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Cadillac DeVille



  • jblanchjblanch Posts: 3
    My wife and I test drove a '97 Deville the other day. I really liked it and my wife did too until she went to drive it. She complained that she had too pull up way too close to the steering wheel to be able to reach the pedals. She's 5 ft and she didn't like being so close because of comfort and she was worried about the airbag. So, do any of you have similar problems and solutions, or would I have to rig some kind of pedal extender? Thanks.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Are u car smart ? A couple years back my 96 wouldn't start.
    I checked for spark (had it)
    sprayed either down the plenium (spl) started
    up and died....fuel pump.......
    .Caddy dealer $900 to fix ie: pump , strainer, and some
    other part...3 pieces.. too far back can't remember.
    Towed to local repair shop i know....
    BROKEN WIRE that goes into pump assembly .
    Common problem with aging rust belt Caddies
    sez Larry the mechanic.......140 bucks incl. towing.....
    2 years later still going........Geo
  • reply to message 591 about windshield howling;
    I have a 00 deville that had same problem at 55 MPH or higher. Dealer "resealed" windshield and everything's ok now.
  • Well it ends up that the problem was a faulty battery, not a dead battery. In regards to the oil, I know that this happens in quite a few northstar engines, but does that make it "normal"?

    Now that I know their are some caddy knowledgable people in this forum, I have a few more questions. One is for Deville Concours owners(or anyone knowledgable on them), does your car bottom out easily. It seems that lately the bottom of my moms deville will bottom out entering any kind of driveway which isnt completely flat, regardless of whether she slows down. This has almost casued a few accidents because she is forced to slow to almost zero when entering a parking lot, leaving her car in the middle of the road. Is it normal for a car to get so lose? Or do you think their is something wrong with the computer controlled suspension? I dont remember this being such a problem when she first bought the car.
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    Just replaced the battery in a 96; however the problem may be something else as it was in my wifes..The fuel pump was going and due to excessive cranking the battery weakened..I told them to replace the battery after they found the problem..

    It's your mothers car and the suspension is controlled; but she may be driving through situations that are different; hard to tell..Go with her and see what is happening..
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    My 96 bottoms out on speed bumps and such
    too. Don't bother me at all. Should have
    100k plus by next year. Then it will be
    new car time again.
    Checking 01 prices sticker 42K with GM
    employee discount 37K....
    Minus rebate and Caddy loyalty....if any
    Used 00 deville syracuse ny area 29k...
    Woman wants little Blazer...Nooooooooooo !!!!!
    But she sez; IT WILL HOLD YOUR CLUBS TOOO......
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    Ex-GM employee???? In Michigan or adjoining state??? The 96 Deville is a great handler when loaded for the southbound Fla trip with 4 months worth of garbage.. Otherwise it is a handling dog..The mileage of 57k miles is growing at the rate of about 30 miles of city driving a day and she will have that car wore to a frazzle before long..

    My drive to Fla and the Caddy dealer is the only seat time I get in it..

    No SUVs for this kid; most of them just noisy trucks with 4 drs and a big price tag..
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Syracuse NY
    My mom and uncle worked for YEARS at the
    Fisher Guide plastics plants there.
    They closed 1991...Mom and uncle got their
    Happily retired summers in Alexandria Bay NY
    and Daytona in winter......
    Mom has 98 Deville..Uncle toyota.........
    I LOVE GM they bought us everything from our
    cars and boats to our businesses........Geo
  • g1994stsg1994sts Posts: 26
    I can't believe it, there is somebody out there who has experienced this horrible problem with cadillacs. This Is one of many reasons why I hate my 94 Seville.

    It's not the shorter driver that is the problem. The old fashioned steering column sticks out too far away from the dash like a flag pole and the pedals are positioned too far away from the steering wheel. Especially the gas pedal, it's about 4 inches lower than the brake. Even with the seat all the way back on the track the steering wheel is still too close to my body and I can just barely reach the gas pedal.

    I had to put a 2 inch thick strip of wood on top of the gas pedal for better confort. The steering wheel is also positioned too high. If you want It tilted to a normal stance the steering wheel is in line of sight, dangerously blocking the view of the road. My suggestion is stay clear of anything GM. No other Marquee In the world has such bad driver ergonomics. Cadillacs also have wallowing, waddling, bobbling suspensions. Cadillacs are truly the laughing stock of the world.
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    That's funny, George, I didn't start laughing until I read your post.

    If the steering wheel is too high, and then when you lower it, it is in your line of sight blocking your view of the road, then I would say you haven't lowered it enough! And/or, you haven't raised the seat up all the way.

    Furthermore, did you not test drive the darn car BEFORE you bought it, so as to see how it and you FIT together? My gosh, friend, it seems to me that a couple of trips around the block with a few changes of the steering wheel height (and seat) and you'd have quickly drawn the conclusion that this wasn't the car you should be stepping up to. :>)

    Your post falls short of containing any substance of worthy criticism of the 1994 STS or GM. I owned and drove one for three years, and then sold it to my friend who is lots shorter than I am. She bought it 'cause she fell in love with it when I had it.

    Get yourself a Miata or a new BMW Mini Cooper.
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    Another happy GM family that has reaped the benefits..

    As a manufacturers rep., small auto supplier have been involved with several parts and ongoing business..

