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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Good Afternoon Marroe,
    I seen your post and wanted to try to clarify my position and the ways I am able to assist you all. I'm part of a new department for General Motors that reaches out to customers via social media (including forums like this one, Facebook, and Twitter). In doing this, we're hoping to assist customers who otherwise might not contact us regarding a particular situation. In some ways, I acknowledge that my responses are perhaps limited in depth and scope. I am operating entirely from the GM-approved resources available to me, and when it comes to trouble shooting some problems an owner's manual is the only thing I can contribute from. Our approach to diagnosing concerns is that our dealerships are our eyes and ears, and that an in-person look at a vehicle is more accurate than a virtual one. We'd rather not have one representative of GM say one thing over the internet and another representative of GM say another in person at the dealership.
    Some things I can help assist with are:
    1) looking to see if there are any open safety recalls that you need to be alerted about
    2) inform you of your warranty parameters (exact date/time of expiration, special coverages, etc)
    3) investigate past service history in the event of a vehicle concern (an extensive service history record helps build a case towards GM assisting with the costs of a repair, but isn't the only determining factor)
    4) helps to build up our database so that the interactions I have with you virtually are recorded for "text-mining" of customer service records; this assists with GM issuing recalls or service programs for makes and models of cars

    I hope this helps to clarify our purposes for engaging with forum posts. Again, I appreciate this feedback. I am here to serve you all in the ways that I'm able to do so. If you have a question please feel free to address me on the forum or send me an email at, and I will do my best to find the answer for you, or lead you in the appropriate direction.
    GM Customer Service
  • strick27strick27 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,
    I purchased a 2006 Chevy Colorado about 4 years ago. About 2 years ago i first experienced the ABS fault issue. I touched the brake pedal to slow down and the vehicle veered off to the right, i corrected it in time but what had happened is the ABS activated for some reason but was only working on the right side of the vehicle. The ABS stayed activated for a few more seconds while i was trying to slow down, then it released and the ABS BRAKE FAULT message came up. I then had full control of the brakes. After shutting the truck off and restarting it the error message was gone. I took it to my local GM dealership (while i was under extended warranty) and they said that nothing was wrong. It happened a few more times over the next few months so i tried again, same result from the dealership. I then took it to Les Schwab, and they replaced about 1000 dollars worth of drums and pads. Also ever since i have had the truck there has been a pulse in the brake pedal. A few months later, same thing. So back to the dealership i went. When i purchased the truck in 2008 i bought a 5 year 100000 mile extended warranty. What i was not told in 2008 is that, that specific warranty starts with the vehicle manufactured date. So by this time my warranty was over (2 and half years and 40000 miles later). I threw a fit in the store and left never to go back, just decided i would live with the ABS FAULT problem. In the past week the problem has got very bad. Almost every time i stop it happens, this last weekend it happened at 75 mph and just about threw me off the interstate. Its been doing it daily, and is getting very annoying. Is there a solution to this Fault yet that anyone knows about, because we all know that GM will not man up and fix it. I'm sure there is no way that their design would ever have this many problems is the way they see things. Anyway long story short i hope that GM will fix this problem. But the way i was treated at the GM dealership in Twin Falls, ID i will most likely sale my truck and never buy a GM product again.
  • lynnie63lynnie63 Posts: 7
    Hi Strick~

    How scary that must have been having the ABS problems at 75mph! Thankfully I have only had problems at low speeds. I have been keeping a log book in my truck for every time it happens and today again coming off of the highway I could hear that sound coming from somewhere under my dash and then the ABS brakes kicked in with no fault lights on the dash. I frequently travel 300 miles on the highway to my destination and really getting worried about the safety issues and wondering when Chevrolet will realize the magnitude of our problems with this issue and do something to make it right. I refuse to pay 1000.00's of dollars to have something fixed that is not the problem or continue to have it diagnosed and pay for no readings. I have to travel this week and wondering if I should just pull the ABS fuse again?? Does anyone know if that will do the trick? I have done it before and didn't seem to have any problems but unsure if that was just coincidence. I put the fuse back in to pass inspection. I am going to attempt to call Chevrolet tomorrow and see what they have to say. So sorry that we all have to deal with this and for the dealerships not even standing behind us. Be careful!">
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    The ABS system works by comparing the wheel rotation speeds and when it finds an anomaly (meaning wheels spinning at different speeds) it engages the ABS (The pulsing you feel in the pedal) to stop what it thinks is a wheel sliding.

