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Cadillac DeVille



  • MY caddy over heated. i notice it said check coolant level but i had just put antifreeze in it about a week ago i checked it everything looked fine i drove for about 15 minutes and the temperture would not go down pass 215 eventually it began to go up quickly, then the temp reached 257 and idle engine, engine hot, coolant hot started flashing on my screen as soon as i made it to my house it started smoking when i looked under the hood i see that antifreeze had leaked but i dont know where it came from. i dont think it can be the thermostat because that was replaced about 4 months ago. does anyone know what may be wrong?
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    A reasonable guess is that you have a coolant leak. It may just be the water pump...
  • Be careful and have it checked as soon as you can. This is EXACTLY what mine did and now I have a blown head gasket.
  • bepbep Posts: 1
    This is an 8 cylinder (not Northstar)with 42,000 miles. Since June it has not always been starting on the first try. After jiggling the gear shift, it would start up. Yesterday it would never start. It was towed to the dealer. Once it got there it started right up and again this morning. No faults found on the computer. They are trying other diagnostics. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.
  • You dont say what year the deville is....but on my old 93 deville I had that problem...and it turned out to be the alternator. Could that be it..? sometimes it would work and sometimes not...until one day it just gave up the ghost totally. :confuse:
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    If you have a 2002 Deville, you DO have a Northstar motor.

    Not much idea about starting problem, it could be several things.

    There is a 'neutral safety switch' located somewhere on the shift mechanism (jiggling the shift) that will only allow the vehicle to start in park or neutral.
    There is also a brake safety switch that will only allow it to start when your foot is on the brake.

    If either of these is failing, it could fail to start.

    A weak battery might not start, but after being juggled around recover enough to start.

    A positive or negative cable that has corrision might come and go.

    Intermittent failure in the ignition switch.

    Lots of things. When it comes and goes (unless it's a weak battery - this could be tested), it's tough to find electrical problems, when it is 'gone'.
  • I have a 2002 Deville with North star 4.6L engine and about 80000 miles. The "Check Coolant Level" light stays on even though I have had the water pump replaced and re-checked and I make sure coolant level is correct in reservoir tank. The temperature gage indicates normal temperature during operation, so it not overheating. Just had it checked for a non-related issue and repair shop could not see any error codes or messages. Any ideas what this might be, or what to check?
  • I hear the coolant level sensor is located inside the reservoir tank. Hopefully one of the experts will chime in on how to check it. Maybe just a loose connection?
  • Hey I was looking at getting a 2002 DTS 79000 miles for only 10900$ It is in perfect condition. The problem is that im in mich and the car is in wisc. 4.5 hr drive for me. Any suggestions? or info to share on the 2002 dts pros and cons. Thanks :)
  • Thanks. That is my understanding also, and a faulty sensor occurred to me also. I do not know how to check that. An auto parts employee told me that he heard of a case where the same problem was solved by simply replacing the reservoir tank cap. That does not make sense to me because a dealer told me that the level sensor senses actual liquid level and not pressure.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, the sensor 'thinks' the coolant level is low. The sensor is the 'surge' tank, which is the tank under the cap where you fill the coolant.

    Sometimes the sensor is just dirty, sometimes it has failed. In any case, I think the tank is going to have to be removed. Which means that a couple of hoses will have to be pulled off.

    Pulling these hoses off may not be real easy. The small hoses on a Cadillac are known to be difficult to remove, especially up by the firewall, which is where the surge tank is located.

    If you can get the tank off, and flush it out well, this might clean off a sensor that is just dirty and not functioning. If I went to this much work, I would replace the sensor.
  • I have a 94 Sedan Deville that stops running at the corners and even sometimes when i drive. Another problem I have is that when running and standing still it idles rough. Can anyone give possible solutions? :(
  • my car has always ran good but the other day i went to start it up and it said theft system problem wait 3 mins. so i waited 3 mins and nothing..that was 4 days ago and it still wont start..i cant figure out what it wrong? the battery is fine, but it just wont crank due to the theft system problem..nebody know how to fix this? if so it would be greatly appreciated! thanks! :confuse: :confuse:
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I think your car has the first version security system, which has a resistance 'pellet' in the middle of the key.
    If so, the easy problem is the 'pellet' in your key may be dirty. Clean it with electric cleaner or some such thing and try it again. Or, if you have another key, try it.

    Or, there is a true problem with the security sytem. The wiring from the key down the steering column is a very small wire, and this sometimes breaks.

    Or the key cylinder is bad and needs to be replaced.

