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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • I have been watching these postings for the last couple of months, looking to learn some way to fix my truck. Based on the comments, I finally filed a complaint with the NHTSA. Maybe we all ought to, maybe they will get Chevorlet to help. This is more than a single problem. We are only a sample of the many that probably have the problem. Go to
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    You have emailed GM Customer Service? Do you have a case set up. If you would like to email me with your problems attention Christina, I would be happy to look into your situation.
    Christina GM Customer Service
  • jbev1jbev1 Posts: 1
    Looks like many of us are experiencing a continuation of the problems that GM acknowledged in "Safety recall 05068C: Front Wheel Speed Sensor Corrosion - (Mar 6, 2008)".
    That recall states that "If the brakes are applied while the vehicle is traveling at a speed of greater than 6 km/h (3.7 mph) but less than 16 km/h (10 mph), the corrosion may cause an unwanted anti-lock brake system (ABS) activation. If this condition occurred where stopping distance is limited, a crash could occur."

    Since GM is not moving on this one (clearly a design flaw) maybe the complaints to NHTSA are the way to go.

    Save your repair invoices!
  • Done all the complianing and all you see from the GM rep is have notified us?
    Yes! And some complianed to the NTSB as I have and no response. It has been a waste of time and a determent tactic I believe. The unions are too strong. Just kiss you and your families arsh goodbye when you need your brakes. Then SUE..SUE...SUE.
  • I'm going to jump on this serious disregard for public safety. And have my lawyer subpoena all of EDMUNDS records regarding this defect to prove my case. So Edmunds you are on notice not to delete any of these records. I have screen shots all of these complaints and have had for some time and they will be required in the event harm comes to my family or my be used by others in the event they suffer a loss of life or injury due to the braking system of this particular GM product. My son 24 drives the truck and he commented 2 days ago that it was acting up and scared the hell out of him. He said if he didn't slam on the brakes as hard as he could he would have hit another car where when it works right regular braking works fine. It is all of sudden when the brakes don't work is when you think you are going to meet your maker. He siad you never know. As many of I'm sure thousands have this problem why hasn't there been a recall?
    I bet the first $100 MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit will trigger one. Brick Goodnight
  • I own a 2006 chevy colorado and it has 38,000 miles on it. Vehicle ID # 1gcdt146468291478 The ABS Fault light has come on and off all the time. The other day in San Diego The front left brake started to sound like metal to metal. This could not be!!! I just had the truck checked out last week and had back brakes put on. The front brakes are good. So I pulled over shut the truck off pumped the brakes several times hoping this would help. I started the truck again and it was fine. I drove back to Oceanside scared out of my mind. I took the truck back to Express tire and now have to take the truck somewhere else to have the brakes system checked out. Im not sure what is going on with the ABS systems on these trucks but CHEVY needs to recall them. If anything happens to me or my Truck it has all been noted. I hope Chevy does something about this problem. PLEASE HELP ME"?
  • buyusbuyus Posts: 4
    Just want to throw my hat in the ring. Same story as most with intermittent ABS Fault, ABS activation without brakes applied, and also smell of hot plastic/rubber around drivers front hub. Last night the ABS Fault and Brake light both came on after driving 10 minutes on the freeway. I hadn't touched the brakes at all since getting on the freeway! Typical dealer recall or "program" covering Colorado ABS but bring it in to get diagnostics done for $90. I will take it in just so I have some record but most likely will do the work myself since I can't afford the dealer labor rates. Wonder if I can get reimbursed for my time at $60/hour if they decide to recall this... hahaha.
    It's too bad because I really like this truck and have been a faithful GM owner all my life. That may soon change. GM ignoring this is a symptom of corporate's everywhere.
  • garyru21garyru21 Posts: 5
    edited January 2011
    I have read most of the posts on here about this ABS issue and I'm glad that I'm not alone, but am wondering what to troubleshoot first. The ABS fault light showed up about a week ago, but the other day, just went back off. That's not what has me worried though. Everytime I am at a really slow speed (under 10 mph) and apply the brakes, the pedal vibrates like the abs is trying to do something. At normal speeds, the brakes seem to work just fine. Does anyone have a clue to what could be causing this? Do I also have a bad abs sensor or should I just turn the ignition to start and hit the gas pedal 3 times?

