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Cadillac DeVille



  • On 2000 Deville where is coolant sensor located? Thanks.
  • I have just acquired a 1997 Cadillac DeVille 4Dr. that was in high water due to Hurricane Ike. The water got up over the bench part of the seats. I would like to know what all I would need to do to it so I will not harm it by driving it.

    I have changed the oil and the Trans. fluid doesn't seem to have any water. The power seats and windows do not work but it seems that everything else works O.K.

    Can someone suggest what all I should look for?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    In another forum a guy made a long series of posts about him reviving a 2001 Deville that had taken water. And, it was fresh water. You didn't say, but if it was salt water, I think your problem would be magnified a lot.

    Anyway, this guy took a 2001 Deville. After starting on it, he then bought a wrecked 2000 Deville just for parts to transfer to his 'water' car. He posted lots of pictures. He worked on this car for many months, I think at least 6 or more. He completely dis-assembled the interior, removing seats, carpets, the dash, steering column. I won't go into what it was that he did to the motor and tranny, but it was much more than one oil change. I think he put like 5 or more flushes and refills of the tranny fluid.

    Things like alternator, power steering pump, etc were replaced. Basically if it was electronic, it had a large chance of not coming back to life. You've got sensors on the brake system for ABS, an ABS pump in the brake fluid system, etc, etc. You have modules in the doors for the electric windows, window motors, auto up, memory seats. Under the seats are power motors for the seats and a box driving the air bags. Every sensor in any part of the car could have water in it. You have dozens of connections in the electric system with each one having the possibility of future problems from the mud and corrosion.

    After all this work, he still was getting check engine lights and could not get it inspected. I don't remember exactly what he did, but he had to do something snaky to get it titled and licensed.

    If you have more than $500 in a 97 Deville that was under water, I think you have a problem. Nice running versions of this car should be able to be bought for four thousand dollars. I think a car like this should be scrapped for body parts. If the motor or tranny sits for any time at all with water in it (like 4 weeks), I would fear for the effects of rust.
  • We have replaced the alternator - been tested twice. We have replaced the battery - tested and works. The line that runs from the battery to the alternator has been replaced and works. Now, here is the problem. The car will run for a little while and then dies, when you turn the car off it will not start without being jumped. (That is why we replaced the alternator) Has anyone had this problem - or might want to give me some advice on where to start. It has to be electrical - could something be shorting it out. More info - the heater will stop and start again......thanks for any help anyone can give.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, it makes no sense that the car will stall, then not start from the battery, if the battery is spinning the starter smartly. But will start with a jump.

    If what you are saying is the car won't start after stalling, but will start later, that is a different thing. The starter might be bad - getting 'heat soaked' and then it will not start the car when it is hot. Letting the starter cool down, it then works.

    A friend had a Cadillac of about this age that had a failure of the electrical connecter that goes thru the firewall into the inside of the car. It stalled and then was generally dead until they found where the problem was.

    I would also look at both battery cables, and the connections where they screw on - the block for the ground, and the starter for the positive should be clean and tight. If there is corrision, the cables could be eaten up inside the rubber insulation.

    Intermittent electrical problems are always difficult to find. Good luck.
  • Once the car dies - it is dead!! I don't think it is the starter as it will turn over however I get the click!! I will check the the electrical connector thru the firewall. I will let you guys know how that goes. If anyone else had anything they can think of - please keep me in mind!!
  • I recently had the same problem.... im guessing ur voltage gauge is reading low also as if the battery is not getting a charge well on my vehicle 2 fuses had blown which are alternator output voltage fuses i replaced both and it seemed to fix the problem. as soon as i replaced one of the fuses my voltage was back up on my not sure exactly if u have the same setup but... its somthing to look into.
  • I have a 1995 Sadan Deville. The A/C compressor does engage but does not blow . When I have the A/C on, I can feel cold air seeping from the vents. Any Ideas on what it could be? Also the air ride light keeps comming on telling me that it needs service. Can I disconnect this and install regular HD shocks on the car?
  • I have recently bought a 99 deville and within a couple of weeks the car overheated and the dealership had to replace head gaskets and bolts. Now the car idles bad when first started then seems to run fine after fifteen minutes or so. The check coolant level light has also came on twice in the last two weeks causing me to have to put more coolant in. i am hoping that my gaskets are not going out again and am hoping it could be something alot cheaper to fix.
  • I am just wondering if you were able to get the front door panels off?
    I own a 2000, and i can't figure it out.
  • Need to replace "Select" radio station modual on steering wheel. Or Not.
    Issue- select station- up, and down functions properly.
    Modual doen not light up when lights are engaged.
    How do I disassemble wheel for replacement?
    Where do I locate part (modual)?
    Dealer only?
    Discribe replacement process-am mechanically inclined (LOL)? :shades:
  • anagnianagni Posts: 2
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I had the chance to buy a 2002 Deville with 29,000 miles for over 80% below the when new price. I have a two car garage and have a DTS and Lincoln Town Car parked in it.

