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Jaguar S-Type

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
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  • My wife and I are new owners of a 2001 Saphire Blue S-Type, V8, with all the options. We are extremely happy with the car as a whole, however the Integrated Cellphone that comes with the Communications package is a severe disappointment. Yesterday when attempting to activate the phone with a cellular provider, we learned that this model is an older analog model that does not work with any of the current rate plans (do they assume Jaguar owners don't worry about cellphone costs?). We are investigating alternatives, but wanted to see if anyone else had already taken this road and found the hidden offramp. Any suggestions??
  • That topic has been covered on the JAG message board, and you might want to start it up again. The board is free and specializes in the S-Type...
  • I have had a continual problem with the tires on my s type. The tires have been changed by the dealer once already. This has helped a little,but has not solved the problem. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2000 4.0 S type with 2K miles. The brake peddle seems to have a lot of travel. When you press it, it also makes a air sound similar to when you press a air pump. The brake peddle also squeeks. The dealer put oil on it but to no avail. He told me all s types are like this. Has anyone else experienced this.
  • fhoffman, I have has the same problem. Vibration thru the steering column. Dealer has rebalanced and rotated the tires twice. I have also tried different air pressures, but the problem still exists. I thought the next step was to change the tires and I was getting ready to ask the dealer to do this. Sorry to hear that this might not work, as in your case.
    I have bridestone tires. Ask your dealer to call the Jaguar tech line. I have recently heard that the tech line is recommending the installation of bushings to solve this problem. Good luck.
  • I recall reading postings soon after the S-Type was introduced that the front wheels vibrated at 70 mph but subsequent postings indicated that the problem was fixed. I don't know how they fixed it but my 4.0, which I got in June doesn't, have that problem.

    Another posting said that the car gets flat spots if not used for a week or more but that the symptoms go away after being driven for a while.
  • Pete,

    I would certainly not accept the dealer's word that all Jaguar pedals squeak. I have been lucky to drive a number of S-Types and I know for sure that this is not the case. If you can, please take the car to another Jaguar dealer who I am sure will be glad to help. If you still have difficulty doing this then please phone Jaguar on the hotlines indicated in your service literature and they will help.
  • I don't know if this is related, but my wife and I have a 3.0 with about 11,000 miles on it. At about 8,000 we started hearing a clicking noise which sounded like it was coming from behind the steering column, when we applied the brakes. On the first trip to the dealer, they lubed the brake pedal connection, but that did not fix it, and then they ordered some component that was apparently a relay between the brake pedal and the engine, and when that was replaced, the noise went away. Good luck with your noises.
  • I have had experience with two "S" Types. One VIN S/N 13,xxx which Jaguar replaced because of front end vibrations. The second VIN 72,xxx which is close to perfect. Replacement of the bushings is a viable fix. Tire balance is critical, as is not allowing flat spots to occur by leaving the car parked for weeks on end. I have found Jaguar especially responsive to this issue. If you have problems call Jaguar N/A.
  • Just got back from a 2-week 4,600 mile journey west that took us through 14-states.Touring the interstate highways at 80-85 MPH and in Tempertures topping out at 109 degrees in Oklahoma and Texas.Through the Great Plains,Mountains and Desert our S-Type came through it all without any problems what so ever.We traveled from our home in Michigan thru Ohio,Indiana,Illinois,Missouri,Oklahoma,Texas,New Mexico,Arizona,Nevada,Utah,Wyoming,Nebraska and Iowa.This was the most miles we had ever clocked on a driving vacation.It really gave us a chance to put our new 3.0 S-Type to the test! This beautiful Mistral Blue Baby came through with flying colors.At one point along I-40 in Texas my husband put her up to 100 MPH.He said she did not strain one bit and had plenty of gas pedal left.He also then stated that he was glad he chose the 3.0 liter V-6 because she had just proved that this engine provided more than enough power for this Mid-Size Luxury Sedan.
  • 14301430 Posts: 1
    My new S-Type which I've only had for 4-mos. makes a loud metallic "ping" sound after the engine has been shut off. This can occur immediately or sometimes as long as 15-20" after car is parked. It also can occur more than once.It almost seems like a cooling response. The dealer has replaced my muffler, and altho the sound doesn't happen as often, the "ping" sound has reoccurred. Anyone with a similar problem or advice as to what this could be. (Of course, I've mainly been using the car in the hot summer months and I don't know if sound will occur in cooler weather.) Mary Ellen
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Lose the caps lock key, please! My fingers are ringing......
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    I was wondering if any S-Type owner could tell me if your Turn Signal is an elegant "Castenet" sound or the typical electronic turn signal sound.

    I drove a early-model Lincoln LS that had the elegant sounding signal, but my March 2000 build LS came with the usual, run-of-the-mill sound.

  • jagoffjagoff Posts: 2
    working on the new s type i can tell you that the vibration problem may be pirellis, try michilens.
    we have not seen bushing concerns on the s but they
    are an epidemic on the xj8 and xk8. as far as squeaks and rattles they are abundant, remember you are driving a ford.
    every pant on the thing is stamped with a ford oval including the sheetmetal, i just cannot wait
    for these hybrids to go out of warranty as i am gonna be a millionaire. just wait till the $30,000
    contour comes out the x400. then we'll have former
    amc pacer owners coming in whining about their
    squeaks and rattles, why do you think jaguar offers a premium sound system? so you can listen to bach loudly (PS I know that you guys really
    listen to rock when your buds are not around,i found the hidden cd's). but seriously if you want a real jag save up and buy a j or k.
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    I admit, Jagoff, that if you park your S-Type next to a new Taurus or Sable and then approach them from the rear, a brief wave of confusion can wash over you -- as well as a brief moment of doubt that you got snookered out of the $25,000 extra you paid for the S-Type.

    I own a 4.0 liter S-Type and travel a lot on business, which means I get repeatedly stuck in rental Tauruses and Sable. But come home, settle into the S-Type's leather, crank the Jaguar 4.0 liter, grab the wheel, and throw the car through any curves you can find at pretty much any speed you care to . . . and trust me, you'll know you ain't in no Ford. The $25K was not wasted, after all.
  • donbldonbl Posts: 42

    I have no rattles in my xk8. None.

    You may be a little out of date.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    . . .actually a Jaguar is a Ford, as is an Aston Martin or a Volvo.

    Ain't mergers/buyouts great?
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Not to mention Mazda. Anyone for a Ford Miata?
  • hab1hab1 Posts: 1
    I purchased a New 2000 silver S-Type W/v-6 four months ago.. and as of last week I now own a 2001
    S-type V-8, do to my wife and I bitching about this horrible smell that gave everyone a tremendus headache. So I said what the hell give me the V-8 and I am glad I did.. This baby is a rocketship and still not bad on gas. I admit that getting Jaguar to give me a replacement when the first one had 7,500 miles on it was no easy deal but I never let up because I knew something was wrong with the first one. I threaten them with a law suit. Also for any of you potential Jag buyers do get the premium sound... What a difference.. Unless you plan to never tune in on the radio than the regular sound system is fine. The premiun which I also got on thr 2001 V-8 has (8) speakers, sub woffers & 175 watt pwr. amp. Excellent. I am a soft rock listener and love the premium sound. Another cool feature I got on the replacement was the back up beeping alert.. Lets you know when your within 8" of any object, great feature for my wife..

    Well so far so good on the 2001 with 675 miles on it now. I got to test drive the first one for four months. Mines silver and black leather with 35% tinted windows , Love it

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