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Jaguar S-Type



  • I have my new 2001 3.0 S type for a month now. I really love the car, the way it looks, handles, etc. But early on I read about someone having a terrible smell when they turn on the A.C., so bad that Jaguar gave them a new car! Well when I first turn on my A.C. I too get a horrible smell that eventually clears after 10 minutes or so. I assume it has to due with the "newness" of the car and the ducts or tubing involved in the A.C. cooling system. Anyone else have this problem?
  • I've had a new 2000 3.0 S-Type for a couple of months. I've also noticed a very strong odor (a kind of a gasoline odor) within seconds after starting the car. The odor goes away within a few minutes. I'd love to find out what's causing it (and, more importantly, if it's going to continue to be a problem).
  • Just a note to invite anyone interested in the most active S-Type discussion group on the Internet: The Jaguar Aficionados Group (JAG).
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  • I'm considering purchasing a Jaguar S-type 4.0. Unfortunately the closet Jaguar dealer is in North Carolina about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. Does anyone know if other dealers (i.e. Lincoln) would be able to work on service maintenance or repairs? I'm reluctant to purchase a vehicle where the closet dealer is in another state, but I really do love this car!! Any response would be welcome.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The vast majority of the Jag and Lincoln parts are different so I doubt if you could count on a Lincoln dealer for warranty service. Check with the Jag dealer about local service. There may be another authorized repair center in your area other than a dealer.
  • Black moulding between windows-- My S-type Jag has less than 4000 miles, also has hairline stress cracks on the black moulding - driver side is much worse than the passenger side. The finish is beginning to crack off. I'll call my dealer tomorrow and hope something can be done. Love the car.
  • i heard that the present interior is going to be replaced, but when?
    also, when is the station wagon coming out?
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    I understand that no major changes will take place untill after the introduction of the x-tpye next year and the new XJ the year after that.
  • I would consider Nalley Jaguar in Atlanta before I looked elsewhere. They are great!! I have purchased two Jaguars from them. The sales staff is professional and the service can't be beat. Give them a try. Ask for Bob Lowey. The integrity of this dealership is a model for the whole industry.
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    Routine maintenence can be done anywhere. Warrenty work must be done at a Jaguar dealer. However, inquire at several dealers and see if any of the offer valet pick up and delivery for service appts. Here in PA we pick up and deliver all of our service customeres vehicles if they don't feel like stopping by for service. Also roadside assistance will take care of towing the car to the nearest dealer in a dire situation.
  • marsha7 wrote on Oct 29:

    "Since you mentioned it, could you compare and contrast your opinions of the -type s. the GS300? Quality, power, MPG, handling, interior design, maintenance, warranty problems, all the usual questions. To jump from nexus to Jag is quite a jump. What made you do it?"

    To answer:

    I am fortunate to have a company executive car program that allows me to change cars in this category every 2 years. I was extremely pleased with the 98 nexus AS 300 but had never owned a Jag, so I thought Why not?

    The 4.0 -type is a great handling/driving car compared to the AS 300 - more power, hugs the road, allows you to "feel" the road, etc. I do not know the AS 400/430, so can't make this comparison. The Jag is also a "cooker" compared to the nexus. The interiors are similar quality and feel, but the Jag has a bit more wood. Still, the Lexus is a much higher quality car vs. the Jag. The main problems I have had with the Jag are related to rattles and squeaks which have been numerous although none real serious. This car is assembled very "loose" compared to the Lexus. The dash has been most problematic with the door panels and the seats being less of a problem. The Jag dealer has been very helpful to solve these problems as they arise, but they seem to keep on coming - but not as fast as at first. There may be hope on this front. I also had a "shimmy" at 75-80 which many owners have reported. A good high speed balance at the local Pirelli dealer (at my own expense) finally fixed this problem. I experienced none of these problems with the Lexus, which my wife still owns and loves (and so do I).

    As for mileage, the GS 300 got about 17 in town and 24 on the highway. The Jag gets 2 mpg less on both counts.

    I would say my relationship with the Jag S-type 4.0 has been "love-hate". I love the way it drives and the way it looks and feels. And it is a Jag after all. I hate the poor assembly quality although it is improving with age and dealer fixes of the rattles. I will wait and see how the 2002 model is rated in these categories before getting another Jag S-type. I also know what to look for concerning "fit" and quality of the interior components, so it will be quite a bit easier to learn if Jag quality is still improving - which it has done under Ford management up to now.