    I previously had my Devilles garaged and wondered how much more wear and tear leaving the 2002 outside will take on the car. The climate here is very mild with temperatures going below freezing only about 40 days of the winter and almost never going below 20
    degrees at night. Our summers here are also mild with temperatures rarely going above 70 degrees.

    The car was bought to drive in rainy weather and short errands. My expectation in buying the car and leaving it outside was that it will not take to much extra wear and tear given the climate described above.

    If there are other Deville owners that have their cars parked outside it would be helpful to have tips on how to deal with leaving this car out in the elements or any extra maintenance tips to keep car at maximum performance.

    All comments and suggestions appreciated.
  • albjerrygalbjerryg Posts: 1
    While driving my 2005 Deville the bell will go off and no Icons come up on the display. I have stopped the car closed all doors and checked the seat belt but it will just keep ringing until I stop and turn off the engine and turn it back on. It does not happen often but now and again. any ideas..Thanks Jerry
  • Let me start by saying I had a new torque converter and lockout solenoids replaced on my '01 deville to rectify the previous 0741 code. Approximately 8 months later, I noticed the tranny slamming into gear when accelerating from a stoplight, but only when the tranny was hot. The SES light has come on a couple of times, (0741 code), but at least 2 months apart. A new bulletin came out recently regarding such syptoms, and the shops are asked to inspect the valve bodies and fluid channels for hairline cracks, which are causing internal pressure drops at idle and therefore causing the torque converter to intermittantly disengage. Once you step on the gas, the pump is able to restore the pressure and bang it goes into gear. On the plus side, it isn't causing the clutches or torque converter to slip, so no internal damage is being done. But it sure is annoying as all get out.
  • Hello, I just bought a 02 deville DHS. Sunroof and interior lights did not work. Checked all fuses, under hood and under seat, all good. There was a non looking factory wire, one red one white. each with a larger 3 amp fuse one running to the mini fuse and the red running to the body. The white wire was attached to the fuse and the other end was disconnected. We gave it a try and hooked the white wire back up and it blew the sunroof fuse, replaced fuse but disconnected the wire. For some reason the sunroof works now and the interior lights, but my speedometer and rpm gauge and turn signals wont work and the info display gives incorrect readings when fuel is full. The temp and fuel are apparently still working. Cant figure it out. Thanks for any info
  • i have a 1997 caddi deville. with 68000 miles. the other day i drove about 20 miles to a different town to go shopping and when i came out the store i noticed my right headlight lens was missing i went to auto zone and they said that those lens aint never susposed to come off and to get a new assembly they wanted $199 for 1 i went on ebay and got 2 brand new headlight assembly for $147.70
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Wow, you are responding to a message 5 1/2 years old. I'm probably the only person that ever hangs around that long to read a message response that old.

    Yea, I know, you can buy headlight modules on eBay much cheaper. If I remember, I think I just epoxyed the lens back in place, the one that was completely loose. I may have pried the other one off and epoxyed it back also.

    That white 97 is long gone.

    But the wife continued to bi*cH about wanting a Cadillac. So, we now have a 2005. And she is looking at a 2008..... I don't know what will ever make her happy??????
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