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Cadillac DeVille



  • 02 Deville DHS,62,000 mileage: When new, 20 mpg local/26mpg highway. Now, 17mpg local \ 22mpg highway. Took car to three garages, including the dealer and the computer checks show no problems. What do I do next to get the mpg back to original??? Thanks
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    My wild guess - ethenol in our gasoline. I have three cars. 2005 Cadillac, 2006 Ridgeline truck, 2007 Corvette.

    Each car has dropped about 2mpg, highway and city milage, since our state went to ethenol in the gas.

    Ethenol is a total failure, but it is totally political. And none of the media will give coverage to the problems with its usage. So, we are stuck with it.

    Any 'savings' of gasoline is totally wiped out because of the reduced milage.
  • mike467mike467 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response, I guess that the environment is more important than saving gas.
  • My problems with my car at first was my radio cutting out if i have on to much electrical stuff as in lights air conditioner, etc. then the anti lock light on my dash which wen it first comes on feel like its trying to lock my breaks up, I have also had my air conditioner get stuck on then a D shows up where the gas gauge is and air control is. now my car has a hard time starting up and wen i do turn it over it kills after running for a few seconds also i can be driving and the whole car will kill and after letting it sit for a while it will crank back up. also what is the inflatable restraint light for?

    Does anyone know how to fix any of these problems or have any idea wat is causing them?
  • landralandra Posts: 2
    Do not purchase cars at Orlando Auto Brokers located at Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando...they sell cars with broken motor, transmission, breaks, among other essential parts...they stole from me $3,300 dollars and refuse to fix or exchange the auto's transmission, which I found out was completely damaged within a week from purchase. They did not offer payable guarantee at time of purchase. Pass this info around so business that commit fraud do not continue this doing.
  • chrisptown1chrisptown1 Posts: 38
    am looking @'05 Deville 51k miles from Cad. dealer. veh. had 2 owners 1 lease 1 private. is loaded with m/roof sat. radio coolled seats 16" chrome asking $16.5. which is $2-3.5K over Edmunds, Kbb and Nade. In looking at postings on the forums i see very few if any 2005's being listed with problems. any thoughts i would be giving up '02 park av. 83k pretty much problem free right now. guess i've always wanted a Caddy.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    We've got a 2005 Deville. Bought it off a 3 year lease in 9/2007.

    It's had a coolant leak in the 'crossover' pipe (now sure of this name, it's a solid connector on left side of the motor (actual rear of the motor) that moves coolant between the heads. Took 3 or 4 days to fix that.

    The heat had never been right, but last year it was totally cold. This took 3 trips to repair. I think 3 actuator door motors and the complete dash control unit were replaced. It still doesn't heat like it should. Previous Devilles would start throwing heat in a few blocks - this one is slow to heat up.

    One tire pressure monitor was bad, but I think this is because the car has one miss-matched wheel/tire on it - one from a salvage probably. Seems like there was something else, but don't remember.

    Ah, pulled the file. Front impact sensor bad. Left outside mirror directional signal out, replaced and painted entire mirror (this was bad when we bought the car). Oh, looks like a previous pressure monitor was replaced. Loose switch on memory seats.

    Cadillac history indicates before we bought it, it had a leaking water pump replaced, resurfaced all 4 disk and replaced front pads and put one new tire on it (driven low on air and ruined). I think this was done at dealership after they bought at auction and before we bought. I've had to replace a tire. I think whoever leased the car ignored tire pressures.

    It had 37,000 when we bought it in 9/2007. Has about 53,000 now.

    I consider this about average for a Cadillac. I have an extended ($2,000+) warranty on this car because Cadillacs scare me to death, especially the Northstar head gasket problems and general electronic complication problems. But the wife wants a Cadillac. I've got a little over 2 years and 22,000 miles or so left on the warranty. When it's out, the car will be sold.

    Probably have to buy another for the wife, but I don't want to keep a Cadillac without a warranty.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    P.S. Yes, the $16.5 is high. A couple of days ago I look at the KBB prices of mine, seemed like it was abou $9,000 trade and $13,000 retail. I would think they would jump on an offer of $13-14,000 for this car. They probably don't have more than $9,000 in it, still giving them a lot of profit at the above numbers.

    Offer $12,000 and buy an extended GMAC extended warranty (if available).
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Did my postings scare you totally away?
  • chrisptown1chrisptown1 Posts: 38
    They gave me some pause. we are at $15.5 right now, haven't discussed my PA trade. The '05 Deville was "Certified" in Apr. '08. was in service 11/04. has 51k right now/ the dealer is telling me it is covered bumper to bumper til 11/10. I thought only the power train is covered til 11/10.? do you know? The veh. has everything i want--XM Sat., m/roof. heated and cooled.seats (need the heat here in Maine) I should know by wed. if it is a go. i could still go either way.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    If it's a Cadillac 'certified' this would be a bumper-to-bumper, just like a new car. Don't take dealer's word. Get a printout showing the coverage. They can pull this from their computer, showing the coverage date and milage. But per what you said, this is only 6 more months of coverage.

