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Cadillac DeVille



  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Check out this link for the 14 most unreliable luxury cars..........
    Guess who ain't there ?.................LOL !!!

    I posted this on the GM forums but the GM haters will ignore or
    bury it
  • Looks like many of the "fat cat" units like Mercedes are JUNKS.
  • llumpirellumpire Posts: 5
    There would be more posts for the Deville if GM ever gets off the pot and puts RWD back into the one car that should've never been a FWD. When the biggest generation to ever fill the Deville ranks came into being they were to only find that GM spoiled a fine car with FWD buggy thinking. AWD would have been acceptable with a higher percentage of power to the rear wheels.

    How the car is driven is NOT a small issue given the average age of the typical driver. But GM didn't care about that. They heard the FWD was all the rage with the automakers and so they had to make ALL of their models FWD.

    This reminds me of the story where a major highway in Arizona got another lane put in, to later be pulled out because the locals didn't want to encourage people to move there, just to be put back in when they did move there.

    Your absolutely correct in that the Deville is one of the finest vehicles ever built in all respects. Even the FWD's are fine cars, except the fact they are FWD. Since I won't compromise with a STS version and GM is taking their sweet time in correcting their mistake you won't see the posts your hoping for, for awhile.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    For where I live in snow and ice land my FWD DeVille is just fine.

    GM is coming thru with new RWDs like the CTS and STS................

    Its good to offer a choice to most folks
  • llumpirellumpire Posts: 5
    FWD or RWD will never be something that will be a choice to the buyer for the same car in the same year. You know that, right?

    You also know that when there is a change from FWD to RWD it is highly probable that many models will make the change because its cheaper for them to make the cars and a profit.

    Now, you can have a choice between FWD and AWD for some cars because it isn't changing the placement of the engine. The bad news here is that the trend is also toward increasing horsepower which is limited when using FWD engine placements. That will affect overall sales. So, don't expect that to catch on.

    So, you might want to hold on to that FWD because they won't be making them for long.
  • im am going absolutely insane with this problem...not to mention how much money it is bleeding me of...maybe someone knows??

    the car runs fine for the first 30 mins or so...then it sputters on excelleration...feels like there is no gas going thru the system...or like its got a clogged fuel filter...except...i have a new fuel filter, and in fact it has had a complete tune up within the last 24 hours trying to solve this problem.

    im not sure...but it is possible that the antifreeze is evaporating...seems like there is less in the overflow...but im not certain of that...i will be checking that tonight...however the car doesnt overheat...

    now, pep boys sez i have a blown head gasket...but i dont see anything that backs that up...there is no water in the oil, no oil in the water...there is no loss in power...its not blowing anything out the tail pipe...and its not overheating...i think they are nuts.

    someone have any ideas??? im going nuts here!
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I wish I could offer some specific advice but unable to do that you need to either take it to a Cadillac dealer or to an independent garage that knows the Cadillac auto line. Wish I could offer more specific help. Best wishes and do post what the resolution to your problem is when resolved so we will all be a bit more knowledgeable about our cars.
  • i will do that. this evening, i took it out for a ride with my brother so he could see/feel what it was doing...but dang if i couldnt get it to do it again! so now i have to wonder if maybe it isnt something in the cooling system, since it runs well when it is cold...and without the sun blaring down on it. however, im still going to try to run it around and get it heated up tomorrow in an attempt to recreate the problem.

    there were only two times it did something simular to was when i put mobil gasoline in it (my car only likes to eat chevron) and the other was when i had a bad injector, but then it did it all the time, not just when the car had been driven a bit.

    i will let you know what comes of it...thanks!!
  • yep, its the fuel pump...was causing the whole shabang...making it stall when the gas was low...and making it spit and sputter...

    problem resolved!
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Am very happy that you resolved the problem! Thanks for sharing your experience so if any of us have a similar problem we will have a clue as to the specifics of what to do and check. Best wishes.
  • this also resolved another problem...when the gas tank would get low, like 50 miles would stall out when i turned right. i think this may be a common thing with that year because i had another one that did the same thing..and my brother in law had 2 that did it.
  • roflboroflbo Posts: 5
    I noticed that Consumer Reports doesn't recommend the Cadillac Deville and consistently gives it a lower than average rating. How do you Cad Deville owners feel about your experience owning the Deville? Which year since 2000 is the best to own?
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    A bit difficult to answer your questions in absolute terms. I have owned two Devilles, a 98 and currently a 2004. I have been satisfied with both cars. My main reasons for buying were, power from the Northstar, appearance (my 98 in gold was a real beauty), local dealership in small town. Jaguar, Lexus, and Mercedes do not have dealerships in my community. The Consumer Reports poor rating on the car is a mystery to me, I have read the stated reasons for their low opinion but have not encountered some of the criticisisms they level at Cadillac. Consumers Digest is more favorable to Cadillac. Cadillac could do better on customer service in that they are a little slow to resolve questions and problems. I suspect some of the other luxury makers might have better customer service at the corporate level.
    Unless I have significant problems with my 2004 would strongly consider another Cadillac for my next car.
    Final thoughts: I like the fact that Chrysler 300C and SRT have strong Hemi engines
    and are priced competetively with cadillac. I owned a Chrysler LHS (1997) my main
    complaints were under powered and too much cabin noise. I am told that the new Chrysler 300C and SRT have addressed those issues. They are also very attractively styled. Until the Chryslers are on the road for a few years we will have to wait and see regarding the reliability question. Of course if gasoline prices keep going higher we may all be considering hybrids for our next cars. Hope both Cadillac and Chrysler will respond and make hybrids available.
  • roflboroflbo Posts: 5
    We live near Salt Lake City, UT (higher than average altitude); the regular gasoline is 85 octane, while premium (20 cents higher/gallo) is 91. What has been your experience using regular gasoline with an 85 octane in your Cad Deville? The way prices are going on gas, this could become an issue. One study said in general regular gas works fine with most automobiles and that the premium grade is not necessary. Your thoughts about using regular with a CAD Deville (04 - 05)?

  • roflboroflbo Posts: 5
    I have an opportunity to buy an 04 Cad Deville with only 20K miles for $21,900. Is this a good deal?

  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    My owners manual (2002 Seville Luxury Sedan) states that at least 87 octane fuel should be used. I have tried 85 octane, and it will run on it, but performance seemed reduced. I would use mid-grade if premium is too expensive.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Regular 87 will run fine in your 02. Prem. will make it run a bit faster

    My 96 was a Prem. ONLY model and would run like crap on 87.......
    My 03 runs just fine on 87..........................

    CONSUMER REPORTS hates just about any American big 3 vehicle !
    If its from japan its the BEST is their motto.................

    21k for a used 04 is a heck of a deal unless its been wrecked. Check the
    title carefully and a good independent shop inspection is a must !!!!!
    A GM extended warranty is a must for a used GM car...................
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I don't have the owners manual in front of me but believe it says will run on regular
    grade (2004 model), also agree with the comment that it will give slightly better performance with premium grade. I have always used premium grade on my Cadillacs (98 required it) I am planning to check the owners manual and suggest you do the same if you have one or call Cadillac customer service and they will probably have an answer for you. With gas prices headed through the roof it may be time to experiment with a lower grade to save some money.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Heres a Caddy pic site with facts, figures, etc to check out.

    NO forums........Just lots of info.!
  • Really interesting post GEO9, sorry more people are not motivated to share their
    Cadillac information and experiences at this site.
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