabuki theater.

    That sounds like your own personal political opinion. I have one that differs. Such as the car brand you're driving is partly responsible for the demise of the US auto market by being allowed favored treatment through the decades.

    I don't keep track of models, but Hondas that are gussied up are given an Acura name although they are basically an Accord or Civic with extras. Yes, I know. The fellow and wife across the road have had several from a Integra(?), Legend, 3.5RLs (two), and a newer RL with Super drive or something like that which is his newest. He currently owns three out of the above list.

    Then there's the VCM problems on Accords and the transmission problems on the Odysseys (as well as other Honda models through the recent years).

    Speaking of cheapened I shopped the Honda dealer sitting in Accords of the previous era a couple winters back. The Civic SI had a nicer interior feel than the Accords. Plus I was reading recently about people having lint problems with it sticking badly to the seat surface (same type of quality lack I had noticed).

    As for wheezing V6, my two give 31-38 mpg rolling on the interstate or normal glacial plain open highways. That is sans the warmup mileage. That V6 gives lots of torque through a well-calibrated 4-speed transmission. I do not road race although I would win some drag races from stoplights with the motor but I don't drive my car that way. :sick:

    >lackadaisical assembly.

    "adj. Lacking spirit, liveliness, or interest; languid:" (
    I don't know how you can tell the mood of the workers while assembling your car.

    If quality of assembly (rather than quality of materials assembled) is your meaning, I find my two leSabres to suit me just fine. They were well-assembled machines when delivered new to order. :)

    Please just go enjoy your TL (good luck with the automatic transmission, if you have one) and then tell those folks your complaints about your TL. :shades:
  • my dad gave me a 1966 bonneville when he past. i was told that there are only 3 ever maid from the factory with a 4 speed on the floor. i believe that it is a Muntzy Rock Crusher. I know dont really know anything about the car. he had it special ordered. the VIN is 262376p244962. can ANYONE tell me ANYTHING about it.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,048
    You might do better fishing for some info on some fan oriented Pontiac websites. I remember the big deal about having the Muncie 4-speed transmissions. I believe the gears were closer together in the transmissions--were they made by Warner in Muncie IN and hence the name?

    I don't know what area of the country you're in, but some cruise-ins may have people attending who know how to find what you're after. Corvette club members may also be aware of the type of info about older cars.

    Good luck with the car.
  • scscarsscscars Posts: 92
    Look for a classic Pontiac, Firebird/GTO or Camaro/Chevelle SS/Olds 442 club in your area for more info on this transmission. The Muncie "Rock Crusher" tranny could be had in many different GM cars back in the day. However, you may be right about your Bonneville with this tranny being very rare. Most of the cars that I remember having this set-up were GM's "pony" cars or their mid-size muscle cars. Of the large GM cars that may have had this transmission, you might find it in some Impala SS models, Buick Wildcats, and perhaps a few Bonneville 2+2s as well. Good luck!
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