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Jaguar S-Type



  • Well after reading many of the postings, I may be asking a question I know the answer to...I've been looking for a stylish sedan to replace my 740 BMW with 180K, while the BMW has been far from perfect, it's been a great ride, now too big, while my logical side says get a Lexus, this like new 2000 S looks sexy...but hey I'm looking for fewer repair bills not more...thoughts.

  • Steve, I've had my 2000 S since 2005. It had 49000 on it when I bought it, has 110000 now. I've had to replace the condenser coil, $4k, had some leaks to deal with and now I'm getting a "Transmission Issue" on the message lights. With a sealed trannie, I can't even get it serviced - my only option would be replacement. My 1999 Forester with 210,000 miles has had fewer maintenance issues. Given the option, while the Jag was a dream car for me, I'd drive something else.
  • I considered a 2001 S-Type in October with 60,000 miles. After having it looked at and discovering it needed $1,700 worth of repairs, immediately, I'd decided to do what you are now doing, before making a final decision. needless to say, I did not buy my dream car. If this would not be your primary vehicle and you have unlimited income, in these trying times.......... then go after your sexy car.
  • I agree with previous reply. I bought a 2002 SType new. While still under warranty, I had several leak issues from the rear differential. They finally replaced the entire rear end to resolve the problem. Then, the year after my warranty expired, at 75000 miles, I had to replace all 8 of the injector ignition coils at a cost of $2000, and a couple months later the transmission went out which cost another $5000. I now have 97000 miles on it and so far, so good. A piece of advice I wish I had an extended repair policy if you can get one. The car is the nicest looking and riding car I have ever owned (still looks and drives like new) but the repair costs are a killer.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Sound advice. I've owned 3 Jaguars now - 2 X-Types, and, now, an 06 S-Type. These are not cars you want to own unless you have an extended warranty on them. I bought my S from a dealer as a "certified" car with the 6 year - 100K factory warranty..

  • cloemcloem Posts: 3
    I have the Jaguar S-Type 2001 that comes with CD and burrow ribbon.
    I asked representative of the Jaguar of I can change the CD and
    burrow ribbons of the panel for a DVD with GPS navigation.
    The representative of the jaguar told me that can make that
    and that compatible DVD is ALPINE IVA W5005 with GPS.
    I still didn't decide on isso,porque have doubts if she won't bring
    problems for my Jaguar.
    Did anybody already make that change in the panel of S-Type?
  • never had one and need info. this car was a fleet car. low mileage, 15 k, absolutely beautiful but never owned an import. Is maintainence such as oil change expensive compared to american made? Any pros and or cons from current past jag owners appreciated.
  • All parts are more expensive, but a tip. Most can be replaced by Lincoln parts as Jag was owned by Ford but if it is a 2005 that may no longer be the case. I have gotten 4 good years out of mine so far but the tranny started going bad. Don't believe their "sealed tranny" stories, there is a fluid check knob hidden in back and if you don't check it and it gets low it will hurt the tranny (as it did mine).
  • aidemoiaidemoi Posts: 2
    I had a front and rear clunk sound. I replaced the rear suspension damper and the front sway bar frame mount bushings. The car is rock solid now!
  • davidngadavidnga Posts: 2
    This is probably too little too late but I experienced the same thing with my 2001 S-Type. Had pads replaced and rotors turned but within 2 days the squeal was back. Took it back to my mechanic, he made a call to Jaguar and the reason was the "high speed rotors" were most likely warped. Turns out rotors were supposed to be replaced, not turned(whatever that means) anyway, replaced with "normal" rotors for much less money and problem solved. No noise ever again..except the crunch when I was rear ended by a 1993 Full Size Ford Explorer.. of course the driver had no insurance. thats how I learned all about the computer modules located in the floor of the trunk..and totaled my Jag.
  • davidngadavidnga Posts: 2
    Currently in talks with dealer for a Jaguar Certified Select 2005 S-Type R to replace my totaled 2001 S-Type. I've read all the post about transmission problems but I had my S-Type for 4 years and only problem I had was a coil in the #6 injector($500.00) and had work done on the AC..that was all...Prior to the Jag, I had a Taurus SHO and probably put $11,000.00 in the engine in a 5 year period. I'm going with the Jaguar.
  • kenbergkenberg Posts: 2
    Hi: I'm considering first Jaguar purchase ... thinking S type. Have seen comments and wonder where in the series the new 'norwegian' transmission came in. Is there a code on the cars to show which trans they have?

    What other things, aside from long, strong warranty should I look for?

  • alorasdadalorasdad Posts: 4
    Ken, I purchased a used 2001 in 2005 with 49k miles. Still have it, tranny going out, with close to 110k. The Ford tranny, which mine has, goes about 100, based on what the dealers said. Other than the hvac going out, which I now question, based on the mechanic involved, no real maintenance issues. The car is great to drive and good for the ego, if you like comments about your car :>. Good shopping to you.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309

    Easy way to tell what trannys in the car - the ZF is a 6 speed, the Ford box is 5. I picked up a CPO 2006 S-Type VDP model earlier this year from the local Jag Dealer. I suggest you look for a CPO car with the 300 HP 4.2 V8 in it. Fuel economy is virtually the same as the 3.0. This S-Type is my third Jag, I owned 2 X Types before it.

