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Cadillac DeVille



  • Both of them are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous automobiles. Both of them are equally equipped except for Agorithm Shifting Performance for the STS and Night Vision, rear air bags, and tri-zone climate controls on the DTS. Both cars you can't go wrong.

    On the STS, I feel you will have a tad bit more performance, a tad bit better handling and sportiness since the car is a luxury performance sedan while the DTS has the STS characteristics with more room and with a presidential look. So, you have to decide if the chic magnet look or the presidential look suits your needs.

    If you were looking at more options, then the DTS would be easier to decide on over the STS if they (DTS) had the DHS options like rear seat massage/lumbar, power sunshade and manual rear sun shade on left and right side of the windows and other host of stuff.
  • As someone who has driven both cars for extended drives (6,000 miles apiece), I can tell you that I am at a loss for which one is better. Like sweet and rob said, only you can decide which one is better for you. I personally prefer the DTS over the STS because of the size. I carry friends around all the time and the extra room in the back is perfect. Oh by the way, I'm 29. My owner is 33 and drives nothing but DTS. It really is a tough choice. LED taillamps or Xenon headlamps? That is about the only other major difference in the cars. Let us know which one you choose.
  • That raises a good question. Why didn't the 2K Deville offer the option of HID's from the get go? It would seem like a no-brainer from both the design and marketing aspects. It is one of those production mysteries that Cadillac comes up with from time to time.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  • Lots of good comments on this board. It is refreshing to see people in their 30's chatting about Cadillacs. I am going to give my decision a couple of weeks. This is the first car I am considering *buying* after leasing for the past 6 years. The $5,000 rebate on the STS is kind of hard to pass up. It ends Oct. 2. It is probably going to be a while before the DTS sees a rebate like that. More comments/comparisons appreciated. Thanks to all. Excellent input. I do like them both pretty equally...
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    Wow, hadn't heard of that on the STS. Is that a regional thing? I have neither seen nor heard any ads in California for that. Is that just on the STS, or the SLS too?
  • is a short article about the 2000 DTS you can read on. I am sure majority may agree about father/son observation.
  • Lxownr should read Matt/Bob (Thanx to sweetjeldorado). Are you out there? Are you listening?
  • My wife and I are both 31 and recently rented a Cadillac DeVille. We expected to be impressed, but were truly overwhelmed.

    We had been in the market to buy a high-quality, luxury sedan and, beyond any doubt, Cadillac's DeVille DHS completely outperformed the competition in every category in our opinion.

    Last Thursday (August 31), we purchased a 2000 cashmere DHS and were very happy with the purchase process (paid $44,073) and overwhelmed with the DHS. And this is our first GM product!

    After several weeks of intense research, we wholeheartedly recommend the 2000 and/or 2001 DeVille line!
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    Wow tonorad, that is a terrific story! I would imagine that the rental DeVille was the base model, and even that impressed you at 31.

    It is interesting that you chose the DHS over the DTS. Welcome to this site and discussion board. You are yet another example of the "down-aging" of Cadillac buyers.
  • I'm 25 and I too like Cadillacs alot. I've always loved the Eldorado and hope Cadillac has future plans for the nameplate other than putting it on a $70K+ roadster. I think the Evoq(whatever it will be called) will be a great asset to the Cadillac line, but Cadillac needs to continue to offer a good sized luxury coupe. With the Riviera and Mark VIII gone, the US auto industry needs something in the luxury coupe segment and the Monte Carlo and Sebring just don't cut it. Anyway, back to the Deville versus Seville question. I like them both alot and in some ways I think the STS's styling is a bit more crisp, but the 2000 Deville(especially the DTS) is a very good looking car as well. I think Cadillac did a wonderful job with the 2000 Deville. The car is very modern and contemporary looking, yet it is unmistakably a Cadillac and the look should age very well. I also love the LED taillights and the rear seat in the Deville is almost like a limo. The only thing Cadillac needs to do on the Deville is make the Bose 4.0 audio available without the Navigation system and put the rear seat lumbar supports and sunshades that are on the DHS in the DTS as well, as the DTS is the real flagship of the Deville line. Otherwise, the car is perfect. Even the base Devilles are not bad. Funny thing, the two cars which Cadillac hopes would appeal to my demographic(the Catera and Escalade) do not appeal to me at all. If ever a Cadillac is a land yaucht, it's the Escalade, not the Deville, Seville, or Eldorado. Make mine a Northstar thank you.
  • Preach on Etharmon, preach on. :-)
  • The rebates that are out are dealer cash rebates. That is why they aren't advertised. In the Chicago market it is $5,000 on STS, SLS, ETC, and Eldo. The Deville, DHS, and DTS has $2,000 dealer money. Catera has $1,500 and the Escalade has $1,000. Currently there are no Customer rebates except for the Escalades without the Rosen system. You get an extra grand off for it.
  • OK - You have raised a good point. In negotiating for my '01 DTS, I am offering to pay Invoice minus 50% of the holdback. Since I am ordering the car, the dealer will not have any flooring expense. Here is how the dealer will make out:

    50% holdback: $ 800
    Dealer cash: 2000
    Dealer flooring assistance: 650
    Total: 3450

    Now, that is before you factor in the profit in my lease return which the dealer will be able to buy at auction prices ($18,000) and sell for retail used at about $23,000.

    My sales rep. (a personal friend) couldn't stop laughing until I told him that a dealer in another city agreed to my terms. Now, he is not laughing any more.

    I think that this is a fair deal, don't you?
  • Yesterday I was doing research (reading on the Deville and the car (DHS) models have television reception as an added feature in Japan.

    This is what it says. "DHS models intended for export to Japan will offer television reception as an added feature with the navigation system. Additional equipment is involved, including an integrated TV tuner, a diversity TV antenna integrated with the backlight, an amplifier and selector for the TV antenna and an auxiliary stereo audio and video adapter." Weird, huh.
  • It's been a while since I posted, so I had a helluva backlog of posts to read. So I'll make this post brief.

    I put my '93 Allanté back in the garage after some refreshing top-down driving these past few months. My wife has been driving the DTS and won't give it up. Wimmin! At first she didn't like the car (too big) and now she can't say enough good things. Though must of her comments come to me indirectly from clients and business acquaintances. *I* still have a Lexus 430 on order for a "whenever" delivery date. But for now, I'm driving the Suburban.

    Footnote: A few weeks ago we drove to La Costa (north of San Diego) for the weekend. The car performed flawlessly (as it should) and got some long glances while driving. Even in Southern California there are not that many white DTS' on the highways. In addition, there has been no mechanical problems worth mentioning and the car has not burned one ounce of oil. Considering it is one of the first couple hundred off the assembly line, kudos KUDOS goes to Cadillac. I'm impressed.

    Demographics: Satisfied 38 year old "fart" with a wife, a "write-off" on the way and a golden retriever who wants to get intimate with my Suburban's muffler.
  • I guess that depends on the location and total allocation of DHS's. I don't have a huge allocation of DHS's. I am very heavy in DTS though. However, I have to admit I would probably laugh about as hard as your friend. I can tell you that in order for anyone to get half the holdback, it had better be a red with blue cloth interior catera. Hold back is what we use to pay for not only the floorplan, but the lights, the porters to clean up your car, the biller to handle the paperwork, the license and title clerk to make sure you get a title, the inventory manager to make sure the car came off the truck safely, and a host of others. There is a lot more to the holdback than just paying the floorplan. We don't have a floorplan at our store, does that justify selling everything below invoice? If you had 12 million tied up in a store, and your return was only $800,000 gross, how long you would keep that store open?
    As far as the dealer cash, it is only on 2000 models, not 01's. Again, I have to be honest, if you came into my store and wanted that price on an 01 DHS, ordered or not, I would shake your hand and thank you for coming in. Now, ask me how much I would sell an Eldorado for =).
  • I just went back and read what I wrote, and I'm sorry if it sounded harsh. Didn't mean for it to come out that way. Being on the other side of the desk, and having someone ask me to earn only 1.5% before paying everyone just doesn't sit right with me. I can appreciate the fact that the consumer just wants the best deal they can make, and I can understand that it was the people in this business 20 or 30 years ago that caused all of the problems we are having today. Fortunately, most of those people are gone by now. You have a new breed of salesperson that truly just wants to earn a living, not a killing. When was the last time you asked your clothing guy what invoice was? How about the plumber that comes out? Do you ask him what his hourly wage is and add $.50? How about the guy selling the furnaces? My point is that it is great to have knowledge. I don't necessarily argue with having sites such as Edmunds posting our invoice prices. In fact, I welcome it. It makes it much easier to put a deal together because you know exactly how much money we are making on each deal. All we have to agree on is what the figure is. Now, getting a trade in value on used cars is a whole other area I won't get into.

