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Pontiac Bonneville



  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    of course, the commercial was grossly exaggerated. There is no way SSEi would blow away a 300M like that.
  • Nope - didnt see the commercial - so I cant enter the debate based on that particular piece of "evidence".
    What did they show as far as smoking a 300?
    Did they mention numbers - or was it a visual?

    Sign me
  • kzmkzm Posts: 55
    Ruski -

    I admit, the whole peice was "eye candy". But, that's what gets people's attention. Also, it was thrilling to see Pontiac take on it's competition like that with a new advertisement, not one that's rehashed!

    Curious -

    I was too busy looking at the visuals, but Pontiac's website show the info that's I believe the commercial was aimed at:




    Recently, SSEi beat out some formidable rivals: Chrysler 300M, Lincoln LS, and even Lexus GS 300. Under strict testing procedures, SSEi outperformed the competition in key acceleration tests. * In simulated highway merging (0-60 mph sprints), SSEi showed them nothing but taillight. In everyday commuting (30-50 mph runs) and highway passing maneuvers (50-80 mph runs), SSEi left them in the slow lane. And in the all-out ¼-mile blast, SSEi finished ahead. In addition to outperforming the competition, SSEi trumps them in technology too. This Bonneville gives its drivers more standard technology that it's supposed rivals, with features such as supercharging, Stabilitrak stability enhancement system, Magnasteer, OnStar, and HUD (Head-Up Display). When it comes to cars in this class, the prestige is in the performance.


    * 2002 SSEi versus 2001 competitors."



      0-60mph 30-50mph 50-80mph 1/4 mile

    SSEi 7.64 sec 2.85 sec 7.38 sec 16.60 sec@ 89.2 mph

    300M 8.48 sec 3.30 sec 7.82 sec 17.10 sec @ 85.9 mph

    GS 300 8.39 sec 3.26 sec 7.65 sec 17.02 sec @ 86.4 mph

    LS V6 9.71 sec 3.75 sec 8.93 sec 18.09 sec @ 82.9 mph


    Here's the link:

    (Go Giants!)



  • Where did they get that number ?
    Did they have 4 people and camera gear in the car or what ?
    I have 3 time slips in front of me that show 14.7 and 2 14.8 1/4 miles ? Stock .

    Now i have to go read that article . . . . sheesh

  • Now I will have to watch TV non stop until I see the commercial....
  • My penance for not being a TV watcher.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Think I watched a show once at camp this summer - total waste of time! Now that I'm home and have cable - the Red Sox games will be available so I'll probably endure a few till the Playoff Series when I really get interested. I do love to see the car commercials - haven't been too many memorable ones in recent years. Hope Pontiac lights some fires and gets showrooms filled. Got to save this great car by making it visible and desirable.

  • That'll be a brief distraction. (not that I can do much talking - the Jays and the Expos are hardly late season threats these days)

    Glad to have you back with us Ken.
  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    With the events of today, anything that any of us writes about our cars is positively trivial in the big picture. Howevever, life can and will go on.
    I had a great trip from the Chicago area to Maine on August 29. Drove straight through in 17 hours and as usual, the Illinois/Indiana/Ohio/Pa/New York interstate sections were pretty boring although the scenery in eastern New York is pretty if you're driving during daylight. The good stuff came on the two lane roads in extreme eastern New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and of course, Maine. It was late at night and early in the morning so didn't get too many chances to pass but when I did, there was plenty there. The twisties were lots of fun and got 27.5 mpg over the 1065 miles.
    However, and a big however, the next day the Bonneville left our place on the back of a tow truck just as it had done this spring when it wouldn't start and the dealer replaced the ignition cylinder. I had pulled into our place and couldn't get the key out nor would it start. Called the local Chevrolet dealer who said call Pontiac so I called the 24 hour #. When I explained that I had a 2000 Bonneville, the person who answered the phone asked if it was a Chevrolet. Without going into all of the details, needless to say, it went downhill from there.
    This was the Friday before Labor Day so I didn't expect the dealer to drop everything. However, it wasn't until the following Thursday that the dealership it was towed to told me that the problem was a stretched shift cable, there was a service bulletin on it, and they couldn't get the parts. The next day they said they had the cable but that the bulletin required the cable to be rerouted using different bolts. They had the cable but couldn't get the bolts. I just find this unbelievable that once GM decided there was a problem, they didn't go all out to have the parts available. I asked the dealer to put the car back together using the old, stretched cable but they wouldn't do it. I also asked them to use any bolts they could get their hands on so that I could drive the car back to Illinois. Also, no dice.
    The bottom line was that I drove our old Caravan with 190,000 miles on it in order to get back. The dealer in Maine now has my car and I won't be back until October. So much for GM's customer satisfaction efforts.
    Enough complaints. I would highly recommend that any of you invent a reason to take a trip on two lane roads with one of these cars. They are a real joy to drive(when they run).
  • Does anybody know how to adapt an aftermarket CD changer (FM modulated) to the 2001 Bonneville radio? The antenna connection on the Bonny radio is not standard.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Haven't been looking at much else on line this week except the tragic scenes in NY and DC. I hope and pray that all of you and your loved ones are ok. The magnitude of this heinous act gaurantees that many of us will have connections to those lost, helping dig out or some that could have been there but weren't. Thousands have met their maker prematurely this week - a sobering thought for sure. Our prayers go out to those impacted in so many ways including the rescue crews.

