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Cadillac DeVille



  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Philly 7...Same light went on on my '00 DTS. Took it to the dealer and they did find a leak in the system. I'd suggest you have them check it out.
  • 456ttt456ttt Posts: 13
    Had same problem, but coolant level was low. Dealer couldn't find the problem, it has not happened again (so far !!).
  • I have a 2000 DHS. As posted here I have had many many problems, but all is fine now except the engine idle. I have complained and complained to the dealer. I have called Cadillac but all they do is call and bother my dealer. I have indicated my disgust on all the satisfaction surveys. Who heard your complaint and gave you the extended warranty? That would help make me a happier camper. I have heard that Cadillac knows exactly what the problem is and have no plans to do anything about it. The engine is set to idle just above the point of stalling. This gives them low emissions and better overall economy. It sucks. I am embarrassed every time I have a passenger in the car and have to come to a stop. The car is so quiet and rides so well that I thought I had a brake vibration. It finally occurred to me that it wasn't the brakes, it was the idle vibration kicking in when the car slowed.
  • There are plans on fixing it, but they are working on a few other things like the airbags on the 97-99 models. The main problem is with the crankshaft position sensor and the engine sensor. The '01 models have been corrected out of the factory. They are working on a fix for the 2000 models, it is just taking a long time. It will happen because to many people are complaining about it.
  • 456ttt456ttt Posts: 13
    My extended warranty came in a letter from Janet Hawthorne, Customer Relationship Manager. The person you want to reach however is Paul Byther at 313-667-7153. He is a great guy, very helpful and is with the President's office. I intend to call him myself in a week or two to get status on if there is a fix. The 100,000 mile, zero deductible, free extended, non-transferrable warranty was not in any way a release to GM for fixing the problem. Please let us all know how you make out. Perhaps if they start giving away more of these warranties they will finally get the problem fixed. !!
  • That is the question. I'm looking at a 1995 Cadillac Deville STD which has the 4.9L V8 with 99,500 miles on it. Appears to be in great shape. Agreed price with dealer is $8,500. What do you guys think? I know very little about Cads and this would be my first. Thanks in advance.
  • Right in the middle of the discussion of my oil burning 95 deville concours with the NORTHSTAR engine, my hard drive crashed. I picked up the old 200 pentium with its 2 gig hard drive and through it out in the backyard. I am now up and running with a new dell pentium 4.

    I had the engine replaced under warranty at about 68k and I now have l4lk on this engine and it hauls . I think the 300 hp runs better in the 95 at l4lk than the 300 hp northstar in my 98 concours with 40k. Great rides!!!!!
  • As an interstate runnin roadhog, let me tell you about what you might expect if you buy the 95 you are looking at with 99k. About l20k, my 95 concours began to rock and roll on the interstate like a drunken sailor. I discovered the air adjustable struts are a GM patented system and no aftermarket parts will fit. The front struts will cost you $450.00 each and the rear $400.00 each and this with 8.5% sales tax in Tennessee( where I live) will set you back about $2100.00.

    That was quite a surprise for me. Understand that if your struts need replacing; it is major money.
  • 93now93now Posts: 1
    Looking at a second family car, a very clean and sharp 93 Sedan DeVille with
    full carraige roof. Does anyone have any info on specific problems this year
    and model may have, or any recall alerts, especially as it is now 7 years old?
    New poster, looking forward to conversing herein.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Please don't get the carriage looks like either a hearse or pimpmobile....
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    What color is your 98 Concours? Just curious, I don't see too many of those(Concours model) on the roads here in Knoxville. Most that I see are base Devilles.
  • cgreenemcgreenem Posts: 2
    Thanks harleybill for the alert to the struts on this vehicle. I'll have them checked out. One of the things that kind of concerns me is that the engine in this model is the last one that didn't have the Northstar. This one has the 4.9L V8 in it. I'm wondering if I'll get much life out of it yet, since it's almost at 100,000 miles.
  • My 95 concours is a white diamond. My 98 concours is a silver. I am going to put l50k on the 95, retire it and give it to my wife as a "town car." She can drive it around town until someone wrecks it.

    I live in the fountain city area here in Knoxville. One day we ought to hook up for lunch.

  • philly7philly7 Posts: 94
    Now, Now Carnaught...To each his own. I happened to have a very pretty Spring Edition '96 Deville which was black with a black factory Roadster Roof. It was beautiful and I am neither a mortition nor a purveyor of prostitutes.

    As for cgreenem, I would take HarleyBill's advice and look at the struts. But there is such a world of difference between the '95 and '96. Drive them in succession and you will see what I mean. It can't be much more to get a '96 with fewer miles.

    Good Luck
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    ...Phaeton roof...whatever...I agree, "too each is own"....
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I'm in the west part of town near Farragut. If you ever see an under 30 guy in a red Intrigue eyeballing your Concours, it's probably me:)
  • I always love specialty custom packages on Devilles. However what do you guys think about them on the current Deville particularly on the DTS and DHS?

    They look pretty sharp and unique.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,569
    Sweeteldorado...are you refering to Phaeton roofs, voque tires, and custom chrome wheels? If so, don't forget the big hat with a feather and the leather pants.....
  • My father owns a '91 DeVille and has experienced gasoline odor in the car on many occasions. He has had this checked out and supposedly fixed several times, but it seems to return and have a will of it's own. With the hood closed and the engine running, the odor can be smelled coming through the opening at the windshield/wiper area. We believe the air conditioning fan sucks the fumes into the air conditioning system and then into the car. Has anyone out their experienced this, or have an answer on how to fix this problem?
  • mdm4mdm4 Posts: 33
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