    If I am not absolutely certain of improvements, I will most likely get another GS, perhaps the 430. I do not like the BMW 540, Audi A-6, or the Mercedes 320/430 as well as I do the Jag S or the GS cars, although these are very fine cars indeed.

    Hope this helps you guys to make a decision.

  • I have a 2000 4.0 type that posts "Engine in Fail Safe Mode" on the message board on the dash when it is started in cold weather (below 25 degrees). After car has warmed up, message no longer appears upon re-starting.
    Also, the amber engine icon on the dash is continually lit. I have had the problem checked by two dealers, but they can find no problem.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    I'm the guy who had to replace his first 2000 S-Type 4.0 after 22 days because it was delivered with a broken engine mount, transmission leak, and switched wheels. The replacement car is on its second transmission, second audio head unit, and third engine control module . . . all replaced within the first 10,000 miles.

    It's now got 23,000 miles on it, and here's a longer-term quality update. The ball joints had to be changed because of a recall. The original ones had not been properly heat-treated. Ever since their replacement, the car makes an odd thunking noise going over even minor bumps. When turning on the headlights, the dashboard lights now sometimes fail to come on. Usually switching the headlights on and off a few times will bring the dashboard lights up, but not always. The slide-out drawer that holds the phone no longer raises on its springs. I have to lift it upright by hand and hold it steady with one hand while I punch in numbers with another. The leather on the center console armrest is wearing out around the stitching. And the transmission is again experiencing very long delays (over 5 seconds) in engaging reverse.

    By contrast, my 1999 Lexus RX300 remains flawless, and my 1996 Miata has had only one very minor repair (a loose door locking arm). Jaguar/Ford quality is an insult to their customers. I'm on the waiting list for a new Lexus SC430 and will NEVER drive another Jaguar.
  • lisat4lisat4 Posts: 8
    I`ve had my 3.0 S-Type for 9-months and 8500 miles. Only problems I1ve had so far is a slight vibration in the steering wheel when cruising at 65-70 mph and a problem with the Cassette Player Ejection. I`am very satisfied with the quality so far and very satisfied with my dealers service dept. I tend to beleive Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or even Audi do not build perfect cars. In the mid-size luxury sedan segment the Jaguar S-Type more than holds its own!
  • mvargo1mvargo1 Posts: 298
    plus it better looking than anything Lexus has ever put on the road
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    You're right about the looks. I'd just rather not spend so much time looking at it in a service bay.
  • lisat4lisat4 Posts: 8
    Just returned from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. After studying dozens of luxury cars, Jaguar wins hands down! The winners are in Mid-size luxury sedan the S-Type, in Full-size luxury sedan the XJ-8 and in Luxury sportscar the XK-8 Convertible. These three not only win based on Styling, Quality of Materials, Construction and Structurial Integrity, but they represent the best overall value within they`re respective segments! Lexus thumbs down! Infiniti thumbs down! Acura TL super value within Compact Luxury segemt! Mercedes Benz E320 nearest runnerup to the S-Type, but $6-7,000.00 higher than the S-Type sticker price. Audi A6 2.7 Turbo and Cadillac Seville also decent runnerups to the S-Type. Mercedes Benz SL convertible close runnerup to Jaguar XK-8 convertible! Lincoln Town Car Cartier Edition close runnerup to Jaguar XJ-8 sedan. Lincoln LS super value in entry level luxury car! By far and away BEST!-Compact luxury sedan the Mercedes Benz C-Class! Jaguars on one heck of a roll, I just hope they don`t mess it up! This summer they`re coming out with they`re brand new Jaguar X-Type which give BMW-3 series and the Mercedes Benz C-Class a real good run for the money! Keep it up Jag! You seem to really be getting your act together!
  • mpyles1mpyles1 Posts: 90
    How do you make comparative judgements on "construction and structural integrity" at an auto show other than by accepting the manufacturers' hype at face value?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    I was driving on the interstate behind both a Ford Taurus and a Jag S-type...please don't shoot me, but the rear end view of the Jag looks too much like the rear of the Taurus...I know that Ford owns Jag, and that some parts are similar to the LS, but why does the S-type look like the taurus?
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