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Pontiac Bonneville



  • h101h101 Posts: 62
    I find the comments on paint and panel fit interesting. My black, 2000 SSEi, built in Dec '99 is really flawless. All the seams are uniform and no orange peel anywhere on the car. I wonder what causes the variance. The paint variance isn't limited to Bonnevilles, my '98 black Vette has flawless paint and I have seen other '98 black Vettes with orange peel.
  • zzahhzzahh Posts: 47
    I can't help it. I am still smiling, after stopping laughing my rear end off. I pick up a nail or some damn thing in the right front tire. Change to the space saver spare, take the tire home, locate the leak, and have to drive to the local auto store for a repair kit, etc.

    Does anyone have any idea how easy it is to absolutely melt and smoke and scream, and spin, and did I mention melt and smoke that ugly little space saver doughnut right off the rim........

    LMAO still....... I know, I need to grow up.... NOT!
  • refinerrefiner Posts: 59
    There's no comparison. I have the coolant with my coffee.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    sweeter than napalm that's for sure....
  • jim237jim237 Posts: 10
    Having orange peel in these days on a new car is definitley grounds for a new paint job. Make the dealer re paint or order another car. My light bronze mist is flawless as it should be. Would you believe back in the 60's-70's at car shows that were specialized judged events if your car DID NOT have the correct amount of orange peel,points were actually deducted from your score. If you had "Smooth" paint you were not correct because none of the car manufactures at that time produced cars that were free from some orange peel and other paint defects. For those of you that are not famailar with this term, just pick up a orange, look at it and imagine your paint surface looking like that .
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Yes, the Pontiac Bonneville Problems discussion could be linked to the Bonneville Owners Club in the same manner that this one can be. I don't see why an archived discussion couldn't be linked as well - I'll ask Karen. Obviously it would just be for reference, since it would not be open for new posts.

    And you could certainly ask Karen to create a discussion that would contain only links posted by the members - this would be a way to keep them all in one place and provide easy reference. But, this would still be in the same discussion-containing-sequential-posts form that Town Hall offers, not really a separate web-page.

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  • rb8225rb8225 Posts: 33
    Hi All!

    I've been lurking this message board for the last month or so while I waited for the right time to get my new car. I really enjoy reading the posts. I had some (small) temptation to get a 300M, but the comments in this forum killed any lingering doubt about staying the Bonneville course. (# 4 so far)
    Last Thursday I picked up my Light Bronzemist SSEi; bun warmers, chrome wheels. Very nice looking. My original choice was a Black/DKPewter combo, but I couldn't find one on a dealer lot without the sunroof, and I couldn't tolerate the lost headroom. I almost didn't get this one either, because it had chrome wheels and I didn't want to pay the extra $$$. But, I guess the dealer wanted to get an extra sale in before the month-end. When I said I would wait, he made a counter-offer and I accepted. Thanks to Edmunds pricing info (big thanks!) I actually got this car at a little less than dealer invoice, and the $1000 cash incentive to boot!

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Welcome aboard. I think most of us would have been happy driving the 300M but, you obvious agree that your SSEi was the right choice.

    You say #4 - tell us about the others. We're listening.

  • bigred00bigred00 Posts: 13
    My red maple, 2000 SSEi with s/r and heaters passed the one year/25,000 mile mark yesterday. Some comments: Overall,I am happy with the car, and aside from one small problem that was easily remedied after two visits to the dealer, it has been the most trouble-free new GM car I have ever owned (the first/worst was an '81 Phoenix and the most recent a '92 SSE). Still,like some other posters here, I can't help but wonder what the engineers/bean counters were thinking when they made some of the design decisions. Primarily on the interior. There are just too many little quirks that keep me from calling this a truly great car... especially for the price. If I were to receive a customer satisfaction questionnaire from GM...I would complain about:

    (1)the steering wheel-hidden odometer;
    (2)complicated base wheel design, that makes for difficult cleaning(didn't like chrome on nice optional wheels);
    (3)the cup and half holder(speaks volumes);
    (4)lack of headlight washers(even the '92 had em);
    (4)too flat "buckets";
    (5)over-hyped sound system(I've had 901's since '77 but I've never met a Bose car audio system that I've liked;
    (6)the HVAC system that ultimately ends up blowing cold air even when its set on 70 plus in the middle of a CNY winter;
    (7)slightly too soft suspension(I swear the '92 cornered flatter);
    (8)and last but not least, "there's a glove box?"

