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Jaguar S-Type



  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I'm on my third Jaguar. Previously owned an 03 X-Type and an 06 X-Type. The first of the year I traded my 06 X for a certified 06 S-Type VDP that my local Jag dealer acquired. First of all - Jag's certified cars give you a 6 year - 100K warranty from original in-service date, and, offers excellent protection. The X-Types are all-wheel -drive, and, the drivetrain can be annoying noisy, and, some have had vibration issues - requiring propshaft replacements, etc. to cure the problem. The S-Types are much quieter, and, more luxurious than the X, but, you give up the excellent foul weather capabilities that the all-wheel- drive gives you. However, the S-Type, with its 6 speed automatic, gets better fuel economy than the X does. On the question of motor oil - there is no special motor oil required - both models use regular 5W-30 oil. You can use synthetic if you want, but its more expensive. My advice to you: Decide which model Jag you want. Get the latest model with the lowest mileage you can afford, and, get a Certified one from a Jag dealer. This means they've inspected the car, corrected any deficiencies, and warrant the vehicle as noted above. Before I bought my CPO S-Type, I was allowed an overnight test drive, and, I did my own inspection as well. I found a couple of problems that they missed, and, made them correct them before I purchased the car. In addition, Jag will only certify cars that have had all the required maintenance done, have a clean carfax, and, have some of the original factory warranty still in effect (Must have under 50K miles). The dealer is required to give you a copy of the Carfax report on the vehicle before purchase as well. Buying a certified one from a non-Jag dealer is a crap-shoot - a lot of these non-factory backed certification programs are a joke. In addition, at the time I bought mine, Jaguar was offering very attractive finance rates on the CPO cars as well. I believe they're still available.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I suggest you research your problem on a couple of the regular Jaguar forums. Usually the folks that post on these can offer excellent guidance on how to deal with a problem such as yours.

  • kenbergkenberg Posts: 2
    Thanks for tips. Like most, I see the S type as exactly what I've always wanted since first driving the old 3.8s. Problem is, the costly parts under the paint are not something I want to have to worry about. As a parking lot fender smasher in the 1950s I often took customer cars to the Jag shop for them. They loved their cars but were vexed by constant need for attention. Seems that not much has changed.
  • I got 2000 S type V6 29.5 K miles, very low, I have warning light " Left tail lamp out"
    I check Fuses in fron and back and nothing.
    Any clue??
  • ron6962ron6962 Posts: 5
    This usually means you have a bulb that is burned out....not a fuse. Check the bulbs in the left rear light enclosure. It is easy to do yourself. I have replaced two (left and right) in my 2002 S-Type.
  • Thanks:
    I replaced all the bulbs and nothing that why I check the fuses.
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    OldCEM: Regular Jaguar forums? Aaaaah, if only I knew how to find them. I'm so new to all this stuff - I have a passionate hate for computers because they never seem to give up the information I need when I need it, probably because I don't ask the questions properly or some other lame reason.
    Whatever, we don't get along, never did, but I refuse to give up and so now I have to try to find those Regular Jaguar Forums you so kindly mentioned. Can you please point me to them so I can search out the information I need.
    Apparently the initial problem with the lights was a ballast and the replacement (wow expensive) failed within two days so we really have to search out this problem. Jaguar Doctor is too busy dismantling the front end to get at headlights again to research so I have to struggle with the computer. I think I have the best job though, frustrating though it may be, at least my office is air-conditioned.
    Point me to the other forums, please and I'll stop bothering you guys. Thanks muchly.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Try - Its the best of the bunch, and, been the most help .

  • Looking for recommendation for the right snow tires for my Jag S-type.
    Live in New England. When I bought the car, I thought, I'll just stay in when it snows, but find I want the confidence to be out when I have to rather than the weather always predicating my days. I only have 9,000 miles on my 08' and would get killed on the trade-in for an X-Type, which I should have bought in the first place. I know someone who owns one and he said his is like a tank in the snow...Other than that, love the car, although I have to sit on a special pad to support my lower spine to stave off a pain in my right leg. Why don't they have Chiropractors design the seats??
  • Sorry for the mispelling..couldn't change. thanks for all replies...NC
  • Well, as usual my computer has been taking lessons from my '03 STR. Seems that the forum you suggested is not interested in letting me in. Cannot navigate that site no matter how hard I try. Now that the driver's side power seat is not functioning on my Cat I think we really need help with this car. Perhaps we are just having a run of bad luck but I think we really need to talk to someone about these expensive problems. We're also not getting any signals on our message centre which makes me think that it has somehow been disabled - afterall, with all the problems we have been having, shouldn't something be blinking on the centre? Any suggestions? And, no, I am not ready to sell or trade - despite the problems I LOVE my CAT - every problematic inch of her and once we're over the problem hump, all will be great. Thanks.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Gr8Cat: Do a Yahoo search for Jaguar Forums, and, see if you can get into them that way. On your power seat gremlin- check the fuse boxes ans see if you've just lost a fuse. The car's got 3 fuse boxes - the owner's manual will tell you where to find them. I was having an intermittent problem with my Nav system. I popped the tops off the fuse boxes, and, made sure everything was seated correctly. I found some fuses that didn't appear to be plugged in all the way. After that, my gremlin went away.