    A workaround, if you can find someone that knows how to do this, is to find out which of the 16 or so resistance values your key pellet uses (measure it with a good multimeter), and buy a resister with this value and find the wires in the steer column, cut the wires, and wire in the resister.
  • hello I've heard that it is not recommended that the factory player be removed for custom in dash monitors or any other receiver other than the current player. what steps (if any) should you take to carefully remove the factory player and install any custom players/receivers without damage to the system? thanks
  • :) This is a huge step from my old Acura Integra, I will say it was a great car, the most reliable that I have ever owned. The Deville is just great, my wife says it feels like we have grown up. It was a local car sold new at the local dealer then traded in. 60K miles and very clean, is there anything that I should look for as far as service. Also, it only has 1 key. Should I deal with the dealer, or is there a more economical route. Thanks in advance.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I'm not an expert here. But, by this model, I think the radio is an intergral part of the 'serial communication port' wiring. If you pull the factory radio, you may have all kinds of things shut down.

    Many aftermarket radio installers have learned to just push the stock radio back into the dash, leaving it connected, and then putting their unit into the hole. What a clutz approach.

    My opinion - on late model autos, especially those with complicated electronics, I think adding an aftermarket radio, security system, or remote start is just asking for electrical problems. If not with installation, then later when the trashy electrical connects the installers make start to come appart.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    How much do you want to spend?

    At 60,000 miles, the plug and plug wires are supposed to be good for 100,000 miles, but they might something to replace. Use only the original Cadillac wires, and I would also say to use the AC plugs (or maybe they are Denso by this year) recommended for the car (platium). Don't go for any of the multi-contact stuff, just get a platium plug the owners manual recommends.

    At 60,000 miles and 4-5 years, unless you have the service records for the car and it has already been done, the coolant system needs serviced. It's also supposed to be good for 100,000 miles, but this is one I definitely would have done. Have the old coolant flushed out throughly and the recommended amount of Dexcool replaced.

    What does your oil usage percent indicate? You cannot be sure it was reset correctly at the last change. Consider having oil and filter changed, and reset the oil life indicator at that time. Just bring it up in the display area, and then hold down the 'reset' button for a few seconds. It will reset to 100%. You will then know the oil life indicator is correct.

    Unless the car has been abused, mainly meaning having overheated, or used as a tow vehicle, the transmission fluid is probably ok. This fluid can easily go to its 100,000 mile recommended change milage. When you do have this serviced, DO NOT have a 'flush' done, where they hook up an external machine and force the fluid into/thru the transmission. Have someone that knows something about a Northstar do it. The pan must be dropped, there is no filter to replace, just a wire screen to be cleaned, but most important, there is a second fluid plug inside that must be pulled, then an additional, large amount of tranny fluid will come out, more than comes out when the pan is dropped. Many service people do not even know about this, and you are not getting the entire amount of fluid drained that can be drained. My 2005 also has a 'transmission fluid life' percent indication, and I assume this can also be reset by holding down the reset button.

    Other than this, start saving your money, because something on this complicated auto is going to break and need servicing.
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Talk to your local Cadillac service department first. You may be pleasantly surprised. They might give you a key and cut it free. You can get a replacement fob through ebay cheaper than the dealer probably and take it to your local service dept. and sometimes they will program it for you free also. Good luck.
  • zimzam1zimzam1 Posts: 13
    You could bring your car to a cadillac dealer where they only specialize in Cadillacs and get an idea where you stand with how worn out your fluids are. Or anything else for that matter.
    My old Deville the plugs and wires lasted exactly 100,000 miles. Once I got about 100,100 miles it started to studder on the highway, and what do you know? One of the plugs were cracked.
    Now getting reliable information on what is wrong or what is going to go wrong with your Cadillac is good to get at the dealership. But actually getting it done there depends on how fat your wallet is. They wanted 600 bucks to change the plugs and wires so I went out and spent 120 on the proper plugs and wires and did it myself and it only took about 45 minutes. The same thing with my brakes. I ended up doing them myself and saving a fortune.
    But there were other things that needed to be done here and there that I was not able to do that they were pretty reasonable with the price. So you never know.
    But anyway, I am on my 2nd Deville and I love them. I will never drive anything else but a Deville. I got my 1st one, which was a 1998, when it was 2 years old with 44k miles on it and I got 120k out of it. I just babied the thing and kept up with the general mainenance of it and never had any real problems, until the end. And that was when it had 160k + miles on it.
    Now my 2nd new used Deville is a 2002. I got it when it had 49k miles on it from a Cadi dealer. It to was bought new there and then traded in. I have only had it for 4 about months but it has been running smooth and looks real sharp so I am a happy guy.
    Well anyway, good luck with your Deville. I hope I have been somewhat usefull. And as far as keys go I am pretty sure you dont have the little chip piece in your key so I think you can get your key made at pretty much anyplace that makes keys. But I am not entirely sure on that.

    and I have been crusin around in style ever since. I am a happy man. And ye
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