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Jaguar S-Type



  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    overcome negative impressions about the car that occured prior to Ford ownership i.e. Lucas electrics really plagued the former Jag. As long as our side keeps hunting down old Nazi war criminals, I won't buy German. I remember.
  • WELL HAPPY HUNTING! In the meantime the rest of us AMERICANS! Will continue to enjoy driving our higher resale Mercedes, Audi's, BMW's, Porsche's and Volkswagen's.

  • keyrowkeyrow Posts: 214
    Not all of "the rest" as I will not! But nice of you to speak for all Americans. BTW, when were you elected/appointed Emperor of America?
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Interesting that an American would have an Iranian flag. As you can tell, I'm not against putting up offbeat flags for variety's sake, but then again, Fiji never called us "The Great Satan" either.

    I'm in the "Buy American" crowd. If it says "Made in the USA" I'll buy it, keep my greenbacks in this country, and support the American worker. I won't not buy something because its foreign, but given the choice, I prefer American. So if the guy wants to be patriotic and not buy German cars, more power to him.

    OK, I'll shut up now, before I get into more trouble with the hosts than I already am with this post. Just had to vent.
  • What if he buys an BMW X5 or Mercedes-Benz ML? They're both built in the States. I can go on and on...

    The auto industry is too globalized to go with the "Buy American" crowd. Technically by buying a British-built Jag, you're still helping the guys out in Detroit.

    So there's no confustion, I'm proud to be an American...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Oh, why don't we just get back to talking about the cars and leave these kinds of conversations to the multiple argu...., er discussions, that are taking place on the News and Views board.

  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    What fun would that be, Pat?

    (Note: I am, of course, kidding).
  • saifusaifu Posts: 23
    I want to purchase a car very soon in the $30,000 range.The hottest candidate right now is a 2000 S-type either V8 or V6.I live in the Boston area and i have driven many V6's and i have always loved the S-type specially the looks.I drove a V8 at a dealer last week...exterior looked good condition other then a bump on the bumper that the dealer said he would fix...interior was decent too.I did like the extra power on the V8 and my i would prefer the bigger powerplant.What i want to ask all you folks here is that
    1,is it a good idea to get a 2000 S-type...i dont want more then 20-25K miles on it
    2, How is the reliability on the car.??Please be very critical
    3, What would be good deal for 2000 V8 with less then 25K miles on it??
    Eager to hear from you guys..
  • 2000 was the first year for the S-Type, and as such there were some initial growing pains. Scroll back, and you will likely find mention of most of them. Most notable was a steering wheel shimmy which seemed to be caused by an overly sensitive front suspension that required perfect alignment and perfect wheel balance. This problem wasn't completely eliminated until the redesigned suspension of the 2003's. I also remember an issue with the power windows failing on very early cars.

    Presumably, any issues that any car you are looking at had would have been fixed under warranty. Make sure that you get a printout of the car's service history from Jaguar and take any car you may buy for a long drive WITHOUT the salesman. Try to take it out for an entire day and drive it in different settings (local, highway, bumpy, twisty, etc).

    If the car passes your drive test and the price is right, go for it. You will have one of the classiest cars on the road that should give you years of pleasure. There should still be factory warranty left (basic was 4 years/50,000 miles), but keep in mind that, once the warranty runs out Jags can be expensive to repair and maintain (but no more so than other higher end marques).

    Good luck.

  • I encourage you take a close look (and drive) at the 2002 Lincoln LS.

    Same platform, same company, more dealers, a joy to drive and be seen in.

    Great deals for both purchase and leasing represent a rare opportunity for a luxury sport purchase. You could come fairly close to your $30K target. In many areas, zero % for FIVE years.

    I leased a 2000 model for 2 years, 32,000 miles. Best car I ever drove.

    Driving it is believing.
  • Sorry, but I beg to differ. Yes, the Jag and the Lincoln started on the same basic platform, but they are hardly the same car or same company. They were each designed and built completely independently of one another by separate teams an ocean apart. Yes, everyone knows that Ford owns Jaguar, but that doesn't make them the same company or the same car. Ford also owns Aston Martin, Volvo and Range Rover, that certainly doesn't make any of those cars Fords either. Is a Mercedes the same car and made by the same company as a Chrysler because Chrysler owns Mercedes? I don't think so.

    Yes, the pre-2003 S-Types share some interior parts and switch gear from the Ford bin. And, yes both cars use engines that STARTED from the same block, but the head, valves etc. on the S-Type are pure Jaguar and far superior. The S-Type is hardly "just a fancied up Lincoln LS" as some claim.

