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Pontiac Bonneville



  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    The chrome wheels are an extra-cost option on the SLE and SSEi. I have the standard cross-lace aluminum wheels on my SSEi - see Post #2 in the Bonneville Photo Gallery.

    Vacation - what's that? (Actually, I'm taking the day off tomorrow - just one day - my first "official" vacation day this year. Wahoo! The rest begins in August. Is it August yet? ;-)
  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    I originally wanted the "lace" style wheels, but the car we found had the chrome wheel option. My wife convinced me that it looked better with our color to have the chrome rims. In hind sight I am glad we ended up with the chromes. I like the "flash" and they are much easier to keep clean than previous cars I have had with "lace: style wheels.

    I gues they have to grow on you a little.

    Which ever rim you end up with its still a great looking car.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I think the lace look better on some colours and the chrome on others - but it's a bit of a toss-up because they're both fine. I like the chrome on black, blue and white and the lace on the others. Any other opinions?
  • bigred00bigred00 Posts: 13
    I have the lace wheels and they are a major pain are a pain to clean (it takes longer to clean the wheels than it does to wash the whole car), but I thought the chrome wheels looked too gaudy. You would think Pontiac would have given one the choice to have the optional wheels without the chrome. Pontiac marketing schemes never cease to amaze me.
  • skyhawk3skyhawk3 Posts: 42
    My wife and I preferred the lace wheels over the chrome. Personal preference, it makes the world go round. I have the light bronze mist body color and the wheels look good with that color.
    It also comes down to what I am willing to spend money on. I have never paid for other than standard wheels unless I buy off the lot. I prefer to put more comfort options inside the vehicle.
  • I actually got to park next to an SSEi, silver, at the "personal performance fuel refilling location" (liquor store) last night and he/she had the chrome swirl rims - BUT - the centre's were different than mine. It kind og looked like a large chrome nut molded onto it, and a tiny Pontiac logo in the centre.
    Mine (2000) has the centre area all flat with the larger black circle and logo in it.

    Is this a way to tell the 2000 from the 2001?

    I couldnt wait any longer for the owner to come out -
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    you got it - one of a handful of (subtle) ways to tell them apart.
  • do tell - i didnt hang around the showrooms when they came out - -how can i spot them ?
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    For help in identifying 2000's from 2001's, check out mlm4's fine H Platform Enthusiast Site. He left out one though - the On*Star was a mid-'00 addition - and there was no delete on the SSEi. If you see an SSEi and it doesn't have On*Star, it's a '00.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    My vote goes to the chrome wheels just on looks and the above mentioned cleaning aspect of the lace alums. I wonder though, how do they stand up to winters in the Northeast with salt and gravel on the roads. I'd definitely have a set of winter rims if I had those chromes.

    Of course my SE model has neither of the above - it has the basic 5 spoke aluminum wheels that look decent and are a breeze to keep clean. Fine for me right now.

  • Mine have seen two winters and are in excellent - -not showroom shape.

    regluar cleaning, the occasional use of metal polish and protectant wax and thats the part of my car that i let my daughter do when i zaino it.
    the water just runs off and then its a light cloth cleaning to sparkle them
  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    Some early 2001's (like mine) have the older center caps with the carbon fiber look. When we were travelling around the local dealerships, checking out colors for 2001's, some would have all chrome centers and some would have the others.

    I am eager to see what changes they have for 2002.

    Maybe a new cup holder?
  • how about one that actually holds 2 containers of fluid.
    i miss my last bonne - SE, with 60/40 split front seat and fold down armrest - two popout holders could manage almost anything - as long as it wasnt very heavy

    why , oh why wont they build one that can handle two big gulps with ease ?
  • Ill post this here, instead of the mods section. . .

    does anyone have an online store they can point me to for buying modification components for our cars. Ive been to the site , and its pretty good - but im more comfortable knowing the parts are intended for my car, and not guessing they should fit.

    im looking for a pulley, gatorback belt and new lower t-stat to start.

    ive got a tentative appointment with a guy who services the GP's in Toronto area for the install in 2 weeks.

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    The other day, I had the a/c on and my wife was complaining about the cold. "Adjust your temperature then, dear". She did. I had mine set at 21°C (about 70°F) and she notched hers up to 26°C (about 80°F). Pretty soon, she was complaining about the "hot" air. It was 30°C outside. I verified that, in fact, both the heater and the a/c were on simultaneously and blowing accordingly treated air into the cabin. Neat - well, sort of.... I changed the settings right away and her air returned to a saner temperature.

    I share this with you because I had heard complaints about GM's dual zones only allowing a 5°F difference between driver and passenger and that the a/c and heater could not come on simultaneously. I suspect that might be the case with the lesser systems - like those in the Century, Regal, Grand Prix, etc. - but it certainly is not the case with our Bonnie's.
  • fantascpfantascp Posts: 175
    Hey Ken,
    if you get a chance, if you didn't already read it, check out Carpoint- consumer reviews 2000 bonneville- "REBUTTAL TO GENIUS BELOW'
    some CLOWN wrote about too much "Plastic Etc, Lousy gas mileage etc- sorry he/she got the car etc just before "REBUTTAL"
    Is he a signed CLUB MEMBER?- he should be!!!

    I personally believe that the "Plasticville Man/Women?doesn't own this car at all! Claims he/she own the car 2 years!- how can that be if the car wasn't available until around Aug/Sept-1999!!!!
    Also- my son has a Honda Accord- 4 cl- engine and is getting around 32 mpg- i'm getting around 25& 1/2 mpg highway-V6!!! where is that such a big difference that it can be argued that the Bonneville is lousy on gas?

    Enjoy your Summer,

  • scottnscscottnsc Posts: 4
    I have been using my Onstar personal calling in my Bonne, and I think it is one of the coolest features. I love to show it off to other 'gadget enthusiest' like me. (My wife says 'gadget geek', but what does she know?!?)

    Anyway, sometimes when I use the system it makes a LOUD electronic screeching sound. Has anyone else experienced this problem? The folks at Onstar say let the dealer replace the system, but I've heard that involves really tearing the car apart. I don't want to do that as I can't stand the thought of my 'baby' being torn apart.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas/suggustions.
  • skyhawk3skyhawk3 Posts: 42
    I occasionally get that screeching sound but the other end does not. Ocaasionally the person I'm calling gets the sound and I do not.
    My main gripe is that they assigned an area code from a another state than where I live and bought the car! Seven weeks ago, I was told that it would be corrected in three weeks. Still waiting.If I want to call my wife while she is in the car, I have to pay a toll charge.
    The e-mail part of virtual advisor is neat but eats up your units.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I saw that review just the other day - I, like you, cannot believe the writer owns one. Anybody who buys a car and as passionately hates its use of plastic has only himself to blame. I suspect this is another hater of Pontiac cladding who wanted to express him/herself. On the other hand, maybe he does own it - in which case, his car is equipped with one more dipstick than yours or mine.
  • murrajm5murrajm5 Posts: 1
    Where are some places besides Advance, NAPA, etc. that I can find some decent rotors. I am not really sure if I want to go slotted and/or drilled but want
    something of quality that has some kind of warranty against warping. I found that I can get some cheap ones from the above places with a two year
    warranty but I like the idea of buying something I can feel confident about. However, I do not really want to spend too much for them. Anyone have any
    experience purchasing some online and do those sites have prices?
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