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Pontiac Bonneville



  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    They're useful to me when I back out of a tight space next to a concrete median. Helps reduce tire-scuffing! It actually works quite well if you do use your mirrors to parallel park. I do, but I don't parallel park that often. I still leave the feature on though.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Pontiac keeps quoting sales figures breakdowns of 65% for SE's and the balance roughly equally split between SLE's and SSEi's. If that's how the 60,000 sales went in 2000, then we're looking at:

    SE - 39,000
    SLE - 10,500
    SSEi - 10,500

    Given that Canada usually accounts for 10% of those figures and other exports account for another 5%, you can probably count on less than 10,000 of each of the SLE and SSEi sold in the States.

    Personally, I have only seen one other SLE (besides mine, that is) and, if this forum is any indication, then perhaps SSEi's actually outnumber SLE's.

    No word on how sales are going in 2001.

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Just read the 2000 auto issue (April). Boy, they do seem to like the Bonneville - giving it +ve marks for reliability and customer satisfaction but a black mark for depreciation. And an overall recommendation! Add that distinction to the others it has already racked up:
    "best pick" in the IIHS offset crash tests (large family sedan)
    5&4 star NHTSA crash test ratings
    Intellichoice's (JD Power) "Complete Car Cost Guide Best Overall Value of the Year" among large sedans for 2000.

    Guys, we chose well. The only mystery that remains is why Pontiac doesn't (can't) sell more of them. I think lack of advertising, high sticker prices and competition from the Grand Prix are high on the list of explanations.


    P.S. If Prado is Connolly's cousin, they are distant cousins - perhaps thrice removed. I've been treating the leather to give it a softer, "kid-glove" like texture and it is getting better.
  • refinerrefiner Posts: 59
    Intense hows the torque steer? Just with the mods I've made I noticed a increase. By the way did your boost psi decrease when you put on the headers? I'm still waiting on my stage II MAF. Its been over 2 months now. Got my rear sway bar and end links. Going to put them on tommorrow. I've got a 2000 SSEi black with chrome wheels. sunroof and heated seats.
  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    I still drive my SSEi every single day. There's nothing more fun than running into a punk in a Mustang GT. I'm to the point where most stock Mustangs (except Cobras) don't really have a fair chance...

    Yesterday, I stayed dead even throughout first gear with my girlfriend in her stock 2000 Ram Air Trans Am. She was mighty surprised, but informed me that she can't be having any 4-door FWD V6 keeping up with her. So as soon as I hit thirteens in the SSEi, I'll have to start bolting some fun parts on her car...

    My boost gauge has been pegged since last summer when I first put on the 3.25" pulley, so I can't be sure exactly what happened with my boost. Here are my best guesses:

    Stock - max of 5.75 pounds (measured)

    3.5" Pulley - max of 8.5 pounds (measured)

    3.25" Pulley - max > 10.0 pounds (according to dashboard gauge)

    Last Round of Mods - max of 13.0 pounds (measured)
    Without the special cylinder head work, and a completely free-flowing exhaust system, I would guess my boost would be in the 16.0 psi range right now.

    My next step will be a step backward to the 3.25" pulley. I think 10 - 12 psi will probably be the right number for me.

    Regarding Torque Steer, I only feel it when the tires are breaking loose. This is only an issue at WOT under 40 mph, and during the 1-2 shift when the tires break loose. I've got some mighty sticky tires which I believe help out considerably. My philosophy is to keep both hands on the steering wheel under full throttle...

  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    This thread seems to deal more with modding the newer SSEi's, but I figured I'd bounce this question off you guys anyhow. My Grandma's 1992 SSE got to where it almost wouldn't stop, the front end floated enough that it made a Town Car look like a Vette, and it pulld to the right when you hit the brakes. I got the car up on blocks, and started looking, and the sway bar had come completely loose on the right, and two of the rubber bushings on the bolt holding the left side dwon were gone. Replaced all the bolts, spacers, warshers, bushings, ect on the sway bar ends, and it calmed the front end down to levels you'd expect from a Bonneville. The brakes gave me another problem though. When the brakes were pumped up and held, and I opened the bleeder screw, brake fluid barely oozed out on the right, shot out hard on the left. New right side caliper and the problem's solved, right? Wrong. It stops a lot better, but is still way below what it's supposed to be. No problems with ABS or parking brake, it just doesn't have the brakes it once did. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong. I can't afford the time or money to go throwing parts at it in hopes of randomly fixing my problem.
  • Hi everyone, I enjoy reading all the postings and I guess I should add to the list, especially since I don't see anybody with my particular car: 2000 SLE in Maple Red with pewter leather. I bought it in July, 00, trading in my '93 SE. It has 9700 miles. It's a great car and when I see it freshly washed I feel like that guy in the KIA commercial ("Yes, that IS my car, isn't it!). When I first looked at new Bonnevilles, I thought I would go with the black color but once I saw a red one my decision was made.