    The '92 SSE I had seemed to keep me in the poor house with repeat repairs, but the engine ran great(165K), was super comfortable, handled beautifully, and had a great stereo. It was also green, which, though fresh in '92, became unavoidable by Y2K.

    Did I say I'm happy with the 2000 SSEi? Love the color, looks, room, ride, safety, comments, heaters, perforated leather, s/r, power, etc. If I decide to keep this car long-term, I may have to shop Saner
    and find some different wheels. About that TL-S...
  • rb8225rb8225 Posts: 33
    Thanks for the welcome, Iceman.

    I am lucky enough to work for a company that has a very liberal company car policy. We used to get paid for using our own cars, but then they switched to having us lease cars. At first, we had a choice of 3: a Taurus, a Nissan something-or-other, or the Bonneville. My first was a gray '92 Bonneville SE. I bought it at the end of the lease, and my son is still driving it, with about 160K miles on it now.
    In '95, we had the same 3 choices, but they decided we could kick in some extra $$ of our own and upgrade the base car, so I got a red SE with the Sport Luxury option. It was really nice. Just before it was to go off lease, the engine threw a main bearing, and it was toast. It wasn't worth buying out and putting in about $4500 for a new engine, so it went back to the lease company. My daughter hasn't forgiven me yet; she had her eye on that one.
    So, to replace that one I got a '98 SLE, Dark Cherry. It's been a real good car with no problems except the radio quitting at 35K miles. GM replaced it under warranty.
    The 3 year lease on that one was up in March, and so I started to think about what to replace it with. Our company has opened up the choices of cars. As I said, I was considering the 300M, but I really like the style of the new Bonneville. My boss at work just got a 300M with the luxury option package, and I have to admit it is really a nice car. But, it seems to be more of a luxury kind of car. Pontiac says that SSEi has 'Luxury, with Attitude'. But, compared to the 300M, I would describe the SSEi as "Attitude, with Luxury'. I like that better. The boss boasts that the 300M has more HP (253), but I guess we will have to get out on I-75 and see what's-what. (That is, after I have my final court appearance for the ticket I currently have under advisement. Ooops! Not a good role model for the two kids !). I'm still waiting to find out the buyout price on that one to see if I want to keep it or not.
    Anyway, this time I decided to upgrade all the way to the SSEi. I was going to order it thru the lease company, but when I found out we could buy off the dealer's lot, my impatience got the best of me. And, as I said earlier, I got a good deal, so I broke out the checkbook. This one will definitely be a keeper after the lease runs out!

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Welcome - I'm also a repeat Bonneville owner (5). I really am enjoying my 2000 SSEi. Obviously I have enjoyed them all or I wouldn't be so loyal. My partner has a 300M and also likes it. I like his interior and the higher quality leather but, his car is a dime a dozen and doesn't have that GM feeling. Besides the low quality leather, my fit and finish are good. I understand what people are saying about the paint quality. Mine could be better but is acceptable.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Mark and Robin - good to hear from both of you!

    Mark - sounds like a great Maple Red SSEi you have there. You mention CNY - is that Central New York State? And what color is your interior? I'm compiling a list of forum participants and would like to get your data down here.

    Robin - I've seen a few Bonnevilles in your color - in fact someone nearby me here has that color SE - saw it twice this weekend - same model as mine and only second I've seen in the area. Mine is the 2000 Spruce Green - a color I've not seen on any other Bonneville yet (not offered this year I hear).

    There just aren't very many Bonnevilles around here - to see another SE is great.

    Have a great evening all - catch you tomorrow.

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    My brother in law (a car guy for sure) was over yesterday afternoon and he asked after the Bonnie. We ended up in the garage with the key in the ignition (discussing the DIC). With the engine off, we heard a electrical motor type sound from the rear of the car. I had heard it before and it concerned me so I said to him (like a complete doofus) "yeah, I'll have to get that checked out.." He throws me one of those looks - "why isn't it working properly?" He then proceeds to tell me about the auto load leveller, how it uses an air compressor, etc. etc. Okay, I knew the Bonneville had one but I hadn't put 2 and 2 together. Question for you car guys: is this a common feature on large cars and exactly how does it work?

