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Cadillac DeVille



  • Maybe a head & torso rolled up in a carpet, 2 bags of clubs, and a baseball bat to press on the steering wheel airbag cover to honk the horn which requires so much effort that there's PROOF that you now have to be younger to drive a Caddy...
    By the way, get the bucket seats. Have you ever tried to sit in the "front middle" seat? Ya have to open the sunroof to sit erect.
  • Would the traditional Cadillac buyer crowd be joking about the number of bodies that can be carried in the Deville? I doubt it. We are living proof that the new and sarcastic (I hope) crowd has been targeted successfully by the GM marketing group. However, when they start offering a fluid proof liner option for the trunk we will know that their focus groups and research have truly struck paydirt.
  • We have a deville with about 66,000 miles. The call is stalling from time to time. Mostly when we stop at lights. Has anyone had this problem?
  • gk3gk3 Posts: 13
    chevymalibu19, what year/model is your Cadillac?
    I would suggest that you take it to the service department of your friendly Cadillac dealership as soon as possible. Most likely, your car's crank sensors will need to be replaced. Let us know what will be done and if that fixes the problem. Good luck!
  • thanks alot, we will do that. It is a 2000
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Wow, 66K on a Y2K model. I guess thats further evidence that modern day Cadillacs are still an excellent road car.
  • I have the Automatic Climate Control System and have no heat. I have flushed out everything and changed the thermostat, but still no heat. Is there a valve that allows heat vs. a/c somewhere.
  • Yeah, its a good road car actually. It's my parents car. They got it used actually, with about 17,000 miles on it. They both drive it back and forth to work. Total about 70 miles per day. They travel alot back and forth to texas. We live in Oklahoma. So far they are very satisfied.
    I myself drive a 98 malibu 116500 miles on it.
  • Purchased 2001 Cadillac with 8000 miles after 25,000 miles the engine sounds like a diesel
    for the first 5-10 minutes after start up. Have been back to dealer 3 times with no resolution. Dealer claims it is carbon build up.Now with 48,000 miles getting close to end of wty.
    Any answers or recommendations?
  • Have them check for a bad coil pack & be sure u are running the latest engine computer programming available for the car. It shouldn't be "carbon build up" even if the car was used as an ice cream truck doing 10 MPH all day.
  • I have a 2000 DTS with 22K on it. In the last month it needed a water pump that created other coolant leaks that haven't been fixed yet. I also had a "Speed Limited" message, and they replaced the module. Now, I get the "Check Stabilization System"? message. Is this the same module? It has been trouble-free for 21K, now all of this. Anyone else have these "sudden" problems on similar cars?
  • It is not related, and is probably the steering sensor. (Its an EZ warranty fix anyway)
  • rdesmanrdesman Posts: 43
    Did anyone have a chance to compare the actual sound output qualities between the standard sedan radio (year 2002 model)and the Bose model which comes on the DHS and the DTS? Are there any differences? I know the OEM Bose model is available on line but I don't know if the upgrade is worth the money or the hassle. Any advise would be helpful.
  • fjk57702fjk57702 Posts: 539
    My Seville has the Bose and the 98 Aurora I traded in had the base radio. The Aurora's radio was not bad. The Bose is not obviously better, but then I have not compared them either. One would have to play some CD's on both systems to really hear any differences I think. My Bose system came with the premium package of goodies.
  • I have driven a few Deville rentals lately with the standard CD system. I own a DTS with the Bose in it. Answer? The Bose is WORLDS better, than the standard in the Deville! The player skipped a lot in 3 different Devilles; one almost new. Unless the DHS has a different standard one, the Bose is tops.
  • The Bose radio is not substantially better than the base radio at normal listening levels. The higher output amps do sound better at higher listening levels, though. The PTY and The RDS functions don't work properly in the Bose radio, as they do in other GM radios in other models due to a design flaw. The DSP, or digital signal processing (adding ambient effects or spacious effects to the sound) work fairly well, but are very sensitive to changes in signal strength, which can be caused by a building, or a change in the car's travelling direction, so the added effects would decrease or dissappear for a few seconds, untill, say, the truck next to you at the traffic light pulls away... As for the CD skipping, the basic guts of the single slot CD are essentially the same. Slapping the Bose name on the system basically gets you high output amps, different speakers, and the sound effects. It also is the same radio you would get if you ordered XM radio. The XM receiver would be mounted in the trunk & would feed into the head unit, which is why the PTY button doesn't work, its been reassigned to work with XM. There are some RDS display issues on the dial, and the radio doesn't diaplay some call sign/formats for certain radio stations even though they will display on other GM RDS radios. (Mine will only display "WNEW FM TALK" only if I have a cassette in the slot, and I am rewinding the tape. Otherwise it displays "102.7 FM" clearely the RDS is screwed up...) Overall, its a better sounding radio only at louder listening levels. If you never heard them side by side, you'd never miss it, but the sound effects (DSP) are "hearable" & somewhat credible... The DHS & up deserve a better radio than this Bose. I currently own an '02 DHS & had previoulsy owned a 2000 Base Deville, and have lived with both. Those who think this radio works as it was conceived do not understand all of the features it is/was capable of. The radio was redesigned for '02, so it could handle XM and other internal communication needs of the car,and some of the features that worked perfectly in the '01 Bose radio were mucked up...And that is the fact.
  • Bruce Springsteen was right
    My love is bigger na Honda
    And it's bigger than a Suburau

    I just bought a '97 Sedan De Villed Base with Leather and chrome wheels, no other optios; 139000 miles on it; I got it for $5000; not bad I say; That northstar engine is a screamer, and I get 27 mpg; It's my 1st caddy (look at my logon name) but man I love it!
  • My independent dealer friend is looking for me for a 2000 Deville with less than 50K miles on it. If he finds one, I think it will meet the criteria for certification. My local Cad dealer/jerk is telling me that unless it's purchased through a Cad dealership (him), it can't be certified. Is this true? I suspect that for a fee it could be done, and if the fee is $500 - $1000 to have it certified, this seems like a bargain to me. How can I get a car certified?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316 get a certified Cadillac, it has to be bought through a Cadillac dealer. That's who 'certifies' it.

    A few year ago, the cost to the dealer was $650. Anything above this was profit.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Just back from my annual NY to Fla to
    Vegas and back road trip......
    My 02 Deville was FLAWLESS all the way.
    Got about 25 mpg. plus. Not many posts
    since i have been gone! Keep postin !
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