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Cadillac DeVille



  • As mentioned in an earlier post my steering wheel was always sitting a little left of center. I dismissed it as crown of the road. Finally decided to take it in for an alignment check. To my surprise they claimed it needed alignment both front and back. I bought the car with a little under 15000 miles on it and the previous owner
    must have done something to cause the car to go out of alignment. Hope perhaps I can save a little on fuel cost now that the car is properly aligned. The wheel now sits on center so they must have done something, cost with tax $ 76.00.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    The hosts get a bit testy when you post links to other sites...................

    Alignment huh? $76 plus is the going rate now a days. Lucky you don't
    have a full size GM truck. They are a major job for a alignment. Some
    plugs have to be knocked out etc...etc..........aka $pendy !
    Good thing i only keep them 3 winters and trade them................

    My Devilles I keep at least 5 years and rarely align them and have never
    had any tire wear..........Or have any major/failures or repairs either !
    Just a darn quirky cruise control............LOL!!!!!!

    Sure enjoy that V-8 power tho and the 25 mpg. avg I get as long as I
    keep my foot outta it !!!!! My truck is lucky to get 15 mpg just around
    town. But I NEED a full size x-cab to plow snow and tow my caMPER
    and boat...................

    Have a great Labor Day all!........................................ :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The hosts don't "get a bit testy" for no reason. Every member here has agreed to abide by the terms of the Membership Agreement (linked on the left). As you, ahem, know. :D

    People certainly can - and do - share their experiences right here without having to involve linking to other sites.

    And that's exactly what we are here for.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Hey All...............Since the boss won't let me drive "her" 03 Deville and its
    no fun to keep stopping at the local hold up store (aka gas station) with my
    o4 chevy 2500 x-cab 4x4.
    I guess I am needing a gas sipper to run around with. I do have a 88 Escort
    rat for that job but gonna have to give it to my 16 yo...................
    Mommy don't like that idea because NO airbags !

    He is unable to master the stick shift 98 Cavalier I got for him last year!
    Nice lo mile car too but I can't stand the row yer own gears.
    So before he rips out the clutch or tranny its gotta go !
    I paid 2k for it only 48k miles. Have been offered $3500 cash fot it because
    of this latest "gas crisis" !
    Hes not a motorhead and has no favorite brand so anything that has a auto.
    will work for him so gonna give him the Escort......................

    Found a couple nice ones....93 deVille 82k miles spent the winters in Fla.
    Not a scratch in or out, garage kept, need nothing.........$3300
    Dealer offered him $500 trade!
    This one was the guys 16th Cadillac he PROUDLY announced !!!!!

    96 Eldo 66k miles.....good shape but needs TLC and tires $5000
    Both 1 owner cars........

    A so-so 91 Coupe DeVille 121k miles Runs good , new tires.
    Bad stuff.........gas line rotted, windsheild posts rotted, a/c dead
    needs a good cleaning
    $1000 or BO This fella has 2 Caddies in the garage.....................

    1996 Concours 80k 1 owner minor front end damage about $1000 to
    replace grille, headlights (myself)...........$1500 firm

    Opinions?............................ :confuse:
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The 93 sounds best, but has the 4.9 engine, not a northstar. However, that is not bad. If you are really looking for fuel economy, a Cadillac is not the best idea, but it would do better than a heavy chevy. Used econo cars are probably priced higher than they are worth now. I have noticed that the Eldorado is also commanding a premium price relative to other Cadillacs in the used market.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    YEA..........Finding a nice one here in rustland NY is a chore..................
    If i had more time to spend at my Daytona home (aka gods waiting room)
    I could find quite a few nice late model Caddies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really want to avoid a n-star esp. if I haven't had it from new...........
    The 4.5/4.9 aren't as complicated. Checked service recipts on the 93 and
    the guy assured me the sealent tabs were used !
    My 90 4.5 180 hp DeVille would smoke the tire up the block and blow the
    doors off my buds "fast" 5.0 mustang with the ac on! That thing sipped fuel....................

    NY has a new emission snifter test for 96 and up cars along with its
    yearly inspection so parts can get spendy if it don't pass.
    I lived in Cali. for a while and been that route !
    95 and older as long as the SES light ain't on and the cat is in place along
    with the mechanical inspection will have no prob. passing................

    As far a mpg. my 03 does a easy 25 mpg. avg. as long as I keep my foot
    outta it ! LOL!!!!!!!!!

    My truck gets 12 around town. But I must have it for towing and snowplowing.

    My 72 GTO and 72 Fleetwood 75 sit in the barn........No time for them this year!
  • When I bought my 2004 Deville I was hoping to keep my 98 Deville for a second car (had 40,000 miles at trade in). Problem was that the garage, while two car was not wide enough to comfortably fit both cars. In March of this year I moved to a new home with a wider garage so can now fit two large cars. I have been tempted to buy an older Deville, either 98 or 99 Concours in silver or gold. Problem is I have been unable to find either model year. Am surprised that there is such a shortage of these vehicles given that they are production cars. The alternative would be a Chrysler 300C for a second car. As you can appreciate the difference in cost is about $ 30,000. For this reason I have put the idea on hold.
    Certainly a 99 Deville Concours would represent far better value than the 300C.
    Any ideas as to how best to search for a 98 or 99 Concours? I live on the west coast and it seems these cars are in even shorter supply here than in other parts of US.. .My budget for the Concours would be $ 12,000 - $ 14,000.
  • Hello, I am posting this in hopes of getting some answers as to what this problem could be with my sisters car.