  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Ice - I don't know about its being common in large cars, but I do believe I know how it works. It senses the weight in the trunk and adjusts the rear suspension accordingly. This way, when you are loaded up, the rear end isn't dipping down.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Iceman - like you, I have been aware that the load leveling feature is present but have not had opportunity to utilize it - usually only kids in the back seat and have carried no loads in the trunk yet - that's what our Suburban is for. I have had a couple Caddies with this feature and it has always worked well - especially if you load up for a trip and then see the car return to a nice level stance - none of this sagging tail, nonsense that was common in days past.

    Thank you Pontiac

  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    This feature is becoming standard on more and more GM vehicles. Even some of the trucks have it now. The way it works on the Bonne is there is an articulating arm attached between the vehicle chassis and the rear lower support arm (I don't remember if it is the right or left one). When the car is loaded, the motion of the arm trips a switch which causes the air compressor to pump air into the rear shocks to raise the vehicle until it is level again. Likewise, when the load is removed, the rear of the car will be high and trip another switch which opens an exhaust valve to purge air from the accumulator (and thus the shocks).

    When you first start the car, after 30 seconds, the leveling system goes through a purge cycle to "recalibrate" (replenish any air that has leaked out while the car was sitting). This may be the noise you hear.

    There is also an electric motor hum for a second or so just after the ignition key is turned to ON; this is the fuel pump pressurizing the system for starting. These high-tech cars create lots of clicks and whirs and hums!
  • Hi,
    I have been lurking in this forum about 6 months. I must say it is a lot of fun to be able to listen to people and discuss my car with people who love it like it was their own each and every day. I seen Bonnie on Car and Driver TV when it was just out and knew that one day I would have to have one. I never thought it would be so soon. I went to the dealer to "look" and as I sat in the chair waiting to be approved I thought never in a million years would I be. It was my easy out. OOOPS. Here I am with a 600 dollar a month car payment and "Kimberly", that's her name.
    I have a 2000 SSEi black\gray interior with the 17" chrome tri-bar wheels. It has two 15" Memphis HP subs with 1200 watts running through them, and a Neo 35 with 400 CD's /6000 songs on it. 20% window tint, orange underbody, wheel well neons, custom pinstrip red and orange with a 2" high Pontiac stencil on the rear quarter.

    I have heard a few complaints about orange peel and had assumed that since the car was black there was just some peel that had to be tolerated. The keyless entry range goes to inches sometimes and I know that I will never have a black car again. More later .... Websense is about to cut me off.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    That's a very interesting site you have there - to say nothing of a very interesting Bonneville.

    Do you have side pics of Kimberly to post? The front shot is dramatic - red PONTIAC plate, red and orange stripe - you certainly win the prize for most unique SSEi here! BTW - out of curiosity, where do you live?

    Thanks for posting - we look forward to hearing and seeing more!

  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    Just missed a few days (oops!). Back in the fold now...:)

    That little story you had around post 1052 was really sweet and I enjoyed that.

    Frog, RB8225, and Bigred00,
    Welcome, welcome, welcome! Good to have more owners on board!

    By the way, today is LeSabre Day for me. Took my Bonnie into the shop for an oil change/headliner repair (bought the car with a slightly loose headliner around the astroroof and was so excited that I haven't brought it back for 6 months!).

    Oh, quick anecdote:
    Two days ago around 10:00PM, I was cycling through the DIC at the gas station to recalibrate my compass to my magnetic zone (so sue me, I was bored), then I remembered that I had to drive in large circles several times. I didn't really want to ram gas pumps, so I drove to a local mall which is about an inch from closing shop (about 2 anchor stores out of five, dollar stores everywhere, you know what I mean) and started driving in the lot.

    Wouldn't you know that the security guard just woke up and had to check this out? He tottled over in this lil' Tacoma pickup with his orange gumball light and asked me what I was doing. I said I was recalibrating my compass. I guess he either A) beleived me or B) considered me so crazy that he'd get away as fast has he could. After he started driving away, I drove in circles again until the compass calibrated.

    Only in a Bonnie...:)
  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    You are right Iceman - Even though I like to read all posts in one forum (discussion), I'd be willing to give the Owner's Club a chance. I just don't want to miss anything!
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