    Certainly, drive an LS if you are so inclined, and if it suits your needs, buy one. You will never go wrong if you go with your own personal likes, dislikes and needs. There are lots of different cars out there for lots of varied tastes and requirements. You're sure to find the one that matches your requirements.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    an old Mustang. I've driven the LS v 8 and was amazed at it's snap from a stop. However, a 4.0 S would be preferred as it is uncommon compared to the LS.
  • keyrowkeyrow Posts: 214
    I think you are putting up a defense against a nonexistent "affront." He did not say the LS and the S-Type are the same car he said, "Same platform, same company, more dealers, a joy to drive and be seen in." Most of that is absolutely true. Both do have the same platform (as you yourself acknowledged), the same [parent] company, there ARE lots more Lincoln dealers than Jaguar dealers (at least in the US), and the LS is indeed a joy to drive - I have one, and have an '03 4.2 S on order so I am not promoting one over the other. As for the LS being a joy to be seem in, I am not that egotistical so I don't care but I readily admit the Jag will turn more heads than a Lincoln. If 30K is a limiting factor I would rather purchase a NEW LS than a 2 year old S-Type. You are correct in that one ought to drive what pleases oneself rather than worry about what someone else drives OR thinks. Gschwartz was only saying that the LS is a viable option and should be taken into consideration. Relax, everyone knows the Jag is a superior luxury car; although I will keep the LS, and the infamous LS GRIN, for running twisty roads.
  • Hey,

    If you're looking for a Jag, why don't you look into a new X-Type? The pre-2003 S-Type interior is a major disappointment.

    By the way, the Lincoln LS is getting a slight redesign for 2003, including an all new interior similar to the Navigator.
  • saifusaifu Posts: 23
    Thanks for the reply everyone.The Lincoln is out of question..i dont like the LS that much to buy it.I have narrowed by search down to 2 cars...the 2000 ML320 or the 2000 S-Type (V6 or V8).I know the ML is very reliable and practical but the S-type is soo much more classy.I know the interior isnt great but i still like the car.As far as the X-type is concerned....hmm its maybe a little too small and i wanted a bigger car..but i have certainly thought of the X-type even though i have yet to take a drive on it....but i would still prefer the S-type.What i would like to know is if the S-type will be a relaible car?I will most likely keep the car for a year or so....which engine is better the V6 or the V8 in terms of reliability...i certainly would like to have the extra power.....i would love to get whatever input anyone can give me as i want to get the car ASAP....thanks in advance
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    is very reliable ??? ummm are you sure about that ? the early ML's had MAJOR teething problems, Id vote for a new X in your price range. Good luck

  • We used to have a 1998 ML320 (first year of production), which my parents traded in for their 2003 S-Type 3.0. There were definately teething problems, but they were mostly limited to rattles and things like that (in other words, minor annoyances). But it was comfortable, reliable, and never let us down. I loved the ML (I had it up at school during the winter) and it served us well. I definately miss it. And many of the problems were dealt with by the 2000 model year (compare the interior of a 1998 to a 2000).

    You'll probably experience the same things with the 2000 S-Type. There will be teething problems, but they'll probably only be minor.
  • If you are planning on keeping the car only 1 year, I wouldn't get a new anything. You would lose your shirt in depreciation come trade-in time after only one year.

    The S-Type is proving to be extremely reliable so far (remember, the oldest is only 3 years old and likely still under original warranty, unless very high mileage). If you keep it for only a year, you may well be under warranty for the entire time. As I said previously, and whatup reiterated, there were "first model year" problems with the 2000's, as with any first year car (the 1998 Lexus GS300 and GS400 come to mind). Most of these were minor problems, and if any were present on a car you are considering they were likely fixed under warranty long ago.

    The major complaint with the pre-2003 S-Types was the shimmy. It seemed that the earliest cars, equipped with Pirelli tires, had the most problems, and the later cars equipped with Michelin Pilots had the fewest. In any case, it is imperative that the cars alignment and wheel balancing be as close to perfect as is attainable. That seemed to be the only way of eliminating the problem. For whatever reason, the design of the suspension was such that it seemed incredibly sensitive to even minor variations in balance or alignment.

    My personal preference is the 8-cylinder version - that is what I have. It is a bit quieter on hard acceleration than the 6-cyl, and the added power suits my driving style better. The 6-cyl is certainly no slouch, however, and has more than enough power for most people. You wouldn't go wrong with either one.

  • saifusaifu Posts: 23
    Craig....your input is great.I have come across two S-types now. Both 2000, V6 S-types.One has 4300 miles on it!! yes just 4300 miles with few options...when i spoke to the dealer he just got the car and he said it had no sunroof or premium sound...but i really want heated seats and he said he wasnt sure if it did have them or not....but then again what attracts me about the car is such low mileage.The price is a tad under $30K....there is another one black on black....around 22K miles...and all the options including premium sound for the same price. I saw another one few weeks ago but that was a 4.0 with 23k miles and the same price as seemed like a great deal but i didnt like the condition of the car all that much heated seats in the car also. So what do you guys say?? Which car should i consider more seriously? Is heating seats something i can get installed in my car?
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