    I wanted to relate one thing I discovered during this long Minneapolis winter. One night after we got 8 or 9 inches of snow dumped on us,I got stuck in a rut in my alley. I got a couple of neighbors to help push but the Bonnie wouldn't budge until AFTER I disengaged the traction control. Then I could "rock" it out with little problem, in fact I don't think I even would have needed anyone to push. Maybe this is only logical but I haven't read much about the traction control. I don't recall ever getting stuck in my '93.

    Looking forward to some great (Spring) Bonnie-driving weather....
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Welcome jhgoodman (gawd, me wonders how many lurkers we get here). I think your maple red SLE is a real looker. In fact, I said as much back my post #764 where I posted a pic of same. I've never actually seen one up close in red but I've seen the same colour on other cars and man, it is rich.

    Anyway, traction control dramatically improves your ability to move and to move straighter when one or more of your wheels loses traction. But it absolutely sucks out loud when you're at a dead stop in an icy rut - it doesn't allow you to rock! It's a pity that your sales rep. didn't walk you through that when you bought it (of course, who'd be thinking of that when you buy in July)?

    On that subject, Please Please Please somebody bring an end to this winter!!!!

    the (well-named) iceman

  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    Has anyone heard why GM couldn't/hasn't linked the DIC to the diagnostics in the OBDII? It would seem that there would be zero hardware cost and only a minor amount of programming to have the DIC display a diagnostic code and the couple of words that go with it. While these cars are new, it is pretty much a non issue but later on, dealers and mechanics charge a nice sum to hook up the computer to spit out the codes. With the DIC, you would think that this could be done for next to nothing. In today's world, many people wouldn't know what to do with the information, but some of us would understand a reading of the code rather than a generic "check engine" light.
    Smfran, I see you received your sway bars. You've inspired me to e-mail Saner as soon as I get off of this site and see where mine are.
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Thanks for the numbers on the Bonneville. How about some comparative figures? How does it compare to the competition like 300M, LHS, Buick Ultra, etc.?
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    In the sales brochure it calls the leather "Connolly". I've also seen the term "Prado" used, but can't remember where. Any clues iceman?
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Welcome to the forum! I see Maple Red Bonnevilles more frequently than any other color around New England. It certainly is a super color and you have a great automobile there in every way. Best wishes for many enjoyable miles of Bonnie pleasure!

    Please don't be a stranger here - keep us updated on your driving experiences.

  • h101h101 Posts: 62
    Hi from Wisconsin everyone,

    Black, gray interior, chrome wheels, heated seats, no sun roof, no front plate, delivered in January, 2000. Has 13,500 miles and has never been back to the shop except for oil (Mobil One) changes. No squeaks or rattles and she flies.

    Smfran- I've been lurking, just haven't had much to say. The Vette is running great, just got back from Florida (dodging snow and ice all the way down and back). Oh, and you guys haven't seen bad cup holders until you've experienced the cup holder (yes... one) on the latest generation Corvette... but then we all have to make sacrifices, huh? :-)

    Bill Shelton
    Madison, WI
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Glad to see you are still here. Your Bonnie and mine are the same except we are required in Mass. to have a front plate, and I have about 10,000 more miles than you. My Bonnie will be one year old on May 8th.
    Another advantage of the Bonneville over the Vette is the luggage space. You probably couldn't pack much more than your Speedo!:-) But maybe that's a good thing!!
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Bill - the March Madness that everyone talks about is the cabin fever that sets in about this time of year in the Northeast - looking out at muddy, soggy terrain with dirty piles of snow here and there, flooding basements from too much rain after too much snow. YOU LUCKY GUY - would love to have been catching Spring Training these last few weeks instead of shoveling roofs!