  • i am having the same problems the abs brake thing is driving me crazy it is scary for one for two it is loud and embaressing, also my driver side window works when it wants too, what can we do before somebody gets hurt :mad:
  • Yes the abs sensors are of poor design as far as I can tell. My Colorado driver side window works only when it wants to also. I have heard that the Colorado has a nortorius reputation for all sorts of electrical problems. Also the port where you plug in the computer for diagnostics doesn't work anymore on mine so I can't connect to find out anything. What do you say about a total recall for us Miss GMC? Yes I have notified and complained but to no avail. Wife is instructed to sue though if I get killed because of it's problems and I keep screen shots of all correspondence just for that fateful day. I couldn't sell this thing to anyone without feeling like I let them down and put their life in danger. But I can't afford anything new and need the transportation.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    I don't see any recall information for your VIN. I would recommend taking your vehicle to your local dealer of choice. If you need assistance locating one please let me know. Feel free to email me directely.
    GM Customer Service
  • Christina,
    With all due respect, I don't see where you're accomplishing anything for us Canyon/Colorado owners by asking over and over, "Have you contacted your dealer"? Nine times out of ten, that is the FIRST thing we've done, only to be put off for some reason or other.
    Read my post, #81...Although I only mentioned the front brakes in that post, I also had to replace the rear brake shoes as well, due to excessive wear. I spent over $700 to replace the brakes on a 30,000 mile vehicle. I've NEVER had to put brakes on a vehicle after so short a period of time, yet I had to with this truck. The only saving grace to this whole ordeal is that I'm capable of doing the job myself, instead of having to pay FULL LIST price for the parts, as well as the $90/hour labor rate that I would have had to pay, had I taken it back to the dealer, or for that matter, any repair shop.
    The front brakes on this truck are not of a robust design, and the company doesn't admit to it, or stand behind it. It's that simple, and continued postings telling us to "talk to the dealer", or "there's no recall information for your VIN", is getting to be rather insulting to us. What we customers want to see is specific action to repair our vehicles, and/or reimbursement for the untimely repairs that we've paid for out of our pockets....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Can you please email me with your Edmunds user name, VIN and current mileage? I would like to look into this for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    I understand your frustration and apologize. I understand where you are coming from; however, I ask because there are many people that come online looking for more information before they speak with the dealer. The problem with fixing your vehicle on your own is then this is not documented with GM, and that’s with any repair. I have been looking into this and forwarding it upward in management. I apologize I do not have an immediate answer for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • Ok I had mine fixed. Due to corrosion the speed sensor ring (attached to the wheel bearing) broke off and was spinning freely which caused the fault. It was cheaper to have the mechanic replace the hub then to replace the Bearing. The Bearing is very expensive and it would have cost more in labor to press out the bearing and install another one than to install a new hub. So I had him install 2 new speed sensors, the hub with bearing assembly and of course he replaced the Front Brake Pads (this is the 3rd set of brake pads in 80k miles) for approx $850. This truck eats up brake pads for some reason. Can't decide if I want to unload the lemon...I'm sure the other ring is due to go bad any time now. Should have bought a Toyota or a Nissian.
  • Christina,
    I appreciate your reply, however let me clarify something. I'm almost 60 years of age, and have been working on automobiles and trucks for a little over 40 years. I've also bought a number of cars and trucks during that time period. In other words, "I've been to the rodeo a few times"...
    With respect to my particular situation, I'm 99.9% sure that a manufacturer will NOT cover "wear" items such as brake pads/shoes, especially after the vehicle has gone out of warranty. So, let's say that I opted to take the truck back to the dealer, and they opted to replace the parts that I mentioned, charged me full list price, which is what they do, and on top of that, charge me approximately $90 per hour for the labor, which is what they do, for the approximately 4-5 hours that the job would take.
    Add up the numbers, and it would be up around $12-1300 for the parts and $400 for the labor...$16-1700, or so. Let's say that I complain vigorously to GM, and the GM zone rep feels generous that day, and decides to reimburse me at 50%... I'm still out $800 for a brake job that shouldn't be needed that soon in the vehicle's life.
  • YES CHRISTINA, With all due respect until you are able to compensate us by issuing a recall on these pieces of junk metal GM calls Colorado's you should probably just not even show up here anymore. You never accomplish anything but tick us off. Me anyway. You always ask the same things. And we have fallen for it. You and GM are just stalling. I doubt you even work for GM. Leave this site until you can actually help us with our brake and electrical problems. I'm looking at the the new Toyota Tundras as we speak. I have bought my last GM vehicle. I have also convinced a friend who was thinking of a Colorado not to recenctly. Thanks and I will do all I can to promote GM products. Your friend Bluetex
  • Christina, these problems have been reported since day 1. The dealer puts a tempory fix on these things to hold them over until the warrentty expires. No other vehicles I am aware of has so many failures in so many areas and has been complianed about by so many owners in such a short period of time than the Colorado. Let's face it Colorados are junk and have been. I don't know if the engineers have corrected the problems or not but I'm never going to take that chance. I know you didn't design it or build it. It isn't your fault. But you should pass these post on up the ladder.
  • art48art48 Posts: 1
    WE need to unite under a class action law suit to have this recurring problem resolved. It is obviously a factory defect that the owners should not be held responsibile for. It is a major safety concern and has caused accidents . Lets put a stop to this reckless maddness.
  • I have replaced my break problem it was not cheap. My back rear break locked up causing my breaks to ware out on one side and causing my emergency break wire to bust. So I had to replace both rear breaks, e break wire, and abs break seleniod had to pay for a diagnostic, towing, rent a car for two day, parts and labor came out to a grand total of over $700. I have complained to GMC many many times. I have set up 3 refernce number numbers with them and Christina from GMC tells me to set up another one. They dont care. I have almost been in more that 5 accidents because 2 weeks after I fixed my breaks it started locking up again. I took it they did another diagnostic test ($100) just for them to tell me that the computer found no problems or no ABS Faults. WTF. I believe we should unite and get a class action suit. I told my wife to safe all my mechanics expenses on this piece of crap truck and if anything should happen to me to sue the living crap of GMC.. On another note I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe wich I purchased with 0 miles on it. Guess where it is at?? Yup the dealer taking me for another ride. Instrament panel went out on it. I told them whats wrong with it and they still told me they have to do a diagnostic test wich cost $100 bucks just for they can tell me that the instrament panel is burnt wich I knew already. $100 for diagnostic $580 for instrament panel and $160 for labor. Fords are starting to look better and better for me.
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