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Cadillac DeVille



  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    Please careful read question! Wreath AROUND lens openning...NO CREST TO BLOCK LENS. Crest and Wreath is on the DHS hood already. We all understand lens can NOT be blocked. It is just that without a wreath AROUND the len's openning it looks so incomplete and plain. "Wreath AROUND hole."..understand....oh, well. If you do not understand by now, it must be my fault!!!! Sorry. I really thought someone would understand this design issue. With or without the len's opening wreath, this DHS is one of the best cars I have every driven. Maybe without this wreath "weight and air flow is reduced and thus gas milage is improved," ....ya, right! Thanks, anyway for your input guys. . TAMCO
  • This is out of control.

    Tamco- I wreath absent of crest placed around the NV opening in the grille could prove to be problematic to the NV sensor (camera) and would, most assuredly look out of place and perhaps even tacky (my opinion).

    Tonorad- I am glad that you are happy with the duplicate ornamentation. I have seen this done on both a DTS & DHS and I don't particularly care for it, but each to his own.

    Now, my question, has anyone w/ a NV equipped care had the front and rear ornaments and deck lid emblems guilded? How does it look? My car will be black on black which looks great with gold emblems.
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    I hear you now. It was an issue of semantics wherein when you were just saying "wreath", and meaning the wreath ONLY, while I was always thinking you were referring to the complete logo.

    Given that the Cadillac logo is not just a wreath nor just the crest, but always both together, I would have never thought of just one of them by itself, nor would I ever even imagine that Cadillac would put just the wreath someplace without the crest.

    So, no, I am not surprised that the absence of the logo on the grill on nightvision equipped cars means the logo is not there in its entireity. From Cadillac's standpoint, separating the wreath from the crest would be like Mercedes separating the star from the circle, or BMW separating the letters "BMW" from the blue and white round logo, or Lexus separating the "L" from the ovoid circle. The logo is the logo and they would not pick it apart.

    The idea that I have always had would be that Caddy would come up with a flat round clear plastic piece that had the logo on it using the technology that provides for the mirrored look you see on some glass windows and sunglasses, wherein you get that mirror reflective look on one side, but you can see though it on the other side without obstruction. Something like you see on TV cop shows with the room next to the interrogation room.

    Seems to me that this could be done so that the nightvision lense could see through the back side of this plastic "face plate", while viewers from the front were seeing the Cadillac logo.

    I suppose that this technology requires some kind of metal particles or something, and that would mess up the nightvision camera.

    Aside from that, I am sure that the nightvision technology will some day use a smaller camera lense, and that smaller lense can be integrated better into the front of the car without being such a noticeable part of the design.

    Anyway, point now understood. Glad you love your first GM car and that it is a Cadillac! Drive in peace, too, knowing that you have a very unique vehicle on the road today in the WHOLE WORLD! The Grey grill is the visual indicator to all others that you are one such lucky driver!!
  • Tonorad...
    I hope you are still a happy GM customer after you have to deal with lackluster GM/Cadillac service comparison with those of Lexus, Mercedes, you name it!
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    It sucks that your local dealership(s) seemingly aren't capable of providing the level of service that they darn well should be, however you would be remiss in making a blanket statement that Cadillac service (in whole) falls short in comparision to any other luxury car dealer's service (in whole).

    There have been plenty of posters on these various Cadillac topics who have experienced outstanding, unbeatable service at their respective Cadillac dealership, myself included.
    In fact, the service levels I experienced after leasing my first '94 STS were in large part the reason I chose to stick with Cadillac when it came time to get a new car.

    I personally know several BMW and Mercedes owners who can share their horror stories both about problems with their cars as well as lousy service and attention from their dealer(s) (and them getting ripped off in the process!) I have also read some posts in the Lexus topics (especially the GS topic) where people have had problems with their cars and the dealers have given them the cold shoulder to their problems, but have been more than happy to charge them $100.00 for an oil change and tire rotation. $100 clams for a 5,000 mile "check up" and oil change!!!! Can you spell RIP OFF??