    There are several components that could cause your problem but the most common by far is the wheels sensors. Things like shoes, pads, drums, and rotors should not cause this problem.

    I would start looking for a maladjusted sensor (meaning the sensor clearance is off because it is not seated properly) causing an occasional loss of sensor pulses.

    If you also have traction control, an intermittent / weak sensor will also display an occasional traction fault without pressing on the brake. The traction control system uses the same sensors .

    Initially I would scan the ABS controller looking for errors (codes). The scan might tell you which sensor is failing. A solid sensor failure will set an ABS light after initially picking up speed past 10 mph without touching the brake. These are errors are easy to retrieve with a scan tool.

    If that does not work, with the same scanner I would drive the vehicle with the ABS scanner attached and look at the output of each wheel sensor. One should be different than the others.

    You could also have a bad ABS controller but those failures are rare.
  • marroemarroe Posts: 7

    I thought that I was reading my own post while reading yours. Talk to almost anyone that owns a colorado they can share the same issue. I was sick to my stomach to read all of the information on the internet about this problem. It seems that a lot of people replaced the hubs the sensors and everything but the truck and it still happens. If pulling the ABS fuse stops it, I may do that to mine. I would rather have no ABS than no brakes at all. Or having just one front wheel brake working and shooting you off the road. That happened to me too. Everyone just needs to report it.

    Be careful, it scared the hell out of me.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning strick27,

    I am sorry to read that you haven't had a satisfactory experience with your dealership. If we can look into this further for you, please send an email to with more information (include your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership). My coworker Christina, who answers inbound emails, will assist you further.

    GM Customer Service
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    I purchased a new 2006 Colorado with less than 30 miles on it and my experience with the truck and Chevy/ GM and their dealers have been the same as you and THOUSANDS of other owners. Simply a nightmare of total GREED. (I regretfully traded in a very reliable Acura.) The dealers don't deal and the manufacturer doesn't manufacture. They slash!
    You said, " After shutting the truck off and restarting it the error message was gone. I took it to my local GM dealership (while i was under extended warranty) and they said that nothing was wrong." Of course, what did you expect from a Chevy Dealer; they don't care and/or they don't know how; they just want your money and as much of it as possible.

    You said, " Is there a solution to this Fault yet that anyone knows about, because we all know that GM will not man up and fix it. I'm sure there is no way that their design would ever have this many problems is the way they see things. Anyway long story short i hope that GM will fix this problem."

    Don't hope, there is no hope with either the company or their dealers. The company was in financial difficulty, because they don't manufacture a quality product and then don't back them up like a reputable company should.

    Could you imagine if Boeing (The world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense) built airplanes like GM built their vehicles? A GM type Boeing would say after their plane crashed, " Duh, I don't believe that there is a problem; take it to our hanger and have one of our janitor dealers look at it." Their dealer would say, "There is no problem." or "We can replace all the parts that are attached to the wing that failed, including the entire fuselage and horizontal stabilizer, 'maybe' that will solve your crashing problem. At your expense, of course"
    You, the airplane owner, could always contact their Customer Service Rep and they could string you along with false hope and empty promises and then later tell you, " Our GM type Boeing can't help you."
    BOTTOM LINE: A LOSER company like GM was in financial problems to the point of BANKRUPTCY and had to have the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS bail them out. What makes us think that we change a LOSER into a WINNER by just throwing Billions of dollars at them? Would you do that for a criminal? Can you change the spots on a leopard; can you change a hawk to a dove? The answer is simply, "NO"! If you love your country, don't buy GM (you will reward the greedy and punish the honest ones) ; go to a foreign car dealer and trade in your GM (Colorado or Canyon) in and a buy the foreign car (most are made in the USA); stick them with the loser GM product that they can't even give away. Tell your friends.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    The real issue was GM's lack of follow up on a few failure prone areas. You should expect to see a few things to make it through testing and into the production models. I have no idea what they did to simulate thousands of miles in various environments but a 2004 model might be expected still show up a few missed things and maybe even a 2005 model. After those years you should expect that GM would have made engineering changes to fix those failure prone areas. Unfortunately for us and also the future for the 355 (Colorado, Canyon, I 260, and Hummer H3) product line they chose to take the opposite route. You see a lot of lip service from the GM rep here but you never hear anyone come back and say "GM fixed my problem". Instead of fixing issues Gm chose to stonewall customers and say "we have never seen the problem before" even though it is listed here and on the Colorado forum sites hundreds of times.

