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Cadillac DeVille



  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    Every time I hear of problems with idling ingition chips, sensors,wind noise or oil usage with the 2000's; I am certainly glad I waited for the 2001 DHS as I have experinced not such problems after 5400 miles.. early problems seem to have been solved . I am sure these problems can and will be re-solved by Cadillac and their dealers. Keep asking dealers for updated solutions, insist on the new updates to fix your exsist. This new designed Cadillac is just great.....the 2001 DHS isbest CAR I have ever owned by far! TAMCO
  • Tccad1, I just found a reply you sent to me back in October saying that Devilles would not be going RWD eventually but keeping their FWD configuration. Sevilles on the other hand would be keeping their eventual migration to RWD. Considering that both platforms are going to be Sigma based one day, doesn't that sound a bit strange? This would make more sense to me if the Deville was going to continue to be based on platforms with lesser GM cousins. Has GM changed their mind about the Deville on Sigma?

    I'm also a little perplexed since nearly everyone I know thinks that the Deville must go back to RWD in order to properly compete with the big sedans of its competitors (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, even Lincoln). I know that FWD Caddys are popular in snow-bound states, but that would be a bigger excuse for doing something like AWD. Normally if given the choice of equals, I'd just choose a RWD STS over a FWD DTS. But since I really am seven feet tall, Sevilles are not an option for me.

  • Yes, I had to have a check engine light situation repaired, but dammit, the 2000 Deville is an awesome car! So what if you have an Infinity that hasn't been back yet...(If infinity is soooo perfect, why do they have a service department if all they needed was oil change bays?) This Caddy is big, quiet, get awesome MPG and is admired EVERYWHERE. When I drive it, I don't feel the inner door panel on my left arm and leg, and the console on my right side. So a sensor has to be serviced. BTW the service department at my dealer is so opulent, and efficient that I actually like to go there, not to mention that they always give me a 2001 Caddy to use for the day. (of course I'm a tipper.)
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    check the plunger switch in the front door jamb.Especially the drivers side. If its plastic it may be bad. Mine was bad and did not turn off the radio and antenna or interior lights. My wife never noticed but i did . Had to tell the caddy dealer cuz they couldn't find the dead battery either. I switched them side to side problem solved. then dumb dealer replaced them both with steel ones. this a problem in the great frozen north. check it out its easy and cheap no 80.00 caddy dealer lookin and guessing with your money.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Sorry thats 80 dollars an hour and mine is a 96 Deville.
    because the plunger is plastic in the winter water runs by it and it freezes and breaks internally . So it moves in and out so you would never know it.
  • i love my 2000 dts and HATE the service problems. with only 7900 miles, i've had it in 4 times for static on the radio - nothing works.

    last week the power steering pump went out and tonight the battery light came on twice and it stalled out three times completely.

    from the delivery date it's had an idle problem that the dealer says is widespread and a fix is coming soon. that was since february.

    anyone else experiencing similar problems? to top it off, the salesman and service guys are defensive and apathetic. i've owned volvos, audis, and infinities - never had these types of problems. is this the "american made" deal rearing it's ugly head? but in the end i have to say i LOVE driving this car, when it's not in for service.
  • I had to have the rear glass replaced on my 2000 (early Build)DeVille. There were many microscopic breaks in the defroster grids which when turned on wiped out the FM signal on all but the strongest signals. Newer back glass have 4 brown dots on the passenger side up near the top to mark where the dealer should mount the OnStar exterior antenna. Early glass doesn't. When the back glass is dewed up one morning, look for poor defrosting or lines that don't defrost at all.
  • I just leased a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI ; it is one month old with 600 miles on it (I think 19 miles when I picked it up).

    Friday night (12/08) I was at the movies with a friend of mine. Moments after starting the car to leave it was determined that my car is on fire! It burnt most of the upper rear portion of the engine block area; the rear half of the intake manifold (or engine) shroud burnt away also. I’m afraid a great deal of that plastic/chemical smell is now entrenched in my interior. One of the firemen had told me, with a qualification he was not trying to be bias in any way, “they” will try to tell me anything but two things would be for sure. He said the car in all probability would never be the same electrically (something about heat traveling along wires) and the smell would always be there.

    The reason I’m on here with this story is that I’m looking for someone that has had a similar incidence as mine and could give me some feedback as to the details of their experience.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    P.S. I’m am posting this in a number of sedan areas to try and get as much response/help with this as I can, I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.
  • Your trusty fireman is right, at least about the smell.

