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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • To: n9cv
    Fm: martinpaul

    Thank you for the advise/direction; will keep you/and this message board updated as to the progress made.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    I probably should have noted that sometimes this failure is also caused by a piece of dirt getting into the area of the sensor and the ring (which looks like a gear). A simple cleaning of the ring and sensor will resolve this issue. The sensor is a very low voltage and close clearance pickup. A little bit of dirt or rust the will cause erroneous signals from the sensor.

    If you are experiencing steering wheel pull with a grinding noise from one of the wheels then the hub need to be replaced. If not, then this is a sensor problem not a hub problem. Do not confuse tire noise from poorly worn ties with a grinding noise. Many Colorados and Canyons came out with the front ride height set incorrectly (there was a service bulletin released on this). With the ride height set incorrectly, the front tires wore on the insides. When the wear is bad enough tires make noise sounding similar to a bad hub bearing.

    One of the service bulletins is 06-03-06-002 There are several other SBs that apply.

    None of this applies to your problem if you do not have front wheel noise or abnormal tire wear.
  • omaitaomaita Posts: 16
    I had the same problem last year with my Colorado 4x4 2006, 29K at that time. Firt time, they said loose wire. Second time, bad sensor. Third time, I just search here and printed a forum where somebody had the same issue and had been fixed replacing a bad Hub or something like that, so when I went to the delaer just gave them that paper and they replace the Hub, and problem solved. Good luck with this one and expect MORE ISSUES !!!!
    Now my 2006 43K is in the delaer, seems to be a broken transmision.
  • Sarah,
    Can you send me Cynthia's information? My husband and I are having the same ABS problem with our 06 Chevy Colorado. We have been told we will most likely need the wheel hub and sensor replaced but the dealership is unsure how to fix the issue?
  • Hello,

    If you were to click on the link to my username, you can find an email address there. Or, if you would prefer to work by phone, please call Chevrolet Customer Assistance at 800-222-1020. They're open 8 am - 9pm EST Monday through Saturday.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have also got problems with my ABS. My Colorado 66,000 miles at this time. Not sure if it would be covered under any kind of warenty or not. I'm sure it is not. I also just started having problems with my blower motor. I have done some research and found out that our colorado's have got some ground problems. Blower is working right now but not sure for how long. I have also had problems with my turning signal bulbs, I noticed others have had the same problem, I have noticed that there is no contact greese on the bulbs and they are arcing. I just pull them out and turn them around and put them back. It seems to fix it.Good luck everyone. If I have any more problems I will research and post what I find.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    Go here to read how to diagnose and repair this problem. It is normally one of two issues. The ground connection on the passenger side inner fender or the resistor assembly under the dash has a burned contact. Both of there are easy to repair.

    Read posting #4 bout-blower-motor.html#post1876908

    I got tired of answering the same question over, and over, and over again on this problem so I put that posting together. I have not figured out yet how to imbed all of the pictures due to that site's size restrictions, but the verbage should do it for you.

    Good luck
  • martinpaulmartinpaul Posts: 4
    edited December 2011
    Per my post #225, dtd 11-16-11 Another Colorado ABS problem;
    Have been through the GM Customer Service "Mill", very nice people, BUT no real help in fixing the ABS problem; either for free (design fault/recall) or at a reasonable price.
    Heck, they will not acknowledge a problem exist with these trucks.
    The ABS acts up very infrequently, so I'm going to ride it out with no repair.
    Thanks to n9cv for the advise on repairing the problem... will try your advise if the situation gets worse...
    Have contacted my U.S. Congressman re this problem/issue... they have advised me to contact the "U.S. Office of Defects"...WOW!
    Oh yes...I now approach other Colorado drivers in parking lots, and ask if they have any break issues... funny... so far.. three out of three have or had ABS problems.
    Will post updates to this poll.
    GM has offered me a rebate against the purchase of a new GM vehicle... I've taken the offer, but don't know if I'm going to use it or not.
    Really don't to buy a Tacoma... and the 2013 Collie's are really sharp.
    Good Luck All.
  • I agree with martinpaul about not going ahead with any repairs. Reports from owners who did on this site prove that replacing hubs and sensors don't always work.

    My '05 with 51,000 miles has been a trouble-free vehicle except for the occasional ABS fault alerts and low-speed activation of the ABS. I really love this truck! Funny how I haven't had any ABS faults for a couple of weeks after getting them at least every other week all year! Crazy.

    I'm hoping to get a re-designed Colorado when they come out. I am retired from GM and would NEVER cut my own throat by buying Japanese, even if the [non-permissible content removed] truck is built in the U.S. the money goes back to Japan.
  • Brewguy..