    GM did address the issue of the soft valve seats on the I-4 and I-5 engines by extending the warranty to 100,000 miles. They did address the failing brake light with a $10.00 recall, but other than that on these other high failure items such as the wheel sensors, the heater fan resistor, the missing star washer on the right inner fender ground connection, and the evap vent solenoid you hear nothing from them other than "you are the only one who is having this problem". It will cost you $,$$$.$$ to fix our poor design.

    GM chose to make these design failures a revenue stream rather than an engineering issue. The product line is now dead. This is the last year for them and they are shutting down the US plant that makes them. You seldom see one on a dealer's lot and haven't for a few years. So there now is no incentive for GM to resolve your problem.

    Two weeks ago I bought my first foreign car. It was a used 2009 Honda. I needed to reset the anti-theft radio code because I had disconnected the battery. I called Honda and registered myself as the new owner. They helped me with the new code and then said "Sir, there is a recall on that Honda and one service bulletin that you should bring you car in to have done. Your nearest dealer is xxxxxx and I can transfer you there if you would like to make an appointment." I never asked for any of this. All I wanted was a radio reset code but they went out of their way to make sure I knew what additional "free" things should be done.

    I've always owned GM vehicles and GM was customer oriented is in the past like Honda is now, but Gm is not that way today. Good luck on resolving your issues. I now have 5 GM vehicles and one Honda in my family. You can bet that ratio will continue to change in the future until all of the GM vehicles are gone.
  • tammy72tammy72 Posts: 6
    Amen, you stated it exactly as I read this forum. You get no where here!
  • tammy72tammy72 Posts: 6
    Yes, I pulled the fuse and the problem is solved. I have to enjoy my truck with the abs and brake light on all the time, but it's better than the brakes not working. My truck was inspected this way at the GM dealership, because they are aware of the problem and that GM is doing nothing about it. It di!d pass inspection even though this is clearly a safety hazard!
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry.... How do you and your counter parts sleep at night? Try the Honda and Toyota approach, " When can we fix your recalled part?"
  • pequeapequea Posts: 1
    WOW! I just found this site because I was looking up my ABS headaches with my Colorado and see all of the posts that describe EXACTLY what is happening with me. It is heartbreaking because I bought what I thought was a perfect truck for me two years ago. A 2005 Colorado crew cab Z71 with only 30k miles! I began having the ABS problem after about 4 months and it has been going on since. My mechanic thought that it might be caused by the excessive rust (that the dealer also had concealed very well with undercoat paint) in the area of the ABS sensors. But after reading all of these posts, I don't think that is it. My symptoms are the slight noise first, then (usually at slow speed stops), the ABS activate, the warning bell sounds, and on comes the light and fault message. It can stay on for minutes, hours, or days at a time, and then can stay off for the same. Also heartbreaking to know that Chevy isn't doing anything to help us out. I pride myself in buying American, but this doesn't help to bolster my reasons for doing so. I guess I'll watch for updates on this site from now on. Thanks.
  • Have you had this looked into by one of our GM dealerships in addition to your mechanic? I understand if this isn't a viable option, just wanted to let you know we'd be willing to follow up on any diagnoses performed with us.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Pequea, Please ignore any answers from "GM Custsvcs" on this site. They have no genuine intention of getting your problem fixed. If you go back through the pages here, you'll see what I mean.

