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2010 Ford Fusion Brakes

koho955koho955 Posts: 97
I own a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL with about 3,000 miles on it. I always noticed the brakes feel funny when releasing them at a light or stop sign on days when it's raining and the brakes are wet. Yesterday a car pulled out in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes. It was a sunny day with dry pavement. I had that pedal to the floor and the brakes did not lock up or pulse from the anti-lock braking system. I didn't think I would be able to stop in time but did. The braking distance for me to stop a car going 25-30 MPH was huge with no tire squeal. Made me very nervous and I'm having the brakes checked soon!
Has anyone else out there with a 2010 Fusion had this problem?


  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    Hmm.. Haven't noticed anything funny. Had my SE since August, 8,000 miles. Does the pedal feel mushy or anything? When anti-lock kicks in, it's more of a buzz than a pulse, and while I haven't 'used' it yet on the Fusion, on a previous vehicle i owned, the pedal kept going down as the ABS buzzed. Perhaps the going-to-the-floor you encountered?
  • I just read this today of the web news

    Software also appears to be to blame at Ford Motor Co., which said Thursday it plans to fix 17,600 Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion gas-electric hybrids because of a glitch that can give drivers the impression the brakes have failed.

    The automaker says the problem occurs in transition between two braking systems and at no time are drivers without brakes. Ford spokesman Said Deep says the company will ask owners to bring their vehicles in for a software fix that changes the pedal feel
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    your right, it seems Toyota's aren't the only ones that have possible problems stopping when they need too, here is a link to the recall on some 17.6k Fords!
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    We're getting off track. He said he has an SEL, not a hybrid.
  • xmech...The brakes are totally normal except the one time I had to slam them on and it was kinda like when you slammed on you brakes of your ten speed and you would slowly come to a lock-up, no pulsing from the anti-lock brake system.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    no were not going off topic, this is a milan/fusion brake forum and that includes the regular vehicles and the hybrids

    please stop nit picking!
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    Sorry, smarty. I figured this topic was about his SEL brake problems, and I'm sure there's more than one thread about the FFH regenerative brake issue, which as I understand has little or nothing to do with standard brakes, so will be of no help solving his problem, or may even confuse matters, but that's me. Sorry for trying to help.

    And Koho, sounds like your brakes worked as advertised.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    hey I'm just looking at out for the consumer and making sure anyone with a hybrid knows about the recall because no matter what car you have recalls stink and any opportunity to get the car manufacture to fix something for free is worth it; they screw us over enough so paybacks a pain!
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    Well, I stopped and looked the the threads listed under "Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan", and there isn't one there about the Hybrid brake issue, so you have a good point on that issue. I frequent several Fusion forums, and I'm so used to seeing them, I assumed there would be one here, too. I'm real suprised it isn't. Maybe it's a good idea for you to post your link in an appropriately titled new thread just for the Hybrids? It might alert more people with hybrids and I'm sure they will appreciate it! :shades:
  • Koho955:
    Let me know what the dealer says. My Fusion SEL has 3300 miles on it and the brakes seem fine even when my wife had to slam them on to miss a deer. She said it stopped fast and straight.
  • YES!
    I had this problem today. 2010 Fusion SEL AWD 6500 miles on it.
    I could NOT stop from about 3 MPH on a hill coming out of the gas station. After that I took the car to about 25 MPH and slammed on the brakes (to the floor) with horrible stopping distance and absolutely no tire sequel or ABS pulsating.

    Stopping distance is about double our 2007 Fusion SEL FWD with 24000 miles... any solutions to this problem yet?? I'm VERY concerned about this seeing as how I'm a paramedic and the Fusion is my emergency vehicle...
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    Jrsykid, any more details? Rain, snow, dry? Doind this all the time? Just this one occcassion? What does your cities' vehicle maintenance dept. say about it? I assume you had to have it towed back?

    And just in case we never hear from jrsykid686 again, plz note his story seems to follow a trend I've seen lately on the Fusion Forums I follw: Amazing story, really dangerous-bad problem with Fusion yet not quite enough details to determine what really happened, extra bit to the story to make it a bigger deal. For example, in another Fusion forum, a poster in a thread about Forum traction in snow, said basically 'I was going up this snowy hill, and suddenly smoke came from the right wheel well then from under the hood, so I pulled over and the car went up in flames, lost my car, all my stuff, and my 3 year old's car seat, lucky my 3 year old wasn't in it....'. Also, this poster had 1 post in the forum... Never heard back.

    Hope this isn't the case again here, but... just saying. Mods, I guess if you have to delete my observation, do what you must. I just have to call it like I see it. I'll be suprised if we ever hear from jrsykid686 again, or if the what he adds to this makes any sense, etc.
  • I agree with you xmech it almost sounds like a kid messing around on the internet. I see his profile has never been filled out and he has been a member for 1 day. Too bad this is happening because it takes away from the good discussions on this site.
  • Wow guys... way to have no faith!

    The reason My profile isnt filled out and I'm a member for one day is because I am a member of a different forum that I cant find information about this problem with my car.

    Moving on...
    The car is currently in the shop.
    The first time it happened i was pulling out of a gas station with a steep grade, hit the brakes and could not stop before rolling into traffic. Luckily i did not get hit. The brakes were not overheated or anything. Slamming on the brakes yesterday resulted in a slow stop, with nowhere near the stopping power I should have to even come close to activating my ABS system.

    Last night the car had been parked for hours. I drove it and slammed the brakes to check, and the stopped like a champ with ABS and tire squeal. Figures...

    This morning backing out of my driveway I almost took out the neighbors mailbox becuase my sopping power was gone again. I drove it straight to the dealer and left it with them with very weak breaking power. I'll keep you updated on what they tell me later today or tomorrow.
  • Update

    Dealer just called... apparently my rotors and pads were all "gummed up" with some sort of "crap" They cleaned all components of the brakes and said it works fine. They are looking into a transmission issue. The car seems to shift hard when cold.. they are researching it due to how new it is it may be normal for the car. I'll keep you updated on the brakes when I get my hands on the car again.
  • My 2010 Fusion SEL also shifts hard when cold and it's not much better in the lower gears when warmed up.
  • Mine is great once it warms up... I'll let you know if they find anything.
  • Ok,

    Picked up the Fusion from the shop today... no improvement. Brakes are still very weak, service manager drove it and compared to one on the lot, mine has about 50% stopping power.

    Trans seems great now, they re programmed the trans. Tomorrow the dealer is going to be in touch with Ford Engineering to try to figure out the braking issue... i'll keep ya posted.
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    edited February 2010
    Just have to ask, this is your paramedic 'emergency vehicle'? I've always pictured paramedic vehicles are like ambulances. What are you using in the meantime? Your older Fusion?
  • this is the vehicle i use to get to the ambulance which sits at the station. When a call goes out I respond in the fusion to the station to pick up the ambulance to respond to the scene. Right now the dealer gave me the sales man's demo that sold me my car. I have only owned it 3.5 weeks.
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