  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    oldcem - I've been out of the loop for a while but that is not to say that the Cat is behaving herself. The power seat problem has been fixed to the tune of $l,000. Seems the Control Module was dead? whatever. We left something behind the seat that interfered with the automatic operation.
    Now that winter is upon us, I'm re-learning what a "bad winter car" really means. Even with snow tires on this machine seems the Cat has a mind of her own, and behaves as if her claws have been clipped way too short. Thank heavens we haven't had very much snow this year so far.
    We have a very long, windy, hilly driveway and getting in and out has been a challenge to say the least, and a bit of fun at times.
    Thank goodness for the J-gate. I've really learned a lot about winter driving this year - stuff I had forgotten once I got rid of my old Toyota Celica years ago.
    Now I realize why my husband and son were pushing so hard for me to buy an X Type. Guess all-wheel drive would be too much to ask for on the S-type, just to safely get through a few months of the year.
    The other 10 months are soooooo good. It's almost embarrassing the way people stare at this car - almost with reverence and always giving-way and hardly ever challenging.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the fuses - that just might be the answer to a few of our problems and we'll get that done just as soon as spring arrives (no garage for Cat). Happy motoring. gr8cat
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Before the weather got bad, I replaced the worn-out Michelins on my S with some Kumho tires. The cat hasn't done too bad this winter with her new claws. I had 2 X Types before this S Type, and, they're excellent in snow. The downside is - they don't get very good fuel economy because of the AWD, and, they're not near as quick as the V8 S-Types are.

  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    We have new Blizzaks on the STR. Have always been used to all-weather tires till now so perhaps these are not the best choice. Fuel economy? what's that? Considering how I drive this car, I guess I shouldn't complain but it seems that my gas tank is ALWAYS close to empty - maybe 23 mpg and sometimes as low as 19. Highway cruising usually yields 29 - 31 mpg which I consider to be great. The intown kills us - to many quick corners, fast getaways and just plain fun. Cannot resist - gotta use it. Not since the E-Type have I had this much fun. Lots of flack from hubby, though and have to be a lot more sedate when he's in the car.
    Off to Montreal, Quebec this summer for the F1 race so we're thinking that will be a real test of the fuel economy.
    Happy motoring.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Your gas mileage is fine. My S-Type's stablemate is a 2010 Honda CRV 2WD - 4 cylinder w/5 speed automatic. The best she's done on long interstate trips is 28.5 MPG. My 4.2 Liter S smokes the CRV on trips, and, gets almost the same mileage in city driving. The 2 X-Types I've owned, an 03 2.5 Liter and an 06 3.0, both got far worse fuel economy on trips than the S Type - typically 5 - 6 MPG less.

  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Thanks for the reassurance - I do believe that your gallon is slightly smaller than our Canadian gallon - something like 3.78 litres to our 4.5 litres. or so I'm told - go figure I sure can't. Thoughts here are that if I drove the cat just a bit easier we would go a bit further on each tank of gas and maybe even get a little more mileage out of the tires. Now, how much fun does that sound like? Not much from where I'm sitting and not for a moment do I believe that these cars were meant to putter along, otherwise I would have bought a Chevy Aveo, or something like that, or for the money, a garage full of those.
    My cat's stablemate is a bright yellow '94 Vette roadster, standard transmission. Also, lots of fun, but not nearly as comfortable and only runs in the summertime.
    Polar extremes. WooHoo, life's good - can't wait for my XK8R which I always thought we should have had instead of the banana. I don't win all the discussions.
    Happy motoring. gr8cat
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I don't win all the time either - that's how I ended up with the CRV, and, the young lady who's put up with me for 44 years. Have to agree with you - nothing quite like the growl of the Jag V8 when you get on it - its a muscle car in a tuxedo. Last car I had that was this entertaining was a 1969 Oldsmobile 442.

  • Recently had dealer perform a mandatory software update J004 on 05 S-Type R.. Next time the vehicle was started Engine Light (MIL) was active. Purchased an OBDII reader and found only P0172 and P0175 active. Able to clear but returns after starting engine. From some post this might be related to intake air leak.
    Is it worth taking it back to the sealer and blaming the software update or does the update make these standard codes more sensitive?? I presume this has something to do with the tighter emission regs in Southern California as the Mandatory Update appeared on the annual vehicle registration form. Any ideas on where to start or is this a dealer only issue.
  • mariekamarieka Posts: 1
    What happened with the lawsuit???????????.......4 days ago, I had almost the same problem as you had but my car was (yes, I said was) a 1998 XJ8. I backed out of my underground parking spot and as soon as I put it in "D" to leave, the Jag drove itself right back into the parking stall at an unbeleivable speed. Both of my feet on the brake pedal. I could not stop that car. I owed it for 5 years so it's not like I did not know how to park/drive..........Now, the insurance company wants proof that this was unintended the heck, am I going to prove this............HELP
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