    The real issue here is that Cadillac does not have consistent service across its dealership network.

    I heard or read somewhere more than a year ago that Cadillac does plan to reduce the number of dealers by getting rid of the smaller mom & pop size dealerships that either cannot or will not "change" their ways and invest in the technology and personnel infrastructure required to meet the inventory and service levels expected and demanded of today's consumers in today's competitive market.

    I also remember reading or hearing that Cadillac will be doing a complete "overhaul" of its dealership network, including giving them a new visual look, but more importantly giving them training and a new corporate charter they must adhere to in order to remain an authorized Caddy dealer. This is supposed to start I believe in 2001.

    Unfortunatly, none of that helps you today. As for me, as long as I am getting excellent service, I personally would rather be with an organization that will only continue to get even better because it KNOWS and has publicly admitted that it has lots of work to do to regain its once top stature, than be with an organization that is good but is already, or has begun to become, very arrogant in its ways (read Mercedes, Lexus). Remember, Lexus is not immune to having happen to it what it did to Mercedes in the early '90's.

    Then there is that part of me that in a wierd way hopes Cadillac is always playing "catch-up" so that way I can continue to get their excellent and uniquely styled cars at a much better price and payment than those imports!!
  • On August 1st, I took delivery of a 2000 Cadillac DHS from a dealer through Autobytel. I asked the Autobytel sales manager if the car had been waxed. It has a nice shine but does not have that slippery feeling that you have with wax. The color is Diamond White. The sales manager said that with the latest developments of improving auto paint, that waxing is not necessary. He also mentioned something about a clear substance that is sprayed on the car for protection. He was very vague about his answer. As mentioned, the car does have a shiney finish but not that smooth knuckle velvet finish feeling. It's kinda hard to explain. Anyone out there know anything about this? The hood, roof and trunk lid do have that slippery finish, but not the sides of the car. On previous cars I purchased, when the sides got a little splashed with dirt, they would rinse off driving through a rain. On this car, the dirt seems to stay on until it is washed. Also, squeeks in the dash, plastic rubbing against plastic especially if the air conditioning is on. It's no big deal, just anoying for an expensive car like the cadillac. Maybe I expect too much. Would be interesting to hear from someone about the dealer waxing a new car for prep delivery.
  • I've always been told not to wax a brand new car for about 6 months as the finish needs to harden. I don't know if this is true anymore or not.
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    Not waxing a car for 6 months does remain true, from everything I have read, due to the clear-coat finish on new cars.

    However, just check the build date of the car, since the paint might already be 6 months "old" or more based on that.

    I recently bought some Zymol wax that I had read about. It was available at Target, but it is more expensive than the typical "Turtle Wax" croud of products. It is a light blue color, and is made of all natural ingredients and smells like a tropical suntan oil. I used it on my '99 STS (Moonstone color) and it came out great. It gives that velvety smooth feel. I'd recommend it.

    Containerguy, I would have the dealer look into and fix the squeaks next time you bring it in for an oil change. If it seems to be worse with the AC on, do you think it may have something to do with the fan? If it is a consistent enough noise, then make them go for a ride with you to hear it before you just drop it off. If they acknowledge hearing it to you, then chances are very good that they can and will find it and fix it. Don't settle.
  • tamcotamco Posts: 40
    Hey, pals, Thanks for all your comments. You all have made your feelings the way, Robh3 this is the 12th new Cadillac for me not the first GM. Our 2001 DHS, with one of everything on it, is the best yet. With a list price of $57,312. It is a great value when compared with other luxury models. Beter than all the other Cadillac I had as well as the M/B's and Lincoln's that we owned in past. And Philly7: thanks for input, as for Gold Package, I had the trunk emblem and hood emblem which lays FLAT on the hood on our Night Vision model DHS. Gold looks great on our Diamond White too. I am sure I will learn to live without wreath around NV lens, maybe I have the grill printed white like DTS models . Tho the originl Escalades were a poor SUV choice in the past, the new 2202 Cadillac SUV looks like a real winner. See the home page for article, specs and photos. Check it out! If 2002 ESCALADE is as good as it seems, I will replace my TAHOE with these new Escalade. Again, thanks to all. TAMCO
  • A guy has pneumonia and is in bed for one week, comes back and there are 52 new posts! I love it. I'm going to try and answer some of the previous questions and statements over the last week:

    Buy-back warranty: If you purchase a GM Buy back, you WILL have to sign a document saying it is such and the warranty drops to 12 months / 12,000 miles from the day you take delivery. 48/50K no longer applies.

