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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    Has to be a tip-tronic. No 2002 5-speeds are available yet. And yes, they did change the gear ratio and it's much, much better than 2001, which that tranny was only a 4-speed.

  • xudxud Posts: 32
    It's a 2002 1.8T 5 Speed! I bought the car from
    Sovereign VW in Hicksville, NY. The sales person
    is Anthony Applewhaite. He is a very nice guy. He
    sold me the car for only $250 over invoice. If you are interested to buy a car or get some info
    from him, call him at 516-942-7300.
  • Looking to buy 3 or 4 Jettas.

    Which dealer will give best deal in Western Canada?

    Alberta or BC
  • You a glutton for punishment?
  • Only one would be mine.

    Looking to do a "group" purchase and have one guy saying "maybe" right now.
  • good luck. I've never heard of group buys for cars but it makes sense. :)
  • Check out the September sales figures for the Jetta.They were record breaking.Just goes to show that all of the complaints here are not frightening off any potential buyers.I am enjoying my 2001 GLS & 89 GL.Took the 2001 for her first long trip on Friday and what an enjoyable ride.
  • Do you think the record sales month had more to do with the Jetta's excellent reputation or the fact that one could buy a Jetta under invoice in August? Hmmmm...

    The industry isn't fooling anyone. They're moving cars but at a tremendous cost to the manufacturer. Nissan's practically giving away its cars. Mopar has the highest incentives of any company by a longshot.

    BTW, I don't think the aim here is "frightening off any potential buyers." Look through the posts. It's not really tilted pro/con on the Jetta, just people relating what they think or have personally experienced. I see far more people belligerently defending their cars in here than I do badmouthing. Perspective, I guess. :)
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Well blueguy, I have to question your logic again. Was the best August in 28 years for VW and the best August in the 21 year history of Jetta due to below invoice pricing and incentives or due to popularity of VW and Jetta? I would have to say that VW is doing something right.
    Unfortunately VW has not solved the window regulator problems and MAF sensor problems. While VW is reliable in my opinion the above mentioned parts are not so reliable.

    I noticed that the velour for 2002 is different than the velour for 2001 and would like to know if any 2002 owners can please comment if the velour is still a lint magnet.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    You're starting to become a nuisance! Just perspective, I guess...

    You've stated your observations about Jettas, so why hang around and pooh-pooh on people who post saying they want to buy one?
  • Not sure what you mean, fischda. My last post to the group buy was encouraging. I'd never heard of a group buy on a car and wished him good luck. Good golly, lighten up.

    BTW, it's not like I have some outsider's view of Jettas. I own one of the blasted things.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    ...a pooh-pooh statement. I am light! I'm just pointing out that it's not necessary for you to say things like that after you've already related your (bad) experiences.

    See, you call your Jetta a "blasted thing." I call mine a beautiful thing. Besides, I still say your a very exacting car owner whose a real stickler for every detail - agree?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Busted!!! Are you a car salesman for Toyota? Why did you post the same exact thing on the Kia Sephia board? Folks on the Jetta board, go check out the Kia Sephia board......"I am going to trade in my Kia Sephia for a reliable Toyota Camry..bla bla bla" Nice try dude.
  • "I still say your a very exacting car owner whose a real stickler for every detail - agree? "

    Most assuredly true. I have in my mind's eye the perfect car. The Jetta's about 75% of the way there. :)
  • Would appreciate some feedback from everyone on what you think the best tire pressure is for the Michelin MXV4 195/65-R15's on the GLS. Thanks.
  • Fall is fast approaching. Let's all meet on the Blue Ridge Parkway near the VA/NC border (above Mount Airy, NC) for a "cruise the parkway."

    I am so happy with the 18K miles of my Jetta Turbo. Sure it needs more rear seat room, but I own 2 Dachshunds, no kids, so I am content.

    Sure Consumer Reports and the like all have adverse reliability about the Jetta based on their member surveys. I've been a long time subscriber to CR and have found it to be useful as an informed consumer. But hey, I analyze statistical data from a mental health perspective. And that too, can be skewed by a person's reasoning.
    Insomuchas OBJECTIVE reporting, CR is the "reigning queen" and YOUR subjectiveness of driving a Jetta should be carefully weighed into the equation when making a dicision on making the purchase (or lease).

    Statistics can be used to prove anything. Thus being, a negative response is more apt to be reported than a positive one. Some people have problems with their Jettas, some don't (I don't). Some people have problems with their Lexus, some don't. These are all MANMADE devices.

    IMHO, utilize YOUR intuition. If it feels right, then do it. If not, then move on to something else. Let no person dictate that to get a deal, you must sign today. That same deal will be there next week.

    Good luck to all. email me for more info.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    I want to say again. I love this car. I have 01/1.8t 5 speed and just drive this thing. You cannot go slow. It is fun, fast and enjoyable to get to work. The attention to detail, power and style say is all. I am amazed at the amount of comments I get about the car. I am in Army Reserve and everyone wants to drive in my car to lunch to test it out. I have never had a Honda or Toyota that generated interest like that. This is a true drivers car and I have had zero defects!
  • nwvwnwvw Posts: 88
    Check the inside of the fuel filler door.

  • Okay, I've only got 3k miles on this car, but it's a blast to drive. It feels so solid, it's basically a GTI with a trunk (same seats, suspension, steering wheel). Only problems so far are the armrest latch that locks it closed broke off, so now the lid just lifts up. No big deal, and I plan to address it at the 5k service. Also, the drivers seat frame seems to creak a bit fore/aft and I've heard of this on Vortex, so I believe it's common. Neither problem is remotely major, but I'll mention them since it's under warranty.

    If this VW continues to treat me right, I'll buy the wife a TDI Golf next year, and replace my Wolfsburg with a 24V VR6 GTI after that. Sofar, we love this car.
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