    The GM power train coverage started in 2006, about August. It is for 5 years, 100,000 miles. I don't think that Cadillac would have this coverage.

    As I said, I would look into getting a GMAC extended warranty if I bought this car.

    Here is where I got mine

    Black Pontiac Cadillac, Our 48th Year
    3929 Admiral Peary Highway
    Ebensburg, Pa. 15931
    877-472-9550 Toll Free
    814-472-9550 Local
    814-472-4741 Fax

    This was cheapest place I could find in 2008. But I don't know if they will cover a 5 1/2 year old Cadillac.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    In January 2009, I acquired a very low mileage (22,000) DHS. Beautiful, smooth quiet car. I do have an issue with the rear air-conditioning - it blows hot air regardless of thermostat settings front or rear. Front AC works like a champ.

    Can anyone give me a clue of what the problem might be? and what it might cost to repair?

  • rebeccatrebeccat Posts: 5
    I have a big problem tring to get my car inspected. The computor keeps throwing O2 codes. We have replaced 2 that have been said to be the prob. One under the motor and the other a bit farther back around the area of the drivers seat.
    The dash pc says to check the Emissions system. Tha air cleaner is fine and the motor is running well. It had a vaccum leak but got that fixed. We done the EGR valve. Checked the PCV also. We had a water leak problem but ended up using that liquid glass stuff. It was not blowing out the tail pipe. I thought the prob was the radiator. Replaced that , the hoses, and some belts.We cancel the pc codes drive it a bit and the light comes back on. When the light is out the AC works , but when its on it goes to "econ" and doesn't... Oh we had heater core prob too. We by passed it temporarily, tell we have other things working. Its not losing water now the temp is staying normal. Oh we also replaced the Thermostate too. Its got near 200,000 miles.
    HELP I am at lose to fix this thing and can't replace a car now. the inspections been out a month now and I'm on borrowed time :). Becky
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Many times an O2 codes does not mean the O2 sensor is bad. I means the O2 sensor is 'sensing' either a rich or lean condition. Which mean the problem is somewhere else.

    You've thrown a lot of money at the problem. It might be time to find a good Cadillac mechanic and see what he can find.

    But just for something else to look at - on old Northstar motor the rubber tube that goes into the intake will sometimes rot out at the bottom, where you can not see it. This is a large black tube. With addional air coming into the motor here, you will get a lean running car all the time. I think it's quite a disassembly job to repair this. But you should be able to fill around at the bottom of the tube and see if its bad.
  • WELL, i bite the bullett, ended up paying $15.K fioor the '05, took del. thurs. finish is flawless. leather seats are firmer than my Pk. av. were, but they may be better for support. have the bumper to bumper til 11/30. this yr. then i bought a GMAC ext. covering to $75k. it has 50k now. ...Anyway have issue already--have a noise coming from right fr. suspension. on list of the dealers pre sale work was a right fr. strut. do they do it? did the 370 mi. trip from dealer to my house develop something new? i know it should be covered, but nearest Caddy dealer is 120 mi. away.l
  • hotntexashotntexas Posts: 1
    I am having problems with the air conditioning system. When I turn on the air, it comes through the defroster vents, but it is not cold. I was told that there was a way of turning it back on by using the buttons on the stereo(factory). The a/c compressor does not turn on at all. My question is this, is there a way to "turn it back on" by using the stereo buttons? The a/c worked when I first bought the car last November. Then one day I was playing with the stereo, trying to figure out how to change the clock and then it just quit working and now the blower sends nothing but hot air through the defroster vents and the floor vents. Can you help me out?
  • noise prolem was base fitting for strut right front. covered under certified extended warranty. :) link">
  • HI--my only issue with the '05 deville now is the seats--they are not soft leather--in fact quite hard and poor quality for a$47k vehicle. i understand the :confuse: DHS and DTS have a better quality seat.?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    We had a 95 until about 35,000 miles and a 1997 until about 45,000 miles (?), and the current 2005 (base model with a LOT of options) has about 53,000 miles and the seats are in much, much better shape than the two other cars. The 97 especially had terrible wrinkles on the left bottom side of drivers seat where you slid in/out.

    None of the Cadillacs had/have very comfortable seats. Laugh away, but one of most comfortable seats was in a 1981 Chevette. And, my 2007 Corvette has very comfortable seats.
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