    DTS grill w/ NV: Not colored. Same dark gray as regular or NV DHS. DTS w/o NV.. color coordinated.

    Philly: I understand your feelings, and hope someday, and in some manner, a car guy changes them. Until then, keep working for the best deal you can. God bless you if the dealer gives it to you for that price.

    Allocation: Cadillac is strictly "Turn and Earn". If you sell one, you get one. Our dealership happen to sell a TON of 99 concours and D'elegances. Consequently, we got a TON of DTS and DHS models. Currently, I do not have 1 2001 Deville on the lot. I have about 10 2001 DHS and DTS. This is starting to hurt my business.

    Tamco: Hope the trip went well for you, got your message.

    Leather protectant: We at the dealership use Lyxol (sp?) to treat and clean all of our cars. Seems to be the best stuff on the market.

    Waxing a new car: Go right ahead and do it. We don't wait 6 months before waxing a vehicle. In fact, if you drive a black demo (only managers get those), it is mandatory that you have it LIGHTLY buffed with wax once a month. Nothing worse than having those fine scratches on a brand new car. We use a product very similiar to Meguiar's. Make sure you get the polish. The other stuff has a real fine grit and will actually take off a layer of paint if you aren't careful. Remember, the paint is only as thick as a business card.

    Tipping a dealer: Are you crazy? Just kidding. Actually, the nicer someone is to me, the better they will get treated. That doesn't mean that the guy who comes in demanding invoice gets treated badly. However, the guy who gave me a bottle of wine (he owns a liquor store chain) always gets his car washed after he has the oil change done. He never has to wait in the lounge for more than a half hour either (wink,wink). The guy who did nothing but complain about the deal the entire time he was in here? Let's just say I don't bend over backwards to give the same considerations. Not the way it should be, but that is the reality of it. Tipping is a bit much though. A simple Thank you very much gets the job done for me. And you will get your car washed.

    Tonorad: I also put hood ornatements on the DHSes at the customers request. Are you talking about the standing ornatement or the one that lays flat? I do the standing usually.

    I hope I got to all of them. If there was something I missed, please let me know. Jeff
  • Glad your back. Hope you feel better. This place just isn't the same w/o our "insider".

    Don't push yourself too hard. It's going to be a long hard flu season and people recovering from pneumonia are especially open to re-infection. Especially car dealers (;

  • I do realize that with any brand of luxury vehicle,the service wiil vary from city to city. But, keep in mind that I am referring to not one but two dealerships in a medium to large metropolitan area, which are shamefully inadequate and maddening enough to make this auto enthusiast change car brands!

    P.S. I have NO intention of tipping unless I get stellar service first. I will not reward subpar
  • Even if it turns out the same, you would be better off forgetting about getting some of the Holdback and getting more of the dealer cash.
  • Why is it so hard to "special order" a Cadillac? My dealers just seem to cry and moan if I want to special order a car, even the less than hot selling Eldorado. Is it allotments? Profits? Paperwork? The insistance to sell what is on the lot? They seem more willing to loose the sale than to special order a car, even a ETC!