    Now, as for your ABS fault problem: I've experienced the same things with my 2005 Colorado for several years now, and have learned to live with it. The ABS Fault indication always goes away when I shut the ignition off and start up again. Until the vehicle becomes totally inoperable because of this, I'm gonna keep on driving it. I really do like my truck and have had no other problems in 7 years other than an oxygen sensor replaced. It really causes no safety concerns for me as long as the brakes work, especially when I read here about folks who've paid thousands of $$ to have the ABS system "fixed" and are still getting the fault code. You ought to consider the same thing. Good luck.
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    brewerguy and pequea,
    Listen to all of the Colorado owners who have tried to be honest and fair with GM. The GM Serv Reps and GM don't do anything but use delay tactics. 'Tactics, then, are isolated actions or events that take advantage of opportunities offered by the gaps within a given strategic system.' Their strategy is to wear you down with delays, expensive diagnostics at the dealer, and multiple statements or comments of "I'm sorry" followed by a explanation of why GM (Chevy) Will Not do anything with the design and manufacturing flaw that they continued to create and manufacture for several years and that still exsists with the Colorado ABS Failure issues.
    Chevy Runs Deep!?? How about: Chevy runs away! or Chevy runs deep into your pocket!
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    The last post is not only an angry Colorado owner, but also someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about a situation with a greedy, self serving and profit-only motivated bureaucratic corporation. Could their lack of customer focus and loyalty be the reason why they almost went Bankrupt. What goes around, comes around. You sew what you reap.
  • buyusbuyus Posts: 4
    Since GM will not do anything to resolve the ABS problems on their vehicles I suggest to everyone here that you either fix your own or find a competent independent mechanic to repair your ABS. I bought both bearing hubs with sensors, brake rotors, pads, and calipers all for around $600 and did the entire job myself in about 6 hours. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say the job has a difficulty of 5 or 6. If your mechanical skills are lacking you should be able to have your mechanic install the parts for about 6 hours labor charge. If your brakes are newer you will not need pads and calipers but I would suggest replacing the rotors if they haven't been replaced while it's apart.....your mechanic should know this.
    I shopped the best deals on parts both on the internet and local parts stores. With all these parts replaced the ABS works as designed and the brakes haven't given me any trouble in 30k miles. Anyone suggesting you drive your Colorado with the ABS light on is suggesting you risk your life. The ABS system DOES NOT WORK with the light on and, as noted by many people on this forum, malfunctioning ABS can cause dangerous situations.
    For those of you waiting for GM to do something about your ABS problem, Good Luck with that!
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    Unfortunately everyone here has about the same story with the same experience with GM service. The Customer Service Rep that monitors this site appears only to be doing damage control for GM. I have never seen any posting here from anyone that came back and said that GM "fixed their problem for free" after contacting GM customer service for help. It is always take it to a GM dealer who charges $100 or so to read the Tech 2 scanner and tell you what you already know and that is the sensor(s) are failing. Then for another $500 or more per side we will fix it for you. I also monitor 2 other GM Colorado/Canyon forums. The story is the same over there.

    A few years and 40,000 miles ago I "fixed" mine by re-seating the front sensors with a plastic hammer. Now it is starting to do it again. I have seen it twice this summer when the Outside Air Temperature was over 90 degrees F. Unfortunately during the second occurrence when I looked down at the Instrument Panel to see what the alarm was on the display, I missed seeing the traffic light changing to red in front of me. When I realized the light was red and tried to stop, I slid sideways into the intersection. Luckily the cross traffic had not started across the intersection yet so no damage was done other than maybe some flat spots on my tires. When you get the alarm, the ABS is shut off and that truck is very hard to keep headed straight in a panic stop without any ABS.
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    Hi cig1952,

    Welcome to the land of GM/ Chevy ineptness and design flaws. We (Colorado owners) have all had the same ABS problem(s) along with many other issues and problems that are examples of premature wear and / or design flaws. I am not surprised to hear that you found plastic parts in the brake assembly components. All GM wants to do is have the dealer replace the hub and sensor and call it a 'wear and tear' issue. The hub and sensor was re-designed in later years so you would have two separate parts, but dealers are still replacing BOTH parts sinc e they don't know what they are doing and simply want to make more money off of the owner/ consumer. Of course we will almost do anything to avoid the death defying episodes of BRAKE FAILURE due to this ABS issue. It will take a few deaths to get somone at GM to "own up".
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