    Agree with you about the Colorado.... love the truck... want to buy a 2013 (please see the end of my post #225).....My wife thinks I'm crazy.... but you have expressed my feelings... about not buying a Tacoma.... about keeping our money here... and supporting the company that pays the pension.
    Maybe we will see you in Wentzville next summer.

  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    This vehicle may be a USA built truck (Shreveport, LA) , but unfortunately the design was a collaboration of Isuzu and GM. Many of the components show heavy Japanese influence. An example is the front grill mounting clips that are used on Hondas. The front brake rotors do not remove easily like North American designed vehicles. They used the Japanese design which requires removal of the entire front hub to replace a worn rotor. This increases service time and expense for a normal wear / replacement item.

    In a attempt to reduce production costs, everything was cheapened up wherever possible. The failure to put tooth type lock washers on electrical ground connections has lead to multiple intermittent electrical failures. GM put them on the previous North American designed S-10. The failure to use cadmium type fasteners has lead to rusted mounting bolts and adjusters for headlights. North Americans drive their vehicles many more miles and in harsher conditions than most other countries. Road salt is an issue in the northern 1/3 of the US and most of Canada. NA designs take that into account and protect fasteners against it. Unfortunately these protections were not incorporated in the Colorado design.

    The biggest design short comings was in the electrical area. Wire diameters and connector surface sizes were used that just met requirement. The biggest single complaint has been the electrical connectors in the heater / AC fan circuit. Let's not forget the brake switch problem.

    Other common failures were the evap vent solenoid and the cam solenoid. Unfortunately the evap vent solenoid was mounted under the bed where it get's dirt and salt in it from road spray. A good cleaning of the solenoid / valve fixes this problem. Finally there is the ABS sensor problem being discussed here which affects braking and Traction Control. A permanent fix for this should be released by GM

    All of these items could have been found and production changed after the first model year so following year vehicles would not have these problems. Unfortunately GM chose not to do this and the reputation of this vehicle has plummeted accordingly.

    The point of all of this is it is not necessarily the location of he manufacturing plant, it is the the initial design and the following corrections to problems that also counts. For a couple a dollars per vehicle and good follow up, this vehicle could have been a very good truck with a very good reputation.

    Will the Asian designed and built follow on truck be any better? All we can do is wait and see. I hope so. If it proves reliable I'll buy one.
  • cindythebarbercindythebarber Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    I own a 2006 Chevy Colorado with 65,000 miles I purchased new in January 2006. Last year I had the blower problem where only #4 (high) worked. It is a loose wire under the glove box that is causing the short. Also, the last 4 months I've experienced the ABS fault light, along with a horrible noise when I apply the brakes. This mainly happens when it is wet outside. No loss of brakes, though. Today, the ABS fault light came on, along with the brake light. Again, no loss of brakes (thankfully!). My brakes were checked by my local mechanic 5 months ago, and did not need replacing at that time. Today, I applied the parking brake (while parked w/ motor running), and released parking brake. The warning lights all dissappeared.
  • If the brake concern should arise again and you decide to work with a GM dealership, please let us know in an email. We would like to be sure to follow up with you and the dealership to make sure things are resolved.

    GM Customer Service
  • N9, you sound like either a GM mechanic or engineer. Good info you posted. However, even though my truck has been driven in 6 Ohio winters, I have experienced none of the electrical, headlight bolt or evap canister problems. I do, however, regularly spray off the underside of my truck during the winter as I have done for all the cars I've owned over the years.

    As far as the Asian design flaws, what else can we do if we want a small-sized pickup? I understand GM and the others have global operations and must accomodate different design specifics and parameters. My hauling needs do not require a full-sized gas-hog truck so I choose the smaller ones.

    I've owned an '87 S10, '95 GMC Sonoma and this '05 Colorado and have had very good service from all of them. I must confess that I am particular about car care and do not abuse my vehicles, so maybe that's why mine have given me very little trouble.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    I would rather not state what my relationship with GM is.

    I will state that all 6 of our 4 and 6 wheel road vehicles that we currently own are GM vehicles. We (my wife and I) have also owned a few Toyotas and Fords, but not many over the years. I too have owed two S-10 pickups and now a 2005 Colorado. As to the head light fastener problem, you will not notice it until you go to remove or adjust them. I just gave that as an example of poor fastener quality where they saved 5 or 10 cents per vehicle. The evap solenoid usually shows up as gasoline spitting back up you when you fill the tank rather than an error code. It will show up as an error code is it sticks open rather than closed.