    Happy Shopping
  • rmbaker47rmbaker47 Posts: 8
    I made the very unfortunate choice to purchase 2 Jaguars in a row for my wife who drives about 6,500 miles per year - so very light duty. Both Jaguars, first a Soverign and the 2nd a S-Type were the worst cars I have ever owned mechanically and cost of ownership wise!!! I restore GM 60's clasic muscle cars for a hobby and service all my vehicles very, very well. Both motors failed due to cooling problems (1st faulty head gasket in the inline 6 and complete motor meltdown in the S when the plastic - milk carton like burp tank sprung a leak and overheated the aluminum block = quoted $18,000 to repair by Jaguar) both at less than 50,000 miles and Jaguar would only refer me to their local dealers who have the highest repair rates I have ever been subjeted to = $80/gal of replacement antifreeze!! Do not buy any of this Jag crap unless you love to throw your money away. Do not count on any Jag warrenty saving you, they have more ways of weasiling out of what should be normal warenty responsibility than any auto manufacturer I have been a customer of having owned over 100 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mercedies autos during my driving life.

    I strongly recommend you look to BMW, Mercedies, Porche, Lexus, etc. before ever wasting your money and your customer patience on Jag junk!!!! Proceed with Jaguar at your own risk - you have been fairly informed.

    Some numbers, Jag/Ford sold 80K S-Types with the Linclon 4.0 V8 motor in the early 2000s at an average price of $60,000. The motors all melted down due to the worst cooling system design I have ever seen in any auto, let alone a "luxury" car!! 80,000 x $60,000 is a very big number and an unconscionable fraud of US consumers! I read story after story of people who paid $60,000 new or $40/30,000 used and by 50K or 60K miles their Jag was only worth scrap. I sold ours at an wrecked car insurance auction for $6,500 and was tickled pink to get any money back at all.

    Good luck?
  • rossco2rossco2 Posts: 1
    I have 2006 Jaguar S type that has a "PARKING BRAKE FAULT" light on the console. Anyway for some reason I can get the the parking brake off and the car will not move. I tried to release it manually but that was unsuccessful. Can someone out there please give me a suggestion on what to do. I was thinking about disconnecting the battery then re-connecting it to see if that might re-set something.
  • aidemoiaidemoi Posts: 2
    I just want to put the word out to people that have an 8 cylinder Jaguar motor. The motor was designed with plastic secondary tensioners. Prevent huge engine repair costs by having these replaced with the new metal tensioners. My secondary tensioner recently exploded causing my timing chain to snap. If I would have known sooner I could of had them replaced at a fraction of the cost. I love my Jaguar and preventative maintence is so important!
  • penny1962penny1962 Posts: 2
    I'm looking at used 2000-2005 used jags, but would like advice from owners. What bothers me is most of these cars have no service book and I think that's very important to know if routine maintenance was kept up.

    I won't be in a position to purchase until about a year from now and have plenty of time to do research. I've read a few pages here and keep coming across vibration concerns and cost of a specific motor oil that is expensive. Seems there are owners who love the cars and have had little to no issues, then others that swear the cars are a nightmare to maintain.

    Before buying *any* used car I always have it inspected, and the cars I have found are supposedly "certified", but again...few to no maintenance books.

    Can a Ford dealer do an inspection or would I need to take it to a Jaguar dealer/mechanic..?

    I have lots of questiond but will start with this for now.

    Thanks in advance,
  • ron6962ron6962 Posts: 5
    Penny, I have a 2002 S-Type, 8 cylinder. I bought it new and during the 4 "free" maintenence years, I had it in the shop about 6 times, 4 for the same problem...a leaky rear-end. They finally replaced the entire rear-end unit, and I have not had further problems. Immediately after expiration of the 4 year warranty, I had to have a window motor replaced ($400) , and then about a year later, had to have all 8 ignition coils replaced ($1200), although only one was failing. Then about 6 months later, the transmission went out and had to be replaced at a cost of $5000. I've not had any further serious problems (knock on wood) for the past couple of years. It now has 106,000 miles on it, and rides/drives just like it did when it was new. I think the quality of the drive train should have been better with a $50,000 price tag, but overall, it is the nicest car I have owned. Am I going to buy another one? Probably not. I'm not comfortable with the future of Jaguar since Ford sold out it to Tata.

    My advice on shopping for a used for one with low mileage. They are around, because many of the owners trade or lease every couple of years. I would definitely have it checked out by a trusted mechanic. If you don't have one, then I would take it to a Jaguar dealer, not Ford. The mechanics at a Jaguar dealer are much more likely to be trained for them properly.

    On the oil question....during the first 4 years, they used synthetic oil and changed it every 12 months or 10,000 miles. Then I was told synthetic oil is of no advantage except in very high performance engines....Ferrari, etc.. So for the past 3-4 years I have used regular oil and change it every 3 months or 3000 miles. (About $80 at a Jaguar dealer, and about $30 anyplace else.)

    In my opinion, there are two things needed to make a "good" car last longest....keep it clean and waxed, and keep the oil changed regularly.

    Hope this helps. Ron

    P.S.....if you want a good deal on a 2002 S-Type 4.0 with a new transmission and 106,000 miles, I have one!! (-:
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    We really need help - our cat has only one eye - the Bi Xenon Headlights have winked out on the passenger side. Out, then on then out for good. The Jag dealer assessed the lights, sold us the wrong bulb and our mechanic sent us back to the dealer again who now says that we have to pay about $400. for that bulb plus labour at about $l20.00 per hour in order to get that light working. I don't think brain surgeons make that kind of money or even pay that kind of money for their operating room lights. Someone says that BMW's are even more. Somethings wrong with this picture so we're really hoping that someone out there can help us with some correct information as to how to approach this problem and get our cat seeing straight again. Thanks.
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