    Made offer on the 11k mile 99 Concurs, didn't get a favorable response; however time will tell. Offered 20 cash versus 23900 asking--only a little shy..May sweeten the pot...

    Not a neat color so nothing lost..
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    She is only 5-2 . Too close to the wheel
    too far from the pedals. Can only see her
    EYES and BLUE HAIR coming down the road. LOL
    She hates the seats sez too big. Her 89
    had the small seats and headrests. that one
    was ok....You should see her drive my dads KIA !
    Sez its just RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!OUCH........Geo

    9899 What no Z-28 ? I had 2 Trans Ams..But
    now I'm old so caddy 4 me.............
  • arcoatesarcoates Posts: 221
    robh- what is the point of your post? Obviously q1994sts was adding his input into the discussion about uncomfortable seating position, and you rip him apart. We don't need posters like you here to make fun of others when they are helping in this discussion. Get a better attitude~ A.R.
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    Coming down hard like that is not my style at all if you have read any of my other posts here in Edmunds, but in reading his comments (and I have read it more than once) it is evident to me that there is a definitive tone of intentional negative condescension toward both GM and Cadillac, and that he had no intention of "adding to the discussion".

    I mean when he says "...My suggestion is stay clear of anything GM. No other Marquee In the world has such bad driver ergonomics. Cadillacs also have wallowing, waddling, bobbling suspensions. Cadillacs are truly the laughing stock of the world." and all that based on the fact the HE bought a car that he doesn't fit in (did somebody hold a knife to his throat and make him buy the car?).

    First of all, this is 2001, so to talk about a 1994 car and make a statement like that to imply that it holds any water in the present tense is ignorant and ridiculous and it has no place here.

    Secondly, I owned and drove a 1994 STS for three years (and I got it pre-owned in 1996), and if anything, the suspension is too tight, not "wallowing, waddling, and bobbling". For as large and heavy a car as it was, that car cornered like a slot car on a track. All of his comments just added up to sounding like a jerk who has never even sat in any Cadillac let alone does he own and drive one.

    I say he was just here to spam this topic.

    I may be dead wrong, and in truth I hope I am, but I do find it interesting that he has not shown up again on this topic to say anything in defense of his comments that I have challenged, let alone call me on my comments toward him. Bring it on, prove me wrong, and I will apologize and stand corrected on my judgement of his intentions here.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    I agree with you. I feel that knocking all of GM, much less Cadillac based on a '94 Seville is nothing more than opinion, certainly not the gospel. I think that the poster SHOULD have test drove the car to see if it was compatible with him. Moreover, as a current owner also of an LS 430 Lexus and past owner of Acuras, Audis, Mercedes, and Jag., I happen to think that Cadillac's ergonomics are not only comparable with the best marques, but hold their own!
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    Thanks Carnaught.

    I know that you have had a few issues with your '00 DTS. Have you experienced any of the problems other owners of the LS430 have had, with your LS? Bad welds!? I mean, that's virtually unbelievable in this day and age of robots and computer controlled welds, especially with the top of the line car from the top automobile company in Japan!
  • mosaixmosaix Posts: 106
    Man, you have been complaining about that 94 STS for some time. It's obvious you don't like it so why don't you trade it in on a 98 or newer Seville. I think you'll like the driving position MUCH better. The pre 96 Sevilles didn't have the best ergonomics in the world, but the newer Caddies are excellent. I love the instrument panels on the current Sevilles and Devilles and the new CTS looks very interesting.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Posts: 1,577
    about my LS430, no, I have had none of the problems mentioned on the LS board. In fact, I've had no problems..... thus far, flawless. I realize that the LS cost about 10k more than my DTS, however.
  • g1994stsg1994sts Posts: 26
    Mosaix you are right, It's getting a little old complaining about the seats & suspension in my 94 STS. It,s because post #616 by robh3 that I have to rip into Cadillacs and GM one more time.

    Cadillac uses the RSS suspension system that only works in the tighter bends, It,s at higher highway speeds that devilles & sevilles on windy stretch of road, If it hits a dip that they waddle & the front suspensions bobble dangerously up & down like the large barges that they are.

    Stay clear of anything GM! Here's why, the Buick lesabre is the ultimate wobbler bobbler. So GM makes Buicks by design that handle like JOLLOPYS. this is trully amazing, more like imcopetent engineering.

    Oldsmobile made some of their best and appealing products and so why did they phase it out? I,ll tell you why, no prestige value. It,s not that I,m some kind of machoscist, It,s reallity. Buick and Pontiac will be gone in about 15 years after the 60 & dear customer base is depletted, even that JOE SIX PACK will not want to be seen in a GM car.
  • 9899olds9899olds Posts: 202
    My son dumped his 94 STS after 137k miles and never did like the seats; but the car survived and some turkey paid 7500 for the privilege of driving it to the end..

    He was the original owner and now has a 01 Seville which is not an STS by any stretch..

    Buick is probably the worst suspension setup in the GM camp..The Caddy electronic is great but don't let your warranty expire for the dealer will clean your clock..The computer controlled suspension is not forever; for when the dash board lights come on, head for the bank..

    Struts are 650/850 ea..X 4=too damn much.

    Never will I pay for a Caddy strut..
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