    By far the biggest complaints have been electrical, followed by ABS / Traction Control (optional feature) issues. These ABS issues almost always turn out to be sensor related which we can call electro-mechanical problems.

    In the first years GM only offered the whole hub with sensor as a replacement part. Now you can get just the senor or the hub as separate parts. These parts are also available on the aftermarket. The issue is these are seldom defective. They are usually only dirty or out of adjustment but the GM maintenance procedures tells the tech to replace the item(s) rather than repair them.

    It is hard to gather exact "mean time to failure" or "failures per 1,000 vehicle" statistics on these parts when GM just blanket replaces them whether they are really defective or not. Also because of the high expense of parts and labor, owners take them to non-GM repair facilities after the warranty expires and use non-GM sourced parts for repairs.

    Good luck with your Colorado. I like mine over all. I use my extended cab Colorado as a truck for hauling, towing, and as a personal vehicle on a daily basis. I also live in the midwest and I try to stay off of freshly salted roads in the winter time. I seldom my other cars.
  • N9cv,

    Your loyalty to GM products is much appreciated, and I am pleased to hear that you are overall enjoying your current Colorado. If, in the future, any concerns arise and you should need customer assistance, please feel free to contact us via the email address available in my profile with more information.

    GM Customer Service
  • okay, if someone can help me out here that would be great, because clearly GM has no idea and does not have any plans to resolve this issue. for starters the blower motor stopped working. first indication to me was check the fuse. it was fine. even replaced it to make sure, still nothing. Then considered maybe the blower motor went bad so for haha's I removed it and hooked it up to a battery and it turned on. So I reinstalled it. then I replaced the resistor and still nothing. But while in this process one of the prongs on the connector to the resistor looked dark brown. so went right back to GM and spent another 55.00 on the connector. Then cut out the old and spliced in the new, still nothing. Now my next guess was maybe the switch on the head unit went bad, but before i drop 200.00 to GM for a new one let me make sure it works. I tested the connection and the switch isn't getting any power. So now at this point i am checking the orange wire and the brown wire for power. power was very weak but have good power at the fuse box. Went back to GM and here's the best answer I have ever received. ** I don't know what to tell you.**. They explained to me that everything that I had already taken care of is exactly what they would have done themselves. And also I should consider bringing the truck in for diagnosis and maybe they can find a problem. and for what? to pay some yoyo to do exactly as i did and tell me i need to replace something on just a hunch? I know exactly what the problem is. These trucks have horrible electrical issue's and they intend on doing absolutely nothing about it. Just to spare everyone I wont even begin to explain all of the issues I have had with this truck. But also have had nothing but issues with the ABS sensor's as well. light came on, sure enough I replaced the Hub's on both sides. guess what. didn't solve the problem. so new hubs and sensors did nothing. i am constantly doing routine check ups on the truck. from oil changes ever 3 thousand miles to differential fluid. Just the worst GM I've ever owned. reguardless if someone could maybe point me in the right direction as far as the fan motor goes that would be great. In the mean time I will not be purchasing another GM and are very disappointed in the customer service and how unprofessional both GM dealers I went to were. Thank you For reading my rant. :lemon:
  • Hi trans_am
    I also had problems with my blower but it would only work on the highest setting and I brought it in and they replaced the heater blower resistor and connector and told me that the wiring had actually melted. Every once in a while I have ABS problems but when I shut the vehicle off and turn it back on it clears and good for another 3+ months... I figure the next time it occurs and ABS light ACTUALLY comes on I will drive it to the nearest dealer and then see if they can diagnose it before I shut the vehicle off. A new problem arose last week....two times now when I go from Park to Reverse reverse does not engage until I return to Park. I also think that there are major electrical problems with this vehicle from the amount of bulbs I have replaced to the wiring (I can't remember what they were for) that travel thru my rear door and they told me it was from opening the door too much!
    It sounds like you have replaced everything that I had done and I know I haven't been much help to solving anything but just want you to know that you are not alone in wondering what the heck is going on and feel like we are not getting the best answers for our problems. Do the dealers really care about the satisfaction we have or just the sale of the vehicle? I personally have never spoken to our dealer after the purchase. I would never send anyone in the market there unlike the service we were provided with my husbands Jeep. Good Luck and keep us posted.
    PS My husband has 2 words to share with both of us... SELL IT! I couldn't do that to someone!
  • trans-am check out a post from n9cv he mentioned a ground for the blower
  • thanks buddy, ground's were solid. but clearly there is still an issue.
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