  • mfahey1mfahey1 Posts: 419
    I hear what everyone is saying about horsepower, seat of the pants, rpm ranges and so on. Those of us with 2000 SSEis also suffer from the final drive ratios of these cars. While the L67 has more than ample low end torque, in some cases too much since I get a little tired of inadvertently chirping the tires, even with the extra boost from the smaller pulley, the mid-range acceleration lags due in large part because of the gear ratio and where the engine is operating in its rpm range. This is where the 5 speed automatic would be of great use, to let the engine operate where it is most effective.
    Not to belabor the point about torque but the SHO I had had nearly the same HP at 220 but couldn't accelerate out of its own way in 5th gear because it had NO torque, just an amazing ability to use what it had all the way to 7000rpm. That and the 5 speed stick gave a very impressive package as long as you weren't trying to pass someone in 4th or 5th gear and even 3rd at times. If I wanted to pass someone at 50 or less, I had to use 2nd gear.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I know you do a lot of traveling in the Northeast.

    My prayers have been with the victims and their families. Since they found those firemen today, I hope we have more miracles as well.

  • I'm sad - terribly terribly sad.
    Sorry - but it is not worth the energy to try and be more eloquent, I dont have the desire to out-desribe the media and the slew of adjectives.

    There is no distinction between being a Canadian and being an American right now. We are all brothers - and I cant express my pain.

    Our family has been destroyed - and we will try to go on.

    God Bless All - with the exception of the perpetrators and their supporters. For them, I have no mercy now - and hope I can forgive in the years to come all those that foolishly felt this was a "just" act on behalf of their beliefs.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I notice that the level of activity here in my TH subscriptions has fallen off drastically this week. When faced with such an enormous tragedy - it's impossible to even think about such passtimes as cars or hobbies. It's hard enough just trying to get through a day without breaking down and weeping for the thousands of kids who have lost one and in some cases both parents in this heinous attack.

    Thank you Stacy for your concern. I'm glad my biz trips are by car these days. No interest here in personally verifying the new 'safer' flying routines.

    God Bless America


    PS - Canadian commentator Gordon Sinclair has penned eloquent and much appreciated words of encouragement for us here in the US. Nice to know our Canadian friends care.
  • That Gordon Sinclair piece was written about 30 years ago but the sentiments he expressed are as valid today as they were back then. Gordon died in the mid-80's. You can read about this at the Globe and Mail.

    You'll also see in the Globe and Mail site coverage about a noon-hour memorial service which I attended here in Ottawa today. Your Ambassador to Canada and our Prime Minister led the country - and the 100,000 of us at Parliament Hill - in three minutes of silence. It was very poignant. It was also the first time in my life I have ever sung the Star Spangled Banner - I surprised myself that I knew the words. A tribute, I suppose, to the many years of following the New York Mets during the Tom Seaver days.

    BTW, GM of Canada has pulled all of their advertising and has replaced it with full page ads expressing sympathy for the US victims. Very dignified and incidentally the only auto manufacturer to do so.

    Here's the actual text of the Gordon Sinclair radio piece

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I've already posted this in a couple of places, but some of you may be interested in this column that appears in today's Chicago Sun-Times. I found it quite powerful: The spirit of America: bowed, but unbroken.

    Sedans Message Board
  • Powerful article. As an outsider, I can tell you that the US is responding to this adversity in a way which dignifies all of you and which completely discredits both your attackers and detractors.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Just read your link - a fitting tribute to the spirit we Americans feel. Life WILL go on and we will never be the same.

    Dan - thank you for your concern and that of so many other Canadians. This attack happened on US soil - but it sent a strong message to the rest of the world that terrorists can operate anywhere they want. Civilized people everywhere must stand arm in arm against those who would rob us of our peace and security.

    I was amazed on Fri evening at 7:00 - heading home - to see car after car parked on the side of Rt 95 - the major north-south interstate - passengers standing outside their cars holding candles and observing a vigil for the victims.

    Flags are everywhere. On houses, cars, overpasses, buildings everywhere of all types. What a display of patriotism - I've never seen anything like it in my 46 years.

    God Bless America

  • I too am proud of how Canada and Canadians have responded to the situation.
    6 hour long waits outside blood banks . .
    offers of assistance - all sorts . . .

    and this from my industry . .

    I deal with 6 of our locations that are continually having "parts" flown up from US vendors for rush situations - to solve machine down and cranky customer calls.... no one wants their fridge not running
    it is routine that the day ofter they place their order with us, the customer will call and start enquiring as to what minute their part will arrive. each delay (by the hour) and they get more demanding etc etc . .

    we didnt get one call last week from a customer asking when and or if their parts from the states would arrive - not a single one.
    sounds like something minor in the scheme of things - but from the people we deal with on a daily basis - they did a 180 personality change with the realization that planes etc were not travelling , and American companies were not focusing on us, but elsewhere . . .

    just another small link in the chain that joins our two countries . .
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