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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • yumabradyumabrad Posts: 1

    did anything every get done about the abs fualt light issue, have a 06 i got new and this has been a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] for me,

  • i have a 04 Colorado 2wd. I have recently gotten the abs issue that is on the drivers side. I have actually discovered the problem with mine. The abs tone ring is magnetically held to the rear of the bearing. The ring got loose and pushed itself off the center. Finding this after replacing bearing and sensor naturally. I am trying to resolve by super gluing ring into place. Will post again if problem resolve with instructions on repair.

  • a_rod68a_rod68 Posts: 1
    There's two different problems. First one, the front hubs have sensors built into them and sensors go bad around 120k miles or so and need to be replaced. Witch is a.expensive part for some reason and a lil bit more work to fix then most vehicals. But alot of other vehicals need same fix. Secondly, my dash gave me a abs light and displayed abs fault. Did some research and troubleshooting. I already replaced both hubs cause I know better.if one.was.bad  just to.replace the other so I knew that wasnt the problem. Lite came off and.on at different times for no.reason. I fixed it by cleaning all my grounds. Headache/frustrating to figure out but all is good now! :-)Know what you don't know.  I got my colorado 5years ago from someone who hit head on with a tree. The front of engine was in the tree. Replaced front bumper, hood and fender and still running strong.good luck to every one. It's not that difficult as it seems.
  • buz5buz5 Posts: 5
    mittens1 said:

    I have a 2004 colorado same problem. i have been dealing with it for about 2 yrs. had it checked out there is something wrong with the wheel speed sensor most likely in only 1 wheel. mine is the drivers front. something about the seal bad allowing dirt, water to set off this censor also could be a problem. hoping chevy will do a recall I have heard several complaints about this poblem. hope this helps u out

  • buz5buz5 Posts: 5
    I have 2006 Colorado replaced front brakes had rotors turned. The abs light came on.Changed censor on left front did not work.Changed wheel bearing that came with censor. No more problems. Now if abs stops working stops working .I don't know about that. Ask autozone if they can check ABS codes.
  • buz5buz5 Posts: 5
    lvfrank said:

    It seems that all you hear about is resetting the computer, but still the intermittant ABS fault will return with no ryme or reason, and then if you pull over, turn the vehicle off, and start it again, the error goes away. I am tired of this error. The mechanic tells me that it is not hurting the brakes or my safety, but I have had both hubs replaced at my cost, and have had the sensors replaced twice--again at my cost. Does anyone have a new Idea or is it just reset the computer. Tired of this--- It seems that this error effects more than me, maybe GM and Chevy should look at Customer Service and suggest a recall......

  • buz5buz5 Posts: 5
    Might notneed to replace both. I think Autozone can check ABS code. I replaced left front on my 2006 Colorado censor would not work. Replace bearing that came with censor no more problems. Lot have trouble when replacing just censor.
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