    Please explain "Dealer Cash". Is this in addition to normal MSRP discounts? Lets say Invoice on a STS was $48k, MSRP was $52k and a normal good deal would be $48,600. If this car had a $5k dealer cash allowance, does that mean we would get it for $5k less? Or does dealer cash mean the dealer can provide a lower cost, better trade and make more profit, if he doesn't negoiate it all away? Please explain. Thanks.
  • Can anyone help me with more specifics on the reprogramming of the ecm for the rough idle problem. I am taking my 2000 in tomorrow for a couple of other things. Just spoke to the service department and they (he) wasn't aware of any fix yet. Is there a service bulletin number? Something? Anything?
  • Etharmon: That is the oddest combo I have heard of. That could be one of two things. It could be a new 99, but I doubt it. It would have cost the dealer a fortune in floorplan money to keep it around that long. The other could be a custom leahter job. I recently did one for a customer who wanted white leather in a deville. Costs about 3k to have it done, and it looks and feels just like the factory leather. The latter would be my guess.

    Philly: Glad to be back and out of my bed. A guy can only watch so much General Hospitol before losing his mind. ;)

    Carnought: That is a crying shame that the dealers are that bad. We ran into a problem about 4 years ago with the service manager. Customer comebacks (not fixed right the first time) was at a dealership high. The time it took for a basic repair was too long, and the service writers weren't starting to act like MB employees. We made a major change and are now ranked in the top 5 in the north central zone (about 6 states, roughly 400 dealers) My advice would be to ask to see the owner. Word of caution though, if you go in his office with a big chip on your shoulder, nothing will happen. If you go in with the attitude like you are just trying to help, it will work much better and he is more apt to listen. Telling the dealer you won't buy another vehicle from him because of service or lack thereof won't hurt either.

    Artmbgolf: You are 100% correct. Dealer cash goes to the dealer. It is not taxed, unlike customer rebates, because it comes off the price of the car. The dealer is not obligated in anyway to pass this along to you however. I like to use a part of it to lower the cost of a new car and the rest to increase the amount I give you for your vehicle. Edmunds always seems too high on their appraisals! If the car invoices for 48k and there is 5k dealer cash, the car now costs 43k. If there is no trade, I usually give it all to the customer.
  • They been showing a new Cadillac commercial for two weeks or three now. They had maybe like 5 or 6 DTSs (maybe more) racing side by side in a desert. All the cars are Neutral Shale. Have anyone seen the neat commercial? It was advertise with at the conclusion.
  • The commercial you are referring to is a contest that Cadillac is sponsoring in a virtual swim meet between 5 legendary Olympic athletes. The meet is being held during the close of the games on 10/1, I believe. You can enter on the Cadillac home page by clicking in the lower right corner. It seems a little silly to me, but then again an Olympian I am not.
  • The White on red STS was the first time I had seen one of the current model in that combo(it wasn't on a dealer's lot, I just saw it parked at the mall). According to the brochures I have the red(mulberry) was an interior color option on 98s and 99s. I'll agree, it is rare as that was only the second time I have seen a current model Seville with this interior color. The first was about a year ago and it was the red with a black exterior. I have yet to see one with the blue interior as this too was offered in 98 and 99. Most that I see have either neutral shale or pewter and I've seen a few black on black STSs. My guess is that both of the "rare" combo cars that I have seen were special ordered and not from dealer stock.
  • Will I be able to file a suit against My dealer??
    In March 2000, I purchased a preowned 1999 Etc in white diamond/neutral shale cream puff with only 5,400 mi. I paid $34,000. This was a GM BUY BACK that the dealer said the previous owner returned because the water would enter around the door seals and not to worry because all of the seals had been replaced, he also said he believed the previous buyer had a case of buyers remorse & didnt want the car. The sales rep assured me I still have the 4,yr 50,000 mi, warranty, & not to worry. when i signed the deal, he also handed me a brochure from gm that states it has 12 mo/ 12,000 mi. warranty in addition to the 4yr 50,00mi warranty for added protection. I am very very up set that on one of your posts you stated that buy backs onlyhave 12 mo. warranty!!! DID my sales rep LIE!!!!??? What is even more ironic is that this is my first new car and when i signed the deal my mother had video taped the entire transaction for a memory as my first nice car, We recorded the sales rep clearly maintaining i also would get the 4 yr 50,000 mi warranty!! I need you professional advice !! thanks DAn
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