    Depending on the insurance regulations in your state, I would let the insurance company fight it out with the manufacturer. If you leased the car through GMAC (or if you have gap insurance on your lease) and didn't put any money down on the lease, than you should be in good shape. Let the car go away and start over. You probably have that right worked into your lease in the Disruption of Service section. (aka Loss of Use).

    My advise, stop playing around with Pontiacs and lease a new Deville DTS. You won't regret it!!

    Good Luck.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Any ideas what caused the fire?
  • Thanks for your comments/advise. If all involved decide to give me back my money I may take your "advise" literally!
  • All I know is when I opened the hood the fire was located at the alternator on the engine block side.
  • That sounds like a slam dunk "manufacturers' defect" claim if I have ever heard one. I assume that you did NOTHING under the hood of the car that could be the proximate cause of the fire??

    I would get on the phone to GM and let them know that you understand that things like this "happen", but I would let them know in no uncertain terms that unless they feel like paying their lawyers more overtime, they need to make this right for you. You showing some interest in leasing another GM product could help this process along.

    Good Luck.
  • Since my PCM reprograming, MPG are up to 17.3 from 12.5 around town w/ lite, local hiway driving and the idle is smoooooth.
  • Well guys, I finally picked up my brand spanking new 2001 Cadillac Devilled DTS with all of 10 miles on it. All options, except Adaptive Seats, were ordered on this black on black baby. One minor glitch out of the gate though; they couldn't get On star to function. I think it is an antenna problem, but they are going to look into it on the 26th.

    Otherwise, the car is absolutely spectacular. I test drove a loaded DTS in October of '99 but it still amazes me how sophisticated this car truly is. I drove it on a road around a large lake (27 miles) near my home which is notorious for being poorly lit. The Night Vision is amazing. Light is not picked up at all, but the tires and exhaust glow like they are on fire. I still haven't grasped all the functionality around the Navigation System yet, but the sound system is earth shattering. One observation. While I haven't really given it the spurs yet, I have notice that the 0-60 performance is not as strong as my '98 d'Elegence. I think it has to do with the 87 octane gas. I read somewhere that for optimal performance you need to use premium fuel. I will try that on my next tank.

    Thanks to all the guys (and gals?!) on this site who have shared their experiences and helped keep me salivating for the better part of a year. Especially to Tccad, Tomco, Rob, and barry45rpm who's consistent posting have been very helpful.

    BTW, the final price after all was said and done was $51,020 which is $500 under invoice and $5287 under MSRP! Not bad all things considered
  • I just bought a '97 DeVille(base) and was told by the dealership that running Plus(mid-grade 89) gas is okay. The manual and all talk on the boards indicate that premium is the gas that should be used. They said unless there was some knocking that 89 is fine. I am in NC if that makes any difference in the gas(I have heard that different ares of the country have "better" gas than others). Anyway, I love the car so far and wondered if anyone has any comments about that model year.

  • I think I need to direct this questions to TCCAD1, as I think you are a dealer, correct? We are looking to buy a 2001 Cadillac DHS in the next couple of months, but have a concern about the rear seat side air bags. I know that you should not have children in the front seat of a car with dual front air bags, but what concern is it of the rear seat side air bags. What are the recommendations? Are there safety concerns? Can you disable them with a switch as is possible with the right front? We have six nephews, 12-3 years old and are concerned because we like to have them travel with us at times. It seems that it would be nice to have the bags, but not if they are dangerous for children in the back seat.

    Thanks. I would appreciate your reply.
  • This message first occured at about 2500 miles. took it to dealer and they said GM says
    drive it for 5 miles and if error does not reoccur then reset code and forget i; this is what they did. It has now happened again at 4,000 miles. As I leaned against LF wheel while washing car, I heard a
    loud metallic click. Does this sound like a strut problem? Has anyone had experience with
    this type of error message.
    Otherwise it is the best car I have ever owned.
  • Sorry I didn't mention Model. It is a 2001 DHS.
  • Well here I am again, posting this soon after my Dec 6th postings #313 and 322. The "service engine soon" light came on again today and the car is running really rough again. This is getting to be worst then my late 70's GM cars.
    Poster #325 barry45rpm stated that he was given a 2001 loaner. On December 6th, they gave my wife a 2001 loaner and that also had the "check engine soon" light on with less than 5,000 miles. They said not to worry about it. Must be a new feature for Cadillac to remind you that you have to keep bringing the car back.
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