    Philly7, again, I didn't mean to come across as harsh as that sounded and I'm sorry. Jeff
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    Always enjoy your updates and input re: your own DTS and the luxo car arena at large.

    Most interesting to hear that the wife has become a bonafide fan of the Caddy (even if in a "closet-fan" sense), having previously openly not liked it. It would be interesting to know what about the car, specifically, she has taken a liking to, having now driven it for a while. Presuming she is also in her mid-late 30's, that would be interesting gender and age demographic data..."what does a 30-something women like/find attractive in the Cadillac DTS?"

    Sorry about the problem with your dog and the Suburban tail pipe. Good thing he hasn't taken to the back end of the DTS...the FOUR orifices back there would for sure confuse and frustrate the you-know-what out of 'em!

    So you are going for the LS430? I am sure sales of that car will increase over the "old" 2000 model, however IMO it still lacks its own unique character (in the looks/style dept.). Even Motor Trend says the front end looks alot like an S-Class and DTS, and the back end looks like the Acura RL (it sure damn does!). What I found most disturbing was in the photo on page 44 of that same magazine, where clearly the wood trim on the passenger door is way out of alignment with the wood in the dash board. Regardless, I am nothing but confident that it is a solid, quality car.

    I notice, too, that for the first time that I know of, the LS will have same-color lower body panels as the rest of the car. I had always noted that all Lexus cars had different color lower body panels (by design), until the late model GS series. With the GS, Lexus has had problems with the light colored paints not matching up properly, and they have had customer complaints about this. Hopefully Lexus has resolved this problem.

    I am also amazed that more manufacturers have not implemented the engineering and styling approach of "hiding" the front passenger airbag and designing it to deploy out of an already existing seam between the dash and wood trim. Caddy first did this neat trick back in 1996 on the Seville, and it sure cleans up the top of the dash, plus, that "trap door" on most other cars usually never seems to match up in color and grain/texture with the rest of the dash, even on those high end luxo cars. Another Caddy innovation that truly "works"!

    Go Caddy! With four "new" automobiles coming out over the next three years, things should certainly continue to be exiting for Caddy fans of all types...old and young, long-time and new.
  • No problem at all. This is why I enjoy the dialogue here and I have no problem with people expressing their viewpoints with the upmost vigor. You are stating your case very well.

    Now to the issue at hand, I have engaged in this argument with many different people and from many different view points. So I hope you won't take any offense regarding my opinion.

    First, what I do with the plumber, the butcher, baker or candlestick maker has nothing to do with my purchasing a vehicle. That is a red herring argument that they teach you guys in dealership 101.

    Next, your industry's long and well deserved reputation for trickery and deception have earned the heavy handed tactics the I am forced to use when negotiating deal. My plumber has never tried to screw me.

    Finally, I simply can't see why "the dealership" should earn 10% (or even 5% for that matter) of MSRP when all they are doing for me is filling out some paperwork. If I needed to be "sold" on a vehicle and took up a lot of time taking test drives and asking a zillion questions then I can understand factoring in a larger margin. However, by their own admission, I know 10 times more about this car than anyone in the dealership.

    So, yes, the system forces me to deal with you folks like prostitutes. I will use what ever means necessary to get the best deal and I am not loosing any sleep over it.

    Now, my turn to disclaim. At no time am I suggesting "you" personally or anyone else on this forum. My comments are strictly in a general sense. And, while I am sorry that this may sound harsh, this is the way I see the condition of the system and unless it changes drastically, I don't intend to modify my approach.
  • I too faced this dilemma earlier this year. I ended up with the DTS, because it was a newer body style, although resembling the Seville. Also, I like the dash in the DTS a little better, and the CD player in the glove compartment rather than the console. The things I liked better about the STS were the more powerful radio and the ignition straight in the dash rather than on the side of the wheel. I'm one who always wonders if I took the right "road" when facing two choices then making the decsion, but in general, I'm happy with the far, 3600 trouble-free miles. This is from a former Lexus and Mercedes owner who wanted to give the American car another chance. In pearl red with those great factory chrome wheels and dark windows, I get alot of stares and positive comments. BTW, I'm also in the sub- 450, 60, and 70 age group.
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