    Got your SSEi on my growing list here - thanks

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Stephen: thanks for your Connolly lineage reference. I subsequently did an internet search and discovered references to "Connolly Prado leather" but only for the Bonneville. A search on GM's and Pontiac's sites for "Connolly Prado" yielded nothing but separate searches for "Connolly" and "Prado" on Pontiac's site yielded hits for Firebird (Prado only) and the Bonneville (Connolly only). Confusing but I think the lineage is established. With Connolly's reputation for top-quality leather, why the confused messages? C'mon Pontiac, get it right!

    GM Car Sales for 2000 by model:
    Century - 143,085
    LeSabre - 148,663
    Regal - 65,167
    Park Avenue - 47,669
    Riviera - 58 (didn't know there were any left)
    Catera - 17,290
    DeVille - 105,694 (not too shabby!)
    Eldorado - 13,289
    Seville - 29,535
    Camaro - 42,131
    Cavalier - 236,803
    Corvette - 31,208 (speedo not incl.)
    Impala - 174,358
    Lumina - 46,753
    Malibu - 207,376
    Metro - 33,878
    Monte Carlo - 66,364
    Prizm - 52,116
    Alero - 122,722
    Aurora - 28,250
    Cutlass - 1,243 (ditto the Riv)
    88 - 477
    Intrigue - 64,109
    Bonneville - 65,606
    Firebird - 31,013
    Grand Am - 214,923
    Grand Prix - 148,521
    Sunfire - 82,364
    L - 94,034
    S - 177,355

    Selected Chrysler cars (2000 volumes)
    Concord - 50,206
    300M - 50,682
    LHS - 20,982
    Intrepid - 143,840

    hope this gives y'all something to chew on

  • kzmkzm Posts: 55
    Yes folks, I have an 00' Black SSEi with pinstripe, heated seats, sunroof, Lebra front end cover and just received Jet PCM that I need help to install. I'm planning on getting a smaller pulley from Thrasher but I'm taking things one step at a time. I'm a newbie when it comes to engine mods. I got my "bat mobile" in Feb with 6700 miles after trading in my 97 Black SSEi with a cone air filter, not K&N but so nice, the dealership that I traded the car in to wouldn't give me the filter back when I asked for it! I'm envious of all the Grand Prix sites out there and they even have a Grand Am store now! Where's the justice in that! We're treated like step children! I would love to be able to get a ram air hood like those two cars have! Just imagine how nice our cars would look with that kind of add-on! Anyway I was hanging back enjoying the posts, and hope to be able to join in every once in awhile!

    Kevin in NJ
    00' Black SSEi
    92' Green SE
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    The list of participants and cars is growing and I'd like to fill in some blanks. Would each of you mind providing the following data?

    Missing color: MartyB4, derrick080, whogault, mlm4, mrobinson3

    Missing year: ezrapon, mrobinson3

    Missing model: Jakec1

    So far I've recorded 24 participating Bonneville owners and 14 are lucky SSEi guys. I have 4 SLEs on record and just 2 of us lowly SE owners. There are 4 for which i have no data.

    Have no info: caludencias, jashou, blk2001, snickle

    Thanks for the inputs everyone - I hope the list continues to grow.

    Bonnie Monday to all

  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Is used by Jaguar, and I beleive it's also used by Rolls Royce. Prado, I've never heard of....
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I think that's our point - GM alternately uses "Connolly Prado" and "Prado" for the leather in the Bonneville. Even Edmunds uses the term "Connolly Prado" in its review of 2001 Bonnevilles. It certainly leaves the impression that this is a grade of leather obtained from Connolly (the famed tannery responsible for the hides in Jags, RR's, Ferrari, Masserati, and even - gulp - Volvo) but it also leaves some doubts. But, if there was any doubt in any of our minds, check these out: Detroit News: British firm moves into Highland Park, Detroit News: Suppliers join to make leather, and Atlantic Crossing

    I think we can put this one to rest - gentlemen, our butts are planted on leather with Jaguar lineage. As far for driving naked to experience the true charms of Connolly leather (as the last article suggests), I think I would personally wait for warmer weather.


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