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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • I actually had a used one a few years back, it was a repo so I got it for like $500, sold it just in time because guess what happened afterwards- ep, the head gasket problem! But I digress, this is the Jetta forum so I'll stay on topic. <y VR6 is the smoothest engine I've ever driven , ready willing and able. I had an old '80's Rabbit diesel a few years back also, which likewise had a head gasket problem. VW's have improved tremendously since then.
  • My experience was Terrible,In my oppinion piece of crap!!!!!I have gotten rid of my 2000 Jetta vr6 already.Lost alot of money.VW is not on my list of favorite cars!!!
  • idgeidge Posts: 2
    Does anybody know if you can choose the 17'' VW wheels that come with the PZA package (Sport Luxury) or is it just one standard? If so are they listed somewhere?

  • I just have to say it, that it amazes me that so many people who think VW's are a bunch of crap continually seek out VW - related sites like this one to complain. I can see current owners, but people who no longer even HAVE a VW? I don't know about you, but when someone or something pisses me off and I want nothing more to do with the person or thing then the LAST thing I'm going to do is seek them out or seek out things that would remind me of them. Unless of course I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time.
  • Check out the wheels at:

    Then select your type of car and then wheels. There are also tons of third-party wheels too. I am sure that VW would be happy to put on any kindof wheels you would want. For the right $$$.

    Anyway, have fun shopping for your new toy.
  • The interesting thing Greg, is that this same crap happens no matter where you go. Check out a DVD forum, a HDTV forum, a Buick forum, a Sony vs. Denon forum, a pet forum, a computer forum, etc, etc, etc.

    No matter what you have, or how good it performs, there is someone else out there who gets their thrills on knocking what you have. The funny thing is that most of these people don't even believe what they're typing. They are just arguing for the sake of arguing and have no factual reasoning behind what they claim.
  • I have to agree with you, I guess all I have to say is if you have had a car that you've had a bad experience with, it really sucks, however there are far more people that have had great experiences with those same cars, so let's just take a step back and take a look at what their real problem is, um let's see, maybe they are jealous of the fact that my jetta is better than whatever they are currently driving, and they are pissed off that they got rid of their jetta, if they even ever had one, and they are trying to make everyone as unhappy as they are with their cavalier or whatever.
  • I didn't want to make fun of anyone's funky Cavalier. ;-)

    The great point you make there lexzoom, is that if someone does get a lemon then of course they will bad mouth that manufacturer. I would!

    I had a 1981 VW Rabbit that I hated!! I swore off VW's for life! But, it really wasn't the car I hated, it was the service people in the town I was living in. The car was a great car, but I never liked it because the dealer was bad.

    Heck, now that we haven't had our 1991 Accord for two months since trading it, there are several things I can list that I didn't like about that car, but there's no point in it really.

    I have better things to do than run around trying to pi$$ off a bunch of Honda owners. ;-))

    I do have to say though that of all the cars I have owned, this Jetta is definitely the most fun car of them all. And the quality is outstanding! So far I have not found one single flaw. Nada. Nyet. Nothing!
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    I picked up my new Jetta last Thursday. A Galactic Blue VR6 GLS with the 5-speed. I need to get my Honda back because I'm having more fun than a human being is allowed to have driving a car. My high expectations for the car have been met and then some. It's as solid as a tank and drives like a dream. Thanks WV for offering such a great car that I can afford. I been converted. I'm driving a wise man's BMW 3 series.
  • Congrats!!!!!!! Nobody's gonna be able to slap that smile off your face for quite some time to come. That Galactic Blue is a nice color and really looks good on the Jetta. In fact, there are really none of the Jetta colors I don't like.


    One bad side-effect of a new Jetta is that your fuel bill increases by about 50%!!
  • A good point, I guess I don't follow the other forums like I do this one and the Vortex. I wasn't trying to rag on the guy, but we've already made the point that all makes and models can have lemons, and then I continually see this stuff. Sheesh, I guess it was a bad nite! ;-)
  • idgeidge Posts: 2
    I did look on that site before, but I didn't see the wheels option on the bottom. The Montreal ones looks pretty good to me, although it's not listed if they come in 17''. I've seen mostly the Bravo and Toccata around.
    I still haven't decided on the color. It's gonna be either black or blue! ;)
  • I test drove a Jetta VR6 last weekend, as well as a Nissan Altima and Subaru Impreza RS, all with a 5-speed. The VR6 felt disappointingly weak when compared to the 4-bangers in the Altima and Impreza. Also, the short shift lever in the Jetta forces me to have to reach for 3rd and 5th gears, although I am kinda big and have the seat back pretty far.
  • When people get a lemon for a car I can understand their frustration. For most people, their car is the 2nd most expensive piece of property that they own/lease. I would be pretty mad if I paid 20G for a lemon no matter what the make or model was. Put yourself in this guy's shoes...then be glad it's not you!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    You did it!! Woo Hoo! careful and have fun!
  • Has anyone taken delivery of a 2001 Jetta with the curtain airbags for driver/passenger? This was to be an October midyear upgrade along with the multi-function steering wheel. I have seen the new wheel...very nice for safety reasons..although many prefer the old 3 spoke wheel.

    Also I am considering either the Baltic green..which is a dark metallic blue-green, or the black. Any opinions on one or the other? Thanks................
  • I just bought a 2001 Baltic Green GLX and the color has played to rave reviews. (It's really nice with the beige interior.) Oddly enough, I'd seen similar colors on other cars and hadn't been that impressed. Too something ... blue? ... green? ... loud? The Jetta seems to have gotten it right, and I think its a good color for a small car. Just make sure you check out this color under different lighting conditions. Depending on the way the light hits it, it will look either more blue or more green. Whichever color you select, I've got to say that the Jetta is a neat little car.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Hello everyone

    I just have a small question for you VW owners. My co worker just bought a 98 GLS and none of her warning light s come on when she turns the key to the "on" position. Now I don't know if VW works the same way as my car does but which lights are supposed to come on when the ignition is switched to "ON"? She says her BRAKE, SEAT BELT, ABS lights are the only ones that come on. Is this the way it should work? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    That's the way they should work in the car. Every car I have ever driven does that, so it's totally normal.
  • In any car, when the key is turned to the "on" position and isnt running the car "thinks" the engine is running, but the alternator isnt spinning, which could cause a "low battery" type of light to come on also. The "brake" and "ABS" lights come on because the power brake pump isnt pressurizing the brake fluid.
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