    She has a 1992 Cadillac Deville and the car seems to "lose all power" at times when driving. When this happens she can pull of the road & sit there a few minutes & let it cool down and be on her way. This seems to happen only when it is hot out & her engine gets hot. She has been calling it vapor locking, but I'm not quite sure that is what it is. This week it has happened over the past 3 or 4 days. Other times, it won't happen for a month or more.

    My husband has looked at the car & can't figure out what it is. I do know the thermostat has been replaced. My uncles computer you can put on a car won't/doesn't show anything when ran on it. And there are no check engine lights on.

    This car was my grandma's, I believe she bought new or fairly new. She then sold it to my mom who then sold it my sister. So it's been in the family for a couple years, to say the least. And has not been drove hard. To the best of my knowledge I believe my grandma had this checked out when she owned the car b/c that's when this started happening occasionally. Then my mom bought it off her & she lives about 2.5 hrs from where we live & when she would come in, she would have to pull over sometimes 4 or 5 times or more b/c the engine would get to hot I guess & it it would lose all power.

    Anyone have any suggestion as to what this can be? My mechanic hubby is stumped along with my uncle who owns a garage. They can't seem to think what the problem could be. Though they have not worked on many cadillacs, could be why.

    :confuse: Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone!
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    A few thoughts.......NO codes......Dying when hot............

    Where do you live ? If snow, ice and salt land a rotted gas line may
    be the cause of your problem. Even a garage kept, lo mile car.........

    A crank position sensor is another..........Common failure item.
    Will throw no codes.
    Has the cat converter been checked...May be plugged.
    Fuel pressure regulator........Another common item.
    Easy to check.........Just pull off the vacuum line. If the line is wet...

    Open your e-mail addy (in profile only)...........I have a few more ideas
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Concours.............They are hard to find. I think the "oldsters" didn't
    like the buckets and floor shift idea not to mention the $$$$ over
    the price of a base DeVille or Fleetwood. So not many sold.

    When were they made? 96 thru 99?

    Me...Still on the hunt. Sure is a chore rowing my own gears.
    Gas has dropped almost .50 cents a gallon in the past week so it makes fueling my truck easier! :P
  • Yes, the Concours I am looking for was made between 96 and 99. They actually did some tweaking to the 97-99 models which made those years much more desirable than the 96. One disadvantage was that the Northstar of that vintage only ran on premium. I have yet to use 87 octane fuel in the 2004 but like having the option if gas prices keep rising. I saw a base Deville in gold on Friday and it is
    to my taste a much more attractive car than my 2004 in light bronze mist. My 98 was also a gold and really a beauty. Am happy to have the 2004 model with features like Onstar and improved handling but wouldn't mind having the older model if I could find one in good condition and at the right price now that my larger garage would fit both cars.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    BTW..........Currently in NJ on a roadtrip. Seems my cruise has
    "healed itself" or I am getting better setting those confusing
    steering wheel controls. Cruise ran rock hard steady thru the
    hill n dale of NY, Pa, and NJ....................

    Wish they would move them to the top part of wheel and put
    the radio or onstar buttons on the bottom !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hows your cruise been doing?

    After my 96 it is a treat using 87 in the 03!
  • Ok, you should be able to email me now through my profile.

    We live in Huntington, WV, so we do get some occasional snow (maybe like 2 or 3 inches at most the past 5years), they do salt the roads if they think we'll be getting any snow, and we do get ice, but not bad.

    I just spoke with my sister a little while ago & she said she went to put gas in her car and at 8 gallons it kept stopping like it would if the tank was full. Her gas gauge when someone had replaced the fuel tank I'm guessing, is a little off, and so her "empty" line is at 5gallons.This is the 1st time it has acted like it was full & wouldn't take anymore gas. She did eventually end up getting gas in it.

    Thanks alot for all the help & suggestions :D
  • Cruise control is working about the same, I have become accustomed to the lose
    of about two miles an hour after I set it so I generally am prepared to hit the accelerate button once or twice after initial setting of the button. I watch for traffic behind me just in case it fails to take hold as it sometimes does. While I am living with it as is at some point I may try to resolve it with the dealership which has had it three times and could find no problem. Suspect it may be a defect in the buttons on the steering wheel. The service department of the local dealership here is not all that great and the next nearest Cadillac dealership is 125 miles round trip. Most of my driving is short trips, if I were to plan a long trip would probably give one of the dealerships another try at resolution. May call Cadillac Corporate again, they were not much help in the past.

    I have not tried 87 octane gas yet but from what you have reported I am encouraged to try it if prices continue to rise sharply.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    OH YEA....................87 will run fine.....Not a problem running it
    compared to my 96 prem. only model. The 96 would buck, stall,
    and ping on anything but prem.

    25+ mpg. to boot !
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Your e-mail not listed
  • Do you get the same performance out of the Northstar system on 87 as you get using 91? While I know it will run on 87 was wondering if I would get the same acceleration on 87 as I get on 91?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The Concours model of the Deville was acutally in production when the car was remade in '94 It was the first Deville to have the Northstar standard